Mr. Saltwater Tank’s New Tank

After selling my 90g tank and moving to Tennessee, it is time to start a new saltwater tank.

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  • Mark H. says:

    Mark, the tank rocks….

  • Jeff says:

    Wow, that tank is amazing! Can’t wiat to see it up and running.

  • christian ray says:

    Wow mark,that really nice !

  • jeff says:

    Welcome back to TN. 🙂

  • Jimbo says:

    Mark the new 235 gallon Aquarium is certainly going to allow you to really have quite the Reef tank.. Look forward to watching the tank go along here over the next several months etc.. Jimbo

  • Ben VanderNoort says:

    LOVE IT. Who’s the builder?
    I’m in the market too this summer. Looking for a 48x48x24 (240 gall) with the overflow and return in the center of the tank so I can see it from four sides. Yes it will be set in the middle of my home office.

  • Murat says:

    Seems going to be a peninsula this time? Gluck Mark

  • Nordicreef says:

    The tank looks great Mark, Congrats

    It is going to be exciting to see what you are going to put in it ;=)
    Have you changed your tank personality?
    I am looking forward to follow you.
    Ps. I hope the move went well for you guys

  • david t says:

    mark like your new tank hop to see what your new filter will be for it and I’m setting up a new tank as well my tank is 3100 L X 1000 W X 1000 H =3100 LITRES SILL GOT TO GET IT IN THE HOUSE YET IM BUILDING Still sitting on the tandem trailer outside TO FILLTER it so far I have got a octopus 4000 hurricane x 4 pump s-hand skimmer and two sump’s coming from Q.L.D. TO MELBOURNE to make refuge for it and I was thinking of using same K1 MEDIA AS WALL what ell’s would you sagest for it as part of the filter system lots of new ides sins I built my last tank 19 years ago with a trickle filter built in the back off it the tank is a 120 litres with live rock same leather corals a hammer head with lime green heads here and there blue spotted clam and two soft corals a yellow tang and a pair of tomato clans and two blue with yellow tale damsels fish at the moment un till the new tank is setup I’m reinforcing the floor where the new tank is going and will make a slab of concert with a still farm up to the floor under the house’ too seaport the tank we are still gip rocking the walls off the hours’ hope to get it in soon, Look forward to watching your new tank build go along will macna came to Melbourne Australia never seen anything like it hear it would be great to have it hear your tips have been great help to refresh on reef keeping thanks

  • david t says:

    mark like your new tank hop to see what your new filter will be for it and I’m setting up a new tank as well my tank is 3100 L X 1000 W X 1000 H =3100 LITRES SILL GOT TO GET IT IN THE HOUSE YET IM BUILDING Still sitting on the tandem trailer outside,
    Mark how did you teats the light strength in your old tank do you have video on how you did it so I can upgrade to LED’S on my old tank so I don’t fry everything in the tank seen the tip about screening the light’s for a bit to aqua mat new light’s

  • kevin pluk says:

    Really nice tank, please put down some shows as i’ll be starting in my new home in a few months from now. The dimensions you got are quite similar to what i want so i’m curious about a lot of stuff you are going to choose.

  • Bedlamer says:

    Congrats on the new tank! You shoulda went 6′ to avoid the wrath of the tang police. You know they have you under surveillance–lol. So what’s the deal–this Friday’s tip was no detergent on your dedicated fish towel, and there you are looking all pretty in your new tank, fully clothed and with shoes on. You must be getting cooties all over your new tank! So please in future if you are going to lounge about in your new tank please do so nude, or with at most a dedicated fish towel loincloth. Also curious like one of the posters from the other related thread–if you have multiple VorTechs that have a wave maker function–what added benefit does the Tunze wave maker give you?

    For a skimmer I’m hoping you will consider one of these

    Which has every skimmer bell and whistle known to man on it, and nothing is too good For Mr. Saltwater Tank I say! They do show they are currently out of stock–maybe they can get you one before you new tank is up and running?

  • Mastertechrepair says:

    im am so taking a picture in my tank too b 4 i set it up lolz for a video of my tank youtube my email or user name

  • Wayne says:

    How’s about some contact info for Dutch Aquarium Systems? Google search comes up with little to nothing.

  • Bedlamer…I was contemplating a 6′ tank but where the tank is going to sit it wouldn’t fit! I can’t mess with physics.

    Avast makes good gear but that skimmer uses the Sicce pump. I’ve had a Sicce pump before and it was horrible. Very, very loud. I’ll never have one again.

  • Nordic…I”m already a reef junkie…I guess I could change to “super reef junkie”

  • Murat…not a peninsula tank. I’ll explain more in a future episode.

  • mike kelly says:

    mark, your new tank looks awesome, can’t wait to see more videos of the new tank being set up, good luck! p.s. how did the move go?
    mark good luck and have a good time doing the videos 🙂

  • mike kelly says:

    oh forgot to mention my son and I are big fans, we hope to have a tank like yours some day and my sons email is

  • Luke says:

    Nice tank, I am building a set up with a.
    60x30x24. Love the specs, can’t wait to see how you build it!

  • Sharon says:

    mark like the tank and it will rock when you get it rolling with live rock and sand.

  • Sharon…I’ll start the tank with dry rock and sand. No need for the live stuff.

  • jeff says:

    Sharon, you miss that video of his? No live rock with the ickies . Lol

  • louie says:

    Great looking tank mark

  • Mad Hatter Reef says:

    Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa Buuuddddyyyyy!

  • Jon says:

    i love the aquascape

  • Matt Allen says:

    Hmmm…. maybe Uber Reef Junkie or Extreme Reef Junkie… or perhaps Raving Reef Junkie might be more suited to your level of Reef Junkie fever Mark…

  • Matt Allen says:

    lol @ Jon – Its certainly unusual… you’ve gotta wonder where he’s going to put the BTA… 😀

  • UaruJoey says:

    Hi Mark. Great video. I look forward to the progress of the build. Just a friendly tip: the links you put in your descriptions, are not clickable. If you add “http:/” before the site name, it will become a link in the description, and be clickable.

  • dave says:

    awsome tank!!! feels like i got new tank. can’t wait till its full.

  • Derek says:

    Your going to be useing dry rock i dont know if youve mentioned it before but were do you get your rock from?

  • derek says:

    I just thought of something. You bought a 235 gallon glass tank any reason you didn’t buy acrylic? I myself like the advantages of acrylic especially not having to worry about seams busting.

  • derek…acrylic scratches very easily and holds a lot of heat. I’ll never have an acrylic tank unless I am trying to achieve a unique shape like a curved or cylinder.

  • j.foley says:

    Question… if you have a 65g tank… would you recommend one MP40 or two? Tank is 36x18x24… just trying to get better insite on a question that has been bothering me for a few weeks now.

  • Mark says:

    Hey mark, awesome tank! just wondering where you got the rock from? thanks

  • Mark…the rock came from Real Reef

  • Dillon says:

    Hey Mark,
    you said you have an account with real reef does this mean you sell it? there’s no LFS in my area that carries it in the piedmont of N.C.

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