Mr. Saltwater Tank Visits Marine Aquarium Expo (MAX) 2012

Drop in on a saltwater aquarium trade shows and you’ll get a one-stop-shop to meet fellow reefers and to check out new aquarium gear. Always wanting to keep up on the new-new thing, I visited the Marine Aquarium Expo in Orange County California to see what I could dig up at this popular saltwater aquarium trade show.

I walked in expecting the usual and I walked out having seen the very unusual.

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  • Dennis says:

    Those don’t go on your arm.

  • I was wondering if someone was going to catch that!

  • Mitch Evens says:

    Why do so many people always dislike your videos on youtube? Quit watching if you don’t like the series… nut cases… what the heck?!

  • Who knows Mitch. I had 7 dislikes within the first 5 minutes of me launching the videos. It’s easier to click the dislike button than to stop watching the video I guess!

  • CaptainKraft says:

    Hey Mark,

    Would you mind putting up a link for all of the people you interviewed at the trade show? I’d especially like to check into the prices for those all-in-one tanks.

    Great video, thanks Mark.

  • Dave From Brooklyn says:

    How do you get a good luck crack in. 🙂 ?

  • Mike Prochaska says:

    Was wondering if you know if the Red Sea S Series is for sale in the USA yet and how much? Thanks Mark for the great viedo

  • Mike, I believe it is for sale and I think MSRP is $3700

  • PrairieReef says:

    I’ve thought about solar tubes – but then your stuck with only seeing your tank when the sun’s up… bummer – because those are cool!

  • can always add supplemental artificial lighting.

  • Mike Johnson says:

    Nice video Mark. Looks like you had a good time. I’ve installed several solar lights. Didn’t know they came with lenses. I have one over a 30 gal. rimless frag tank. Keep up the good work and good luck with your new tank.

  • PrairieReef says:

    thanks Mark – supplementing lighting won’t mess up photoperiods or promote algae? Seems like it would block the tube too… just thinking it through.

  • phillip sorenson says:

    I liked the longer vid personally.

  • You can mount the supplemental lighting outside of the tube. It wouldn’t go in the tube

  • chales says:

    how do i find about the upcoming expo’s??

  • PrairieReef says:

    ummm – right… but sup lighting would have to go over the tank somewhere and if the tubes are 12 inches or more over the tank you don’t want it blocked…

  • Stephanie says:

    I liked the video! Great info!

  • BobbyReef says:

    your the man Marky Mark

  • Shaun says:

    what that kid putting her hand in the tank near the end of the show?

  • Murat says:

    First it’s good to see you two guys together, does this sun beam system also bring the heat issues within the natural light?

    Noticed that Redsea has number of nozzles in the backgronud, is this the correct positioning or they can be rotated ?


  • Paco says:

    Great end to the video … cool stuff !!!!

  • Nick says:

    I’ve been looking into getting a Red Sea Max S for about a year now. I can’t find anywhere in the USA that sells them. Any info in maybe a future video would be awesome.


  • Murat…I didn’t ask about the heat issues but I’ll check up on it for you.

    As far as the Red Sea tank, I believe you can rotate the nozzles.

  • There are plenty of supplemental lighting options that could work. You just have to think outside strip lighting

  • Chales…google will likely be your best bet to find expos in your area. Or check with your local reef club.

  • Thanks Stephanie!

  • Nick…I’ve seen them in plenty of fish stores so ask your local retailer. I’m not sure if the tank can be shipped due to its large size and weight

  • Byron says:

    I like the Jellyfish! The All In One tank is nice too 🙂 Captain Jack has no tank personality LOL!

  • Delmore434 says:

    great video man… I’m def a big fan of your videos… Ive seen the solotubes before over a tank and I’ve been thinking about purchasing one to try out over a tank that I have.

  • Matt Hall says:

    I have the S650 and I live in NC. Your correct about the heat issues, I run a chiller on mine, without it got to 83 and I turned it on. I like the tank but I Definately would like to change somethings… Yes you can turn the nozzles.

  • MikeHippo says:

    This was one of the best yet. I was surprised as well with how well the all in one tank was designed! Keep it up dude!

  • chales says:

    great videos!!

  • Matt says:

    Great coverage Mark… Very interesting kit showing up & pleased you got such a variety in a short space of time… Looks like you had a whole lot of fun 😀

  • Aquamaniac says:

    Marc, Great video. As always. The way I see things; when “dislikes” are performed, is that the person more than likely has no patience, appreciation or understanding of what is being offered to them at your expense and time. And their negative actions also, in my opinion, reflect their aquariums directly. Because the information and experience you provide blows me away. There is ALWAYS room to learn something new everyday. Whether it’s useful in my setup or not. There are no perfect tanks, and why not learn or experience something new or different? Whether it be to help on the never ending road to perfection, or just for knowledge sakes… I really appreciate all you do, as i’m sure everyone who commented here and didn’t also do. With that being said, I don’t think that Mr. LA Fish guy caught the “those don’t go on your arm” comment. Either that or he fought really well to maintain composure and not bust a chuckle. I would have died. Lol. Slick one…..Another comment to wrap up my book here…..I’m really interested in the solar tubes, what really picks my brain is “how much par” and at what depths??? Hmmmm??? I wonder…. Ok, THE END.

  • George Wright says:

    hi been looking at the red sea tanks as they the best tank you can buy in the uk other making your set up (which is the route i am going down to make my new tank), the few shops i have seen them in all have to run chillers due to the heat load, can its funny how they are already piped up for the chiller connections so red sea know they get to hot, The Rodi storge is a great idear but seems likey to dump the lot in your sump at sum point. does look really smart though, thanks for showing the tank to see what others think.

    lov the videos keep them up and the guides, hope you do a vid on the Q tank you are running
    regards george wright in london, uk

  • Cheryl says:

    Hi, I always look forward to watching your vidio’s. I have learned alot.
    I am doing a few updates with my system and my background colour was blue.Just purchased the new led lighting. I have heard that a white background looks really good with this type of lighting. Has anyone seen a white background on a reef aquarium?

  • Bryan says:

    Hey Mark,

    Are you seeing anything in the realm of LED UV lighting? I know they exist but I don’t see any personal feedback or true testing. I’d like to get your opinion on this some day.

  • Brian Davis says:

    I still love my all in one Red Sea Max 130D. I won this tank on July 24, 2011 at the Seattle MAX show! I still remember them calling out my $5 raffle ticket number like it was yesterday! That was so awesome! A $5 all in one, can’t beat that!

    I know I’m behind the times posting on this, but folks who are still learning and wondering where to begin know that Red Sea has some good options. Surprisingly I’ve really enjoyed owning this tank.

    My RSM 130D is six years old and it still looks brand new. I’ve been able to upgrade and add to the tank to keep it current with today’s high tech gadgetry. I’m curious if they include this idea at all while designing their more current all in one systems.

    As for mine, it’s been moved five times now, and hopefully it’s sitting in its final resting destination! 🙂


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