Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Apex Jr Special Offer

My Apex tank controller is the best purchase I’ve made for my tank. And Neptune Systems is about to release the little brother to the Apex, the Apex Jr which is perfect for those of you wanting to get your feet wet in the world of tank controllers.

And to help you get your feet wet without drowning, I’ve put together something in true Mr. Saltwater Tank style.

Links in this video:

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  • Andrew says:

    Man, I wish you had training videos for the GHL Profilux. I have over $1000 in Profilux controllers, probes and dosers still in the box because I’m intimidated on how to use it.

  • Matt says:

    Darn you Mark… You timed that just in time for me to be picking up my new tank… I certainly hope you’ll be doing the offer again when new stock arrives!

  • Daire says:

    What is the difference between the Apex, the Apex Lite, and the Apex Jr? I would like to buy one, I just don’t know which one to buy.


  • Marcus says:

    Ok, I wanna buy one but I live in toronto canada , can you ship it?

  • Aaron says:

    Would you send me a quote mark? It’s time I invested in one…. Moving into junkie stage I think lol…

  • Aaron says:

    Would you send me a quote mark? It’s time I invested in one…. Moving into junkie stage I think lol…

  • Aaron says:

    Also I too need to know diff between models.. What features does the jr. Not have in comparison?

  • Brad says:

    What everyone else said and if you buy the JR is it expandable, can it be fragged? Can it eventually look like Lite or the big mamma?

  • Brad…the Apex Jr is designed to be expandable. You can add on up to 5 additional modules like energy bars, pH probes, displays, etc.

  • Matt says:

    Justin – The offer Mark was offering is now over… But you can contact him to see when/if he’ll have some more available 😉

  • Daire says:

    Mark, I received my Apex Jr today, but I can’t find the videos to help me get it setup. Please help.

    Thank you,

  • Daire…check your SPAM folder. I sent them all last week and I’ll send them again right now.

  • and if you don’t get the email I just sent you, leave another comment so I can connect with you!

  • Daire Fontaine says:

    Got it! Thanks Mark – can’t wait to get started!

    ps….love your show!

  • vinny says:

    hi mark,I would like to know if this offer comes up again but i got two questions, you ship to Ireland or do I need a forwarding address.2.will I need a transformer as the voltage here is 240v.please reply,thanks,regards vinny

  • Rodger Dorn says:

    Mark I was not able to purchase the APEX JR when you had it on sale. If you are able to make another offer in the near future I would love to be on the list to get one. Thanks

  • Roger…once the next round of Apex JR’s come in (should be in a couple of weeks), I’ll be making another offer, so save your pennies (sell some coral!) and keep an eye on my site.

  • Austin Turbitt says:

    When will the deal for the Apex Jr be up and running again?

  • Victor Susanto says:

    I’m interested too! Will be on the look out! Thanks, Mark!

  • Gil Fisher says:

    Interested in Apex or Apex jr and the videos seem self explanitory. How do/can I buy?

  • Marlin says:

    Ditto to Gil…would like to find your Apex Jr. Vids please Mark!

  • Derek S. says:

    Hi Mark. I am new to the hobby, as new as one can be actually. I bought my tank and stand and thats about it so far. I am actually having the carpet in my basement redone because I have decided to take up the hobby. I am doing the usual research for the equipment I will eventually purchase in doing so have recently found your online advice webcast and really find your advice helpful and for me it makes the whole thing seem less daunting. So to my question now, well What is the diffence between the Neptune Systems aquacontroller Apex and the Apex lite. Other than price any way. I think my eyes are getting buggy trying to find the differences between the two if there is any that is. Is it additional accesories that make the difference?

  • Danny says:

    Hey will you ever put out the videos on how to set it up? I really want one but I don’t think I can put one up

  • You can purchase the videos independently of the controller now.

  • chris says:

    When will the deal for the Apex Jr be up and running again? older video, just watched. lol

  • Tim Carr says:

    Mark, I am setting up a 180g and would wonder if you can point me to some information on incorporating Apex controllers into the system?

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