Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip: A Quick Tip For Picky Tangs

Got a tang that won’t eat Nori? Here’s a quick tip that may get your picky eater to turn the corner. Note: This tip also works for fish that aren’t algae eaters by nature.

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  • Stu Whisson says:

    This is unrelated, but just wanted to ask. I see you use Vortech pumps. How on earth do you get them aligned. I have one in my tank but can’t place it at the back as it’s too difficult to align them and as soon as I turn them on they fall off. Any hints or tips would be grateful, plus they are noisy :-/

  • Stu Whisson says:

    The reason I can’t align them, I didn’t say, is because the back is painted black and it’s hard to get to. So it’s really trial and error.

  • Bryan Scardina says:

    I feed my tangs the Julian Sprung purple nori. They attack it when I put it in the tank. I habe tried the red and they wouldn’t touch it. The green they would eat some but just a little. As a matter of fact all of my fish eat the purple nori. Even the carnivorous fish eat it.

  • Bill says:

    Mark having only been in the hobby for six months or so
    I just wanted to take the time to say Thank you for taking
    the time to do your videos they have been a great help
    and wealth of knowledge you have is great thing to share
    Thanks again

  • Pierre Bouic says:

    Living in Australia means lot of things don’t get here and this means only Green Nori.
    Even though I buy it from the food store (much cheaper) the LFS only stocks green NORI and I’ve asked then to find out if other types are shipped to Down under. No is the answer.
    PSST Mark here’s a market opportunity if ever I saw one. I fact there are hundreds of products that don’t make it down here. We still have some stunning tanks but with more effort. Much less automation. Have not bought a controller yet. These have only been available in the last 2-3 yrs. The larger cities have most all of what’s on the market but still there is lots not available, and what makes it here can be very expensive, thanks to the middle man.

  • Jim says:

    Yes I agree with Pierre Bouic and do you know what
    W.A means ( Western Australia ) it means — Wait A While– like years
    come on Mark we have all been your loyal subjects for a long time we need some one to bring it to OZ. try to get a algae scrubber you can do a DIY or buy it from America and pay big shipping, there are thousand’s of items we don’t get here.
    we just need someone that is true to the industry and the people in it
    there are only 3 reputable marine LFS in western Australia and how big is W.A very big you can fit England into it half a dozen times that’s how big
    O.k that’s my whinge thanks for reading I will go wait for my products to arrive

  • darren says:

    hi mark, wow having a flashback. do you miss your triggers.

  • Pierre Bouic says:

    Further more Jim from W.A. your beautiful state supplies a lot of the coral & fish stocks from its pristine waters to the world as well as our east coast, also has the 2nd largest Barrier reef after the GBR off Queensland.
    I can’t count the number of people who have left the hobby because of the lack of success due to no advice or products of automation that enable them to have a holiday & a reef tank to come home to. The Australian marine aquarium hobby is fragmented so hopelessly which adds to the lack of enthusiasm of hobbyists. Unless in a larger city or state capitol LFS stores in small communities have maybe a pet store that offers aquarium fish, then maybe offers a small offering of marine fish, then this will mean the staff will have little to no idea, education, or products of a marine nature, let alone corals & coral keeping equip. We almost need like a franchise chain store for offering to carry exclusively the whole caboodle of what’s needed for the marine hobbyist. Both sides of northern Australia where the major communities that lie near the big reef systems there exists a lack of aquarium stores so ironic considering what’s swimming off their coast a few miles away ( more so in W.A). Why, god only knows but the problem is that the big money is in shipping to the major cities & O.S of fish & coral. There is not enough aqua-culture styled operations like you have in the USA to offer tank breed fish, coral. Too much taking from the wild stocks is still happening & more needs to be done to stop this, plus offering tank reared coral fish & coral frags makes the livestock hardier for the reef hobby. Its not non-existing but more aqua culture ventures need to be set-up to reach worlds best standards. Also we need a version of the Marine Aquarium Council that does such great work in the Pacific.
    There that’s my big whinge. Mark you must know someone who knows someone, heck J.E.N Vernon is a Aussie. Things have to change for the GBR & the Hobby in Australia. Thanks for this whole site, it makes my day !!!

  • Bryan Scardina says:

    It’s sad Pierre that there isn’t much to offer in Australia for hobbiest. Having one of the big chain stores probably wouldn’t do much good either. I find that the employees at these stores here in the US or at least in the area that I live mostly don’t know very much when it comes to marine aquaria. When I first got started in the hobby I purchased a couple of clown fish from one of these stores and the girl helping me started to put tap water in the bag with the fish. I had to stop her. The fish died within a week and I swore not to buy livestock from them or any of the big chains again. I stick with buying from the internet or a LFS. Good luck down under. I hope things change for you in the near future.

  • jim says:

    I know we are getting off track but there is one thing we have down here in OZ and that is a great marine forum MASWA

    And believe me most wait for marks emails to learn a bit more each time
    Thanks again Mark for the effort you put into this hobby

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