Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip: Used For Specimens…And Frag Swaps

Plastic bags never biodegrade and let’s be honest – few of us ever reuse them. Here’s a more eco-friendly way to transport your frags.

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  • Kerstin says:

    And for bigger pieces, how about all those yogurt/sour cream/cottage cheese/… containers you get at the store. They are plastic #5, which means they can’t really be recycled – and they work for bigger pieces of coral as well. Only drawback – they aren’t see-through, but otherwise, also a great re-use of something you have at home anyway.

    Even works for fish or other aquarium livestock.

  • Kerstin…great idea! Plus yogurt is good for you. Also…check with your local recycle facility as #5 is taken in every town I’ve lived in for the past 3 years

  • DeeFromBrooklyn says:

    I like the wonton Soup containers for large frags. It’s easy to acclimate the frags in those larger containers too

  • Kevin says:

    A local lfs was using these for a little while. I chuckled the first time I saw them. I have a stack of them rinsed and ready to go for swaps. The biohazardous waste sticker on the side of them makes an interesting conversation starter too!

    I’ve super glued frag plugs to the inside of the lids too if space allowed to keep them from getting bumped around too much.

  • Justin says:

    I use the little plastic containers you can get from walmarts deli dept. I ask for one or two every so often and they just give them to me. Clear, rigid and reusable.

  • Kyle O says:

    Urine specimen jars also make awesome food containers for those of us that like to “unfreeze” food and prepare it ahead of time.

    Been using them for a few years now……….

  • Katrin says:

    Another one is the jar in which Talenti gelato comes (you can get this brand at Target now as well as most major supermarkets). Although made of plastic, it has a screw top lid and the whole unit can be used over and over again. Plus it’s just a good excuse to buy Talenti gelato.

  • jasonandsarah says:

    Rubbermaid container! All shapes and sizes

  • Kurt says:

    What about care of the frags for a weekend trip? Is it OK to pick up on Sat morning if you are not going home for another 48 hrs? What do you do for these events

  • sandy says:

    Mr. saltwater I really enjoy your shows but I am very new at this I always had fresh water Tanks now I bless to get a salt water tank I am trying to do most of what you say but I just don’t understand some of the things you are talking about so if you know of a show like yours but for those of us who don’t get it like what is a frag please thank you sandy

  • Kurt…for a trip that long, you’d want to place the frags in a small tank or bucket so that you can circulate and heat the water. Ideally the water in the container would all be water that the frags were sitting in when you purchased them. That way you aren’t shocking the frags by placing them in drastically different water. If you ask the coral vendor to fill your bucket at the end of the show/swap, they’d likely be happy to do it as they’ll be draining their tanks anyways.

  • Kurt says:

    Sandy, check out bulk reef supply on YouTube or through their website, terrific advice for beginners. A frag is a fragment of a coral, the size, quality, and rarity will determine the price which can range from a few dollars to thousands. Colonies are very large and take considerable time to grow which translates to a much higher cost for the same type.

  • Kurt says:

    Thanks for the tip Mark

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