Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Coverage of Reefstock 2012 Part Two

Part two of my coverage of Reef Stock 2012

Note: Lots of people have been asking where to get the Blue Life Clear Fx Pro.  Here’s where you can get it.

Can’t see the video?  Click here

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  • david t says:

    G’day thanks mark for the video we don’t have any think like that here in Australia you will have to let me now when the next one might be on so I can came over to have a look at the oxbow are they on every year is there more video’s to come

  • Chad says:

    Yah! AC&C is my LFS!

  • Kovy says:

    Hmmm, I really wish your 2-Part coverage was a little longer. But overall I enjoyed this year’s almost as much as last year.

  • paco B says:

    Did u try the life stuff yet? Im curious to know ur opinion. Thanks

  • Haven’t tried it yet Paco, but I have some on hand to test.

  • luis morales says:

    hey mark this is Luis just finished with the tank the water running for a week I am very tight on money I need sand and rocks what is the cheapest I could buy

  • luis morales says:

    thank you for your info and your videos until I hear from you luis out

  • Angel says:

    I am learning and setting up a 90 fish only saltwater tank. Is this the right place to be learning?

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