Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip #80: Rob the Cradle For This Tool

When you have to get inside, this tool works great.

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  • Mahir says:

    Nic tip, also using that for rotifer tanks & buckets…

  • Lyndon says:

    works perfect for cleaning the collection cup neck of your skimmer too.

  • Mark H says:

    Nice tip, nice to see the tank in the back ground. 🙂

  • J-P says:

    sure as heck beats the tooth brush I have been using. Thank you!

  • Devin says:

    Mark great tip, sometimes having a little leftover skimmate in your fingernails isn’t too tasty when your eating a sandwich…TRUST ME!!
    Also couldn’t help but notice your MP’s on the back wall of your tank…is that a better placement than on the side?

  • Ray says:

    At first look I thought it was a toilet bowl cleaner!

  • Chris G says:

    lol, I’ve used tons of my kids baby stuff for my tank….the baby bottle that they used when newborn, are perfect size and have ml measurements on them. I’ve also used some of the small brushes that came with them to clean all sorts of small tubes, etc…

  • Matt says:

    Devin… Eww,,, Its not a condiment you know! 😛

    Nice tip Chase 🙂

  • Buddy says:

    I’ve been using one for a couple of years now to clean my skimmer, too hard to pull it out everytime. It also works great to clean the crud off the out side of my power heads now and then.

  • JCE says:

    how often should skimmers be throughout cleaned?

  • Keith says:

    i noticed the votechs there too and wondered the same thing. Id like to move mine to the bak for an unobstructed 3sided view

  • Linda says:

    I noticed as well. We had the vortechs on the back of our 180 gallon and decided to move them to the side because that’s what is suggested in the instruction manual. I hate them on the side. Our tank is just over 3ft tall and is on a stand that is waist high, therefore the view into the tank is perfect while you are standing in front of it or viewing on the sides. When we put the vortechs on the sides, all I see is the damn big black MPs while I am standing there. So I guess my question is can they be placed in the tank where they provide the best circulation for your tank based on size, rock structure, non-displacement of sand, and where the corals benefit the most from it regardless of whether it’s on the side or back?

  • Monique says:

    Mark, I love your rocks,is been 8 moth, and my rock do not turn purple like yours, I used already on bottle of the purple product, and I got some little purple rock to introduce the alga in my rock ,but nothing that beautiful.Any suggestion you can give me? Thank you,and have a great memorial day.

  • Gary says:

    I like this tip. I love your aquascaping as well.

  • Gabriel says:

    Completely off topic, but does anyone know anything on the Aqueon Evolve. I’m thinking of getting the 4gal. one and setting it up as a nano tank. Thx:)

  • Earl T says:

    I hope he doesn’t use the same brush for both the baby bottles and the skimmer? Great tip, Mark.

  • Earl…Of course I do! My son has to be raised TOUGH! 😀

  • Steven says:

    Very good tip Mark. I was always cleaning my protein skimmer with some paper towels. I also clean out the pump with a smaller brush water and vinegar.

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