Mr. Saltwater Tank’s 448 Gallon Tank Build

Out with the old, in with the new

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  • Matt says:

    Nice tank build Mark!

    Can’t wait to hear what you had to buy the wife to even the “new toy” playing field. That could be part two of this series called “Wifey gets new Porsche convertible”!

  • Alex says:

    Now that was a good video, Mark. Congrats on the new tank!

  • Matt…wife got a house. I got a fish tank. We will see which is a better investment!

  • Matt says:

    as I found out from my first marriage-the fish tank was a better investment;)

  • dave decarli says:

    wow what a beauty. well until you fill it with all the goodies if you get kicked out of the bedroom you could use the tank as a fishy fort. congrats on the home and the tank mark!!!

  • Fishy fort. That’s hilarious Dave!

  • Ann Marie says:

    Wow, men DO know how to use a vacuum! All kidding aside, congrats on the new tank!

  • jesse diller says:


  • Mike Carroll says:

    Mark, Your channel has been a true inspiration for me and I have learned so much from your efforts. Thanks so much for all that you do! Best of luck with the new build and new home! Can’t wait for the future videos!

  • Matt Wise says:

    I’m SOOO Jealous! Cant wait to see whats next. And how are you going to light that thing?

  • Patrick McBride says:

    Hey Mark,
    I mean this in a positive way:


    Sweeper in the fish tank, who could top that?
    Good luck on the new build, look forward to the new videos!

  • Brandon Holleman says:

    are you gonna have a S.P.S. heavy tank or go L.P.S. heavy and what about
    “add with caution fish”?

  • Travis says:

    Man i am pumped to see the filtration and aquascaping you do…. Like you say Mark “just like Christmas morning!!!!”

  • Johnny Ballgame says:

    You have the best wife in the world.
    “Hey sweetie. I think I’m going to rip the upstairs window out so I can get the tank upstairs. Cool?”

    I hope you bought that house and not renting. Can’t imagine getting that tank out! Wow.

    Awesome stuff

  • Geraud says:

    Beautiful tank Mark, looking forward to see it grow!

    For a tank that large, have you thought about acrylic for the construction?

  • Buddy says:

    I know from previous show that your next new tank would be in your own house. For some reason I thought you would do something like build it in to the house somewhere, good to see you still went with the traditional stand tank. What’s the life expectancy on a tank will it need replaced in 10 years or should it last at least 15 or 20?

    One other thing did you have to do any modifications to the room for dealing with humidity do to evaporation on that size of tank?

    Cheers… Enjoy the new home and tank.. 🙂

  • Steve says:

    Nice tank, junior junkie jealous, I just convinced my wife to let me cut a hole in the floor to plumb a sump.

    Will you do a feature on aquascaping when it comes time?

  • William Smith says:

    sure wish I could have joined the tank build project. I have my first 75 gala sitting I’m my garage and in a quandary over the building of the bean overflow placements etc.
    Mark if you open it up I’ll sign up immediately !

  • Tina says:

    Is the tank Starphire?

  • Matt says:

    I have to admit… the wet floor was a great idea!

    The question is has the boss actually got any other work out of you around the house… 😛

  • Jose Hurtado says:

    Just Awesome! When you pulled out the vacuum cleaner, gold!

  • Tina…not Starphire. Starphire is a waste of money

  • Russ says:

    Mark, just awesome, happy for you. But…..I have got to know more about that floor drainage system. Won’t those aluminum pieces eventually tear through the membrane? How can they hold with stability all the tanks on them, is there a locking system and or frame? Also, what about all that natural light from the window, what are your plans?

    Hope your in an area that does not have termites! My dream tank build is on hold until I break down my fish room, tent the house and start over. 3 tanks down, one to go. Looks like it is, at least in my area a 5-7 year problem.

    See you Saturday in Costa Mesa.

  • nick says:

    Very nice!!, just hope it doesn’t fall through the foor.

  • Paul says:

    Aluminum does corrode. Especially in standing salt water.
    Don’t let it pool up around the aluminum.
    Stainless would have been better.
    I’m sure you’ll be fine if your drain has plenty of slope.

  • Paul…aluminum has great corrosion resistance to saltwater. Also keep in mind that Aluminum oxide (corrosion) forms a protective layer on the metal surface.

    Saltwater will facilitate dissimilar metal corrosion though which is why aluminum boats/ships use sacrificial zincs.

  • Russ..the aluminum bar is smooth. Therefore any wearing against the membrane will be minimal. The last thing I wanted was for the floor to flap around as I walked on it so the bars are secured to the panels which minimizes motion.

    Natural light around saltwater tanks isn’t an issue. That’s a myth which I talk about here

  • darren says:

    if my landlord knew how jealous i was right now he’d be very nervous. now that you have the floor vacuumed when are you moving in. you could set up a nice cot in there somewhere, just need an air supply. oh man im jealous.

  • Where is planet Aquarium located? There seems to be several companies using similar names. Is this the one in Dallas Texas?

  • Donald…Planet is in Dallas, you can find them on their website

  • JOSE GOMEZ says:

    way to go mark i looking foware to see the built

  • Dagmar says:

    Cool Tank! Why is starphire glass considered a waste of money? Does thickness of glass matter? Your tank is glass right? Thanks!

  • Ethan Christison says:

    1. Congrats!!
    2. This is one of the most exciting videos you’ve made! Can’t wait to see more. I hope everything goes smoothly for you!

  • Mike Diack says:

    So jealous! Wish my fish room was a real room and not a crawlspace!!

  • Dagmar…once the tank is full of water, you can’t tell a difference with starphire glass. And it scratches easier than regular glass.

  • Ed says:

    Mark-I hope you checked the tank for leaks prior to closing up the wall and putting the siding back up! I can’t wait to see the equipment choices you make to run this monster!

  • Joseph Andrew Maliberan says:

    An exciting tank build of yours Mark. Very very good idea on the fish room, I love it!!! Anyway, looking forward to see future updates on this tank. Can’t wait to see the aquascape and filtration system. I feel pity for the desk… Hahaha 😀

  • Luke says:

    For what it’s worth… I have that exact kind of vacuum! Enjoy that tank… just a wee bit jealous.

  • Cameron says:

    Still not big enough xD call me when I can swim in it

  • Frank says:

    Mark, It’s an awesome tank! Congrats. The only problem I see is getting a large sump into the stand. Maybe should have had 45s on the ends instead of straights or are some of the bars removable?

  • Frank…who said anything about putting the sump under the tank..? 😀

  • Shahaabiqbal says:

    Any ideas on how to lower electricity bill?
    I have a 36 gallon running and the bill is getting pretty out of hand.
    Just curious on what others do.
    P.S. Great aquarium man…hope to see more videos soon

  • Patrick says:

    That small of a tank shouldn’t cause your electric bill to be too high, are you using metal halide lighting, and large pumps?

  • Shahaabiqbal says:

    I have a total of 12 plugs plugged in:
    3 for my t5s
    2 for my koralias
    1 for protein skimmer
    1 for return pump
    1 for cooling fan
    1 for refugium light
    1 for the actual power surge holding these plugs
    1 for heater
    1 for jbj Ato
    ….that’s pretty much it

  • Shahaabiqbal says:

    I have a mag 7 for a return pump…forgot to mention that
    I have the Coralife lunar 4 bulb aqua light 124 watts

  • Patrick says:

    Still not sure why your bill is out of hand, but the biggest power consumer you are running on your tank are the T5′ s , I don’t remember my T5′ s causing my electric bill to be too high when I was running them. I now run Captive Reef Series 180w LED’ S all in all I’m running more Watts then before and haven’t seen my bills go up. It might be in your interest to have an electrician look at your place, something is out of wack if your bill is rediculess. I’ve seen many reefer’ s reviews saying they saved slot of money switching to LED’ S from metal halide on their electric bill. Don’t know if the switch from T5′ S will help, but it’s the only change in your reef I could imagine that could. Some times things in electrical could be running incorrectly, and cause issues, shorts, and grounding issues eccetra. Good luck hope it works out.

  • Shahaabiqbal says:

    thanks is for the advice, I’ll have it checked out

  • Dan says:

    Great show, but how many times are you going to move and change tanks man…LOL. I still have a 55 gallon reef tank going on 2.5 years.

  • DriftingNemo says:

    Can’t wait for the next video! I’ve been a subscriber of yours for about a year now, your videos helped me setup my 14 gallon tank this time last year. I sadly had to switch to freshwater over the summer, but I missed saltwater too much. Now I’m converting my 63 gallon planted tank in to a saltwater tank and doing everything properly from the start. I hope your tank build goes well!

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