Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip: Keep This Piece of Equipment Clean For Your Tank’s Sake

Besides storing this piece of equipment outside of your tank, make sure you don’t overlooking keeping it clean as well.

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  • Hi Mark,
    It was great meeting you at the swap in St. Charles last month. I thought maybe you could do a little tip on the “incredible usable egg crate” and what that stuff means to reefers. Or perhaps a more indepth look at the term “inert” in general in reference to the reef safe plastics. I know for me, going DIY whenever possible has taught me valumes and saved me thousands. Just a thought.

  • Chris says:

    Just cleaned mine this week. Left it soak in a cup with vinegar overnight, scrubbed, cut the vinegar solution by half, let it sit another night, scrubbed, rinse and back in the tank!

  • Darren says:

    Some of those mag cleaners aren’t cheap. So I’ve given up on leaving it in the tank 24/7. And I try to rinse it off after use. I learned my lesson on what a dirty mag cleaner can do to the glass.

  • Dylan says:

    Wow, I forgot I awesome your 90 was.

  • Alvis says:

    You need new videos and stop repeating old tips your mr saltwater tank you can think if new tips

  • John says:

    Great tip Mark! I keep my magnet cleaner out of my tank and in a clean, air tight tupperware container at all times and clean it before and after each use. Are you finished with doing the Midday Monday Q&A or are you just putting it on hold until you move? I love watching them and I recently noticed that there hasn’t been any. You probably said something about it in a past video that I missed. Thank you so much!

  • Edgar Rodriguez says:

    Mr.saltwater I have a question do u recommend to use uvstereliser

  • John…the Midday Monday Q&As are on hold for now

  • Duke Sweden says:

    My cleaner hasn’t left my tank in 8 years. No problems, although I think I will take it out and rinse it under some hot water. The only scratches on my glass are from a piece of live rock that fell.

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