Mr. Saltwater Tank’s 4th of July Sale

My 4th of July Sale is now closed.  I’m leaving this post up so you’ll know what it was all about.

I often wake up in the morning and think about how lucky I am to live in a country where a guy like me can freely have a show about saltwater tanks on YouTube.  I also think about the sacrifices the service men and women of the United States make to keep that freedom safe.  This year I decided I wanted to do something to honor their service and sacrifices so I said,

“Heck, why not do a 4th of July sale?!”

So that’s what I did.  Introducing my 4th of July Sale for all my guides!

Here’s how the sale works:

  • Orders of less than $100 get 15% off
  • Orders between $100 and $149 get 20% off
  • Orders of $150 + get 25% off
Like any sale, this offer ends Monday, July 9th @ 11:59pm Central Time. 
Enough of the details, here are the links to the guides:
Browse the Store! Questions?

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  • Rhonda Riebow says:

    Hi Mark:

    I have been thoroughly enjoying your website and youtube posts for the past couple weeks. I had a freshwater tank 35 years ago, and have always wanted a saltwater tank, and decided now or never. All those eons ago, my husband and I moved to the country, I got into horses, and well…if anyone’s spouse wants to complain of the cost and time investment of a reef tank, just have them talk to a horse husband and they can learn that hell is relative! I could have retired on the money I have spent on horses/lessons/equipment/clothes/showing. Anyway, my horse suffered a major injury in the spring, and he may or may not come back from it. So I will probably become a trail rider (the reef junkie equivalent: goldfish bowl) and kick back a bit.

    I ordered all four guides–I haven’t bought anything yet. My husband is not so sure about this, and one of his main objections was that our carpet is worn out, do I want to have to move a tank for new carpeting in the future? So. Before I buy anything, I am painting the living room, putting in new carpet, and I threw in a new couch and loveseat. Marriage is a fun trip, always negotiating.

    We have a good local fish store, Preuss Pets. I am actually glad I have a few extra weeks to try to sift thru all the info out there and come up with a game plan. You are doing a great job sucking us all into a fascinating hobby! Probably should have used the word “enticing” there. Oh well. Same thing with horses–totally rational people are not allowed.

    Rhonda Riebow

  • Rhonda…being a former horse person and former equine vet tech, I know all about the expense of those hay baggers! 😀

    I love your trailer rider/reef junkie equivalent comparison!

    If you are going to lay down fresh carpet, I’d suggest putting down tile flooring under and around the tank. The tile won’t absorb water and will give you peach of mind.

    You can also put the tank on the existing carpet and if you ever re-carpet, either UPGRADE to a bigger tank, or just leave the old carpet under the tank.

    Thanks for your comment and good luck with tank.

  • Chris Kennedy says:

    Mark i have to say i like your guides i have bought most of them.i find them very helpful and think you have some Great info in them and the videos go hand and hand with the guides.the part i don’t like about them is you get the right to use a pdf download copy of them.the start of every guide you have put “This document is licensed for single use only! That means if you’ve been emailed this document, or this document has been posted anywhere online, email you as legal recourse will be taken against the person sharing the information. Cash rewards are given for successful prosecutions.”i understand your wanting to make money for your hard work and i’m ok with that but if i buy a book or one of your guides and i have a friend that can use the help or my tank buddy.i think it is just fair that i can share my books or your guides with them. this hobby is all about help each other out will that how i always have seen it any how.i’m not saying someone should be making copy of your guides and sale them or post the guides out or just post them some place to do it. Mark i’m not try to bash you or your guides your a Great Guy that has help most if not all of us. i just think you should sale your guide how people will be able to use them and tell them up front so they know your just paying for pdf download copy and it just for the person that bought it eyes only. you will have the right to see the videos from Mr Saltwater web site.

  • Chris…those comments were added after I found my guides posted several places online as well as people organizing group buys of my work. I’ve also added language to the checkout process so people are clear up front that the license for the guide is single use only.

    Thanks for the note.

  • kevin pluk says:

    Mark i get your doing the single use thing. However, it will take me about 5 minutes to remove it. I would have to google how to upload it to a newsgroup or torrent. And i don’t plan to do so. However those who want to share the guide will remove the notice in the same amount of time.

    Also i wouldn’t mind it too much if i where you. And maybe focus even more on the video’s. The guide is good, but the real value are the video’s added to the guide. So you can see what you mean.

    Still hoping for a profilux guide within a few weeks. I’ll be starting my 200 gallon tank soon. Still not sure if one controller is the way to go.

  • Kevin…you’ve hit on a good point that is similar to the old saying, “Locks are just there to keep honest people honest.”

    Thanks for the note about the videos. I’ll look at how to add more to the guides for an enhanced user experience.

  • Rhonda Riebow says:

    OH GD it all to H! I thought of the recarpeting up to the tank, and of course laughed it off to a friend as my hick solution. Crap. Now I am committed to the new carpeting. The old stuff survived three BIG dogs and 4 cats, a little salt water might just make the new stuff smell like Bonaire, which is heaven. Another major incentive to having a reef tank, remembering snorkeling down there amongst the fishies. If I could have a trunk fish I might set up whole tank for one. Or not–they were such teases, I think they should all be free. So darn cute.

  • BobbyReef says:

    Is it worth it to buy Vol 2 for setting up a tank? I have every guide except that one! I’m soooo tempted but i dont want to be disappointed.

  • kevin pluk says:


    IMHO vol 2 is better then vol 1. When you are researching a lot you can find most information of the first part (although the added video’s are really nice).

    Part two covers nice topics that are usefull when planning ahead. One example is about ways toc choose and hang (or not) your lighting.

    Imho the old part 1 isn’t worth the money, i just got the part one with the added video’s. And thats worth your money. Part two is also usefull

  • Bobby…Vol 2 focuses more on transitioning your already setup tank to corals including picking lighting, what corals to start with etc.

    Vol 1 is about how to get a saltwater tank started from the ground up.

    I’ve had lots of feedback from people who already have a tank setup and bought the Vol 1 guide and loved it as it answered questions about sand beds, rock types, etc.

    Since you already have Vol 1, Vol 2 is a natural addition to your collection.

  • Chris Kennedy says:

    i think Vol 1, Vol 2 work hand and hand and i think he has the Alternative Format (.mp4/flash)videos for us windows people too. i know he had be working on add the Alternative Format (.mp4/flash)videos for us windows people on all of his guides the last time i looked at them. i don’t know if he is still selling his Apex jr videos or not but they are helpful to have and you can use most of them for the Apex but the last time i looked you had to download quicktime from Apple to see them. like everything what someone think is worth it someone else will not so it up to you. i wish for us that bought the old part 1would have got the new videos update too.

  • BobbyReef says:

    Thanks for your feedback! I should of figured it was awesome. All of the guides are amazing. Your the man Marky Mark

  • Brian Davis says:


    I agree with Mark. Try not to worry about your flooring. Later on down the road you’ll have options to work with; I.e., tile, laminate, hardwood, wall desk, curio, or other accent to dedicate to the accented flooring area…if you change your mind down the road. A crafty person could definitely pull this off and have it appear right in the room (:

    I love Mark’s work, I went from almost quitting the hobby to an amazing tank…thanks to his enlightenments and guides I now have a brilliant tank. All Mark’s recommendations have been a blessing for my outcomes.

    I too have a floor situation later down the road but it will be a simple remedy. Just do it! You won’t be disappointed (:


  • Brian Davis says:

    Rhonda, if you can, get Mark’s guides so you can do it right the first time, save unnecessary investments, time, and avoid many potential problems like I had…err…cough cough!

  • Thanks Brian for your comment. It made my day.

  • Richard Glickman says:

    I have most of your guides, now that I have purchased the Algae guide. What I am missing is also missing from your current sale list. The APEX guide.
    Do you have any plans to put it on sale?

  • No Thanks says:

    sell out again…cmon!

  • Chris Kennedy says:

    Mark you know i can be a pain in the butt sometimes about your guides and videos.i have to say i like the fact your adding more videos to your guides and keeping them up to date and putting new tip videos to help out. i like your videos as much as i do your guides maybe more because i don’t care to read but it is hard to put your guides down when you start one. i think this was the type of videos we thought you would put out when you put your guides up for sell.the old ad videos made you feel like you was buying a old used car from someone that would not show you the car fax.LOL i can wait to see your next Mr saltwater tank video and i would like to see you sell your guides all the time and maybe put these videos on your web site and make a place for thing your selling so we can go and see what is for sell or you will having for sell so we can put some money to the side for your Guides . have a Great week

  • Adam says:

    To anyone thinking of getting these guides, they are worth the money. I have all of the guides and they have helped me so much in making my tank stable, easy to maintain and more enjoyable. I was on the verge to quitting saltwater for ever until I found Marks videos and guides. If you are a novice like me or a seasoned fish keeper there is something in these guides for all of us.
    Thank you Mark for all of the hard work and I look forward to future guides and videos.

  • Eli Gonzalez says:

    so i was looking to purchase the apex guide. is that one not available in the july sale

  • David Bruner says:

    Mark; I really enjoy your blog and videos. I have been in this game for about 35 years, but always learn more.

    Two questions:
    1. When will you open up the store once more so that we can purchase a guide?
    2. I am confused as to why you do not offer your guides for sale all the time with specials offered at times.


  • PowderKat says:

    Mark; Ditto to David Bruner- I inherited tanks from my college student. (why couldn’t he just bring home a dog?) Your videos are informative and such a pleasure to watch that I’ve decided to attempt the hobby. I would prefer to have a refence copy in hand, not a constant run to the computer for answers to questions.

  • David Bruner says:

    Mark; Seems like a good income stream to me that you may be missing, unless I am missing something!

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