Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip: Don’t Assume This Part Of Your Tank Is Consistent

I’ve said that saltwater tanks don’t like variability and here’s one place you need to check for consistency

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  • Scott Gardner says:

    One thing more that I do is pour the new salt into two other buckets, then pour them back mixing the two separation amounts together into the original bucket. Hopefully this mixes the components a little more due to possible settling from shipment.

  • Lee says:

    I always shake the bucket…. makes for a great workout.

  • bill bush says:

    You always have the best info
    in your Friday quick tips

  • dave decarli says:

    Great tip but don’t forget to MIX new bags and buckets. Things settle during shipping and could cause crazy readings.

  • Sergio says:

    Como controló el calcio de mi tanque porque se me secan los corales porfas

  • Jack Shellsea says:

    Yea,……..+1 on what Sergio said.

  • Damon says:

    This is completely off topic, my apologies, but where do you buy your T-shirts!?
    Your website has been phenomenally helpful while assembling my reef tank, I’ve recently dove back into reef tanks. Thanks!

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