Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip #81: Filter, Store…Then What?

Once you’ve got all that you need, make sure you don’t waste energy doing this.

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  • Tony says:

    Thats good to know, I always thought about a week or two at most in container. When I had 55gal can set up with heater and pump to circulate I had lid on it but every so often it would get slimmy. I now have a smaller setup and need to keep ro in 3 and 5 gal jugs, one of them was half full and sat for a couple of days and the top half of container turned a light black. It only had fresh ro in it, and it was not slimmy. No other mixes were in it. Any idea why?
    Thanks For the tip.

  • tim baker says:

    do you think we need rodi water i have been useing ro water i can buy the rodi right now but thanks for the quick tip thank

  • Tony…from your description it sounds like mold growing to me. Mold is everywhere and can’t be avoided.

  • Tony says:

    Thanks, is it ok to bleach them (clorox) as long as they are rinsed real good, to clean them? I have always just used water on everything with scrubber no chemicals except vinager.

  • Mr. Microscope says:

    LOLz! I was just thinking about that this week. Thanks for the answer! Keep ’em coming.

  • john says:

    Does the same apply to mixed salt water? Can that also be kept for long periods in sealed container or does that need to be airated/mixed?

  • Tyler says:

    Mark, you may have been asked this before, but where do you find jugs like the one you’re holding in this video? I currently use a 32gal trash can, but it takes up more space than I’d like in my fish closet. I’m an apartment dweller, and space is valuable! Maybe there’s an idea for a future video segment or series–space-saving techniques/tools/gear/layouts for reefers…

  • Ivan Acuna says:

    Thanks Mark!! I did not store more than 30 gallons of water for that reason now I can store more than 60 gallons…

  • Buddy Heidemann says:

    Tim..I too just use just RO water, and have been for the past 3 years. When I think about it all my fellow saltwater geek friends in this area also just use RO water. I know that DeIonization gets rid of mineral salt impurities in your water leaving you with water much like distilled. But it does nothing for organic impurities. For organic you need UV-sterilization before the RO system. Checking with your local city water supplier you can get a report on the water quality coming into your home. Then base your purification needs from the report.

  • Ian says:

    I recently starting using 2.5 gallon chlorine jugs, which comewith an anti gurgle top. Not only do they avoid excess air bubbles getting into the tnk when adding water, none splashes out onto the floor. They cost about $5 each, ad can be purchased brand new ad unused at any pool supply store.

  • Ian…do these chlorine jugs have wide mouths to them such that you could drop a powerhead into them to mix saltwater?

  • Tyler..this place carries the jugs both in stackable and non-stackable versions

  • John…I’ve stored saltwater for several weeks w/out a problem. Some people say salt with organics in it (such as “reef” salt mixes) shouldn’t be stored w/out aeration, but I’ve never had a problem with it.

  • David Rhode says:

    Mark…I keep my mixed and ready to go in my laundry room/pantry area. I also keep a UV light on the wall. I am sure you have seen them in healthcare and food prep areas. This light eliminates bacteria/mold/viruses!

  • Brian Davis says:

    Ditto! I store my stuff for weeks and rotate. Always prepared for whatever! Murphy’s Law. No problem with qualty; salted or unsalted. Good tip to share!

    Hope everyone has minimal brownouts this summer! (;


  • Matt says:

    Nice tip… Cheers… 😀

    Agreed on the salt water… No probs with keeping it a few weeks if its fresh mixed stuff… I like to give it a run with some air before using it but that’s about it…

  • joe foster says:

    I have 2×7 gallon jugs I use for rodi water only and a 3rd jug I use for my salt water mix. My rodi water will sit for as long as 3-4 weeks before being used and my salt water mix is usually gone within 2 weeks. With the salt mix, I never pre-mix it. Meaning I don’t pour in into a bucket with powerheads and a heater. I simply shake the jug very well and then pour. I’ve been doing this for a good 8 months now and all has been fine.

  • lewy says:

    can you do a show on calsium reactors?, as i am currently setting one up for the first time.

  • Byron says:

    Plane and simple common sense : )

  • Murat says:

    Both storing RO and saltwater, but the top is open…using heater and wavemaker in the salty one and the glass gets white percipitation…

    RO does fine but do i need to storm the RO tank? When open on top…


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