Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Review of EcoTech Marine’s Radion Generation 2 and Radion Pro LED Fixtures

Say the words “lighting” and “saltwater tank” and LEDs will be one of the first things to comes to my mind.


Because LEDs will undoubtably grow coral and they have unsurpassed controllability. I’ve used EcoTech Marine’s Radion fixture with great results and with the release of the Radion Generation 2 fixture and the Radion Pro, I had to give them both a try…with a couple of twists that you’ll see nowhere else online.

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  • DeeFromBrooklyn says:

    Very interesting. The one concern I have with those fixtures in the led bulb useful life as there is a time when they will need to be changed out. Has this been upgraded in the new radions versus the old? What is that 50,000hrs? more? what is the cost of replacement when that time comes.

  • Curtis says:

    Hey Mark i have the Maxspect Razer 27″ 16K on my 60g tank. do u know anything about the light and do u have a suggestions

  • Dee…I’ve never been concerned about the useful life of LED bulb as it is very likely the user will replace them before they burn out.

  • Maria says:

    Great information, thank you !

  • tim s. says:

    Is it possible to bleach coraline algae with with the radions at 100% and 12″ down the tank?

  • Dee…also keep in mind I don’t run the fixtures @ 100%. That will improve LED life.

  • David says:

    Perfect timing Mark.

    Just ordered a Pro for my Haldon species tank and in the works of up grading my Ecoxotic Retrofits to Gen 2.

  • Merne says:

    Awesome Video! Now I’m going to need one of those things to test out my Maxspect P Series PAR readings!

  • empty42 says:

    Have you had any expierence or heard feedback regarding Aquaticlife expert series LEDs? I’m getting ready to break into the world of LEDs and after researching them a LFS carries them and they seem phenomenal. They are run by a PC controlled program and have a wireless remote. I have to say I’m surprised you don’t run something this infinitely controllable.

  • Randy says:

    Mark, what is the photo period length your using? Could you share your program settings?

  • Josh says:

    I think Mark hit the nail on the head with how high you actually have to run these fixtures. MANY LED fixtures out now (not just Radions) have more than enough power to do what you want with them. Start out slow and low and your corals will adapt. I have the Maxspect Razors and they will do the same thing Mark just said, scorching PAR deep in the tank.

  • Curtis says:

    hey Josh i just started in the hobby my tanks been running for about 3 months and i have the razors too do u have a youtube page…. heres mine

  • Dan Raymond says:

    50,000 hours at 10 hours a day is 13.7 years, probably will upgrade before then lol

  • Zach says:

    Would also love to see your radion lighting schedule. Big fan, thanks for the insightful advice!

  • Mitch Poulin says:

    Hey Mark, Great Video love, love, love the radions but cannot afford them at this time. how ever I did manage to get my hands on the maxspect razors 16k. They are a great light as well for a lower budget but I can’t help but wonder if this holds true for that light as well wondering if you might do a review on them or some general advice as I am trying to break into the SPS world. Also wondering if you would be making any appearances in the New England area say Massachusetts. Any way thanks for putting in the effort you have changed my saltwater experience for the BEST.

  • luis says:

    Mark, when you tested the 1st Gens at 100% was that with all colors at 100% or did you use a preset temp like 12k,14k…


  • Speedy says:

    Hey Mark,

    First off love your reviews and videos I havent missed one. I love to hear what you have to say about every topic. In fact Im looking forward to possibly seeing you this weekend at the Aquarium expo. I have Quick question I couldnt help but notice that you have 4 blacker ice snowflake clowns in your tank. I was wondering how that was working out for you and how you were able to get away with that. I am a huge fan of hybred clowns. I have a mated pair blacker ice snowflake clowns and a naked clown in separate tanks. I would love to put them together. If you could PLEASE give me insight as to how you got away with that I would be so grateful.


  • Erik Bohlen says:

    so over my standard 75 gallon id only need one of these would be my guess, id like to have 2 though (im gonna build a close to 300 gallon plywood at the next house so i want to start preparing) should i go gen 2 or 1 and how powerful should i be running them?

  • Rob Smith says:

    Hi Mark this is a really useful video. I am definitely going to get the Radion especially as it synchs with the Vortech power head. I have two questions, first how dep is your tank, second as the readings for the pro and the Gen 2 are quite similar, in what circumstances would you recommend spending extra on the pro?

  • Mike Vasek says:


    Do you use one of the preset setting on the radion or did you create your own?

    Mike V

  • Jacob says:

    You have showed people what par they put out. but what par is recommended for certain corals and inverts at what depths?

  • Fishbulb says:

    Very informative video. I have 2 gen 1 lights over my 55 gal tank. I noticed that corals need 400 to 700 nm of light to grow. Some of the gen 1 data for 2 fixtures were below the 400 nm at about 1/2 to 3/4 down. Will light below the 400 nm level be enough to grow coral.

  • Bob says:

    So, if I understand this video correctly. why would I ever buy the new Ecotechs.. Is it more around different colors or settings? I have heard that it is night and day to compare with the AI Vegas but how come? From what you all are saying, it appears most LEDs will do the job…

    I do not know anything about the Razors but will watch that video.

  • Dale Mellinger says:

    Thanks for the info. Learning a lot from your videos. Been thinking about switching to LED fixture. Currently have AquaticLive T5 w/ led moonlights.
    A quick question about the Radion Gen 2 (or Gen 1) for that matter.
    I have a 100 gal tank, would I be able to go with just one Gen 2 or Gen 1?
    Dale M

  • James says:

    I have two Kessil A350’s and a 150 on my 110g Tall Tank and I love them. The colors of the Corals just seem to pop and the growth is great.

  • Dan says:

    Mark, you’ve shown that all gens of Radions are more than capable of growing corals with PAR to spare but is there anything really better about Pros or gen 2’s? I have gen 1 Radions. Is there any reason I should consider changing to Pros or gen 2’s?

  • Hi Mark,
    I am setting up an L shaped 500 liter tank with sizes of 135cm (L)*60cm (W)*45cm (D- one side for 90 cm)-90cm (D-other side for 45cm).
    I have two radions G2 on their way.
    What will be the intensity level you would recommend I start with and what is the maximum I should not exceed?
    Would you set the two up differently so that on the deep side (90cm) there is more light on the sandbed or not?

  • Recently is spoke with my LFS (and to make the US guys jealous) within a 100 KM radius i got at least 20 LFSs, and they got a visit from Pacific sun where they are getting complaints about bleaching corals. Mostly because people can’t see how much light led is emitting. I think you should run led around 90% max the first year or so, led will become less bright as well as other lighting. However not as fast. By doing this you can boost your led’s later on and therefore they are usefull longer. And lets face it, most of us will replace them within 5 years. Well below the 50.000 hours of runtime.

  • Mark says:

    Mark what is the benefit of running at 20%? Seems like a waste to me.



  • Darien says:

    How deep is your tank? I have a custom 350g tank that is 36″ from the waterline to the sand bed. Is there somewhere you can see this data from Radion for deeper readings? Radion recommended 4 Pro’s for my tank but I would like to see the PAR data for those depths.

    Thanks Mark, and great segment.

  • Mark…the benefit of running at 20% is that I’m not over lighting my tank which can lead to bleaching issues. No need to fry my corals if they don’t need it.

  • Dan…the big upgrade from the G1 -> Pro is the increased colors. I noticed more vibrant colors in my corals and the UV LEDs really make things glow during the lunar cycle.

  • SAL says:

    Hey Mark can you share your programmed light program with us?
    Ive been using a modified version of Jons graph from ecotech

  • Mark says:

    Thanks Mark I guess the added color spectrum is the other bonus. Thinking about upgrading from halides and was gonna go gen 1 but if there is added color then it could be worth getting the newer ones.

  • Mike says:

    I liked your analysis of the Radion’s. I am running the G2’s and love them. Some additional information that might help those concerned about the hours. I am in the lighting business and we are staying on top of LED development. While you are correct that many people will replace their LEDs before they would hit the 50,000 hours it is important to understand a couple of things. The lights themselves will not burn out. If anything causes problems it is the driver that powers the lights. Depending on the fixture, most drivers are replaceable and and can be upgraded. Second, the 50,000 hours is based on 100% intensity. So dimming the light 50% will effectively increase your hours to 100,000. I hope this helps.

  • Lam says:

    Is your lights suspend 7″ above the water level. It looks like more than “7

  • Grant says:

    Mark, Is there any way that you can upload or make a video of the light schedule that you use for your tank??!! Thanks!

  • Brandon h says:

    I’ve been in the electronics field for a little over 12 years and have VERY seldomly seen an led go out. And for the most part with LEDs you don’t get color shift like you do with other types of lighting. They either work or go out. I’ve had the radion gen 1 since day one and haven’t lost an led yet or had a problem. I’d be worried about the transistors in the power supply going out wayyyyyyy before the actual LEDs. Only time I’ve seen them go bad is when they are not cooled properly causing overheating and shorter life or over current draw and over voltage causing them to short out. And high quality LEDs are a very stable platform.

  • sunny sharif says:

    Hey Mark, is the spread same in Gen2 and the Pro, also, i have a 92 corner tank with 18 depth total, you think one is enough? and which one do you recommend Gen2 or the Pro? Please need help with this.

  • Randy says:

    Sunny, I had 2 Gen 1’s on my 92 corner, had the intensity at 30% and it still seemed to bleach the coral. I recently removed one of the Gen 1’s and the spread still seems pretty good. Coral color is starting to come back.

  • sunny sharif says:

    hey Randy, Can you please send me a picture of your setup pleasseeeeeeeee….and thanks so much to reply so fast, my older lights just died and instead of buying and spending money on something useless, i decided to go with radian. so I will be ordering tomorrow, would it be possible for you to send me a picture of your tank at, or contact me at 917-774-5012…I don’t know if I am suppose to leave me info on this or now, I am sorry Mark and anyone who thinks I am breaking any rules. 🙁

  • exgd says:

    hey mark , please show us ur radion program, how you are running you’re radions . or make a vid explaining bit more about the colours n radion settings best for the reef aquariums . would be great .

  • Hai says:

    Great job on the par measurement, all your videos are great, Radion led are nice i personal got three for my 180g, but it seem it harder for sps to acclimated to these led than MH it either not enought light or too much light and it bleach out if keep playing with the intensity. It be best for everyone if you can do a before and after growth on sps on this led type, from 3months to 6months to 12months growth. I dont see much sps in your tank beside lps and anenome only. I assure it bleach out sooner or later. We would like to see the growth pattern like how you did on your 90g before with sps. Talk is cheap when there no proof of growth. Traveling and keep upgrading light and tank not a good proof, just my 2cents.

  • Jason says:

    Hi Mark. Were the single Gen 1 Radion readings the ones that you thought were questionable? The 25% intensity readings seemed extremely odd. How did the second row of PAR values go UP from 345 at 50% to 377 at 25%? Also why did the 2x Gen 1 get 579 PAR at 25% while the single Gen 1 Radion got a PAR reading of 1060 at 25% intensity???

  • Jason says:

    Also how deep was your old tank?

  • Jason…my tank was 30″ deep.

  • Jason says:

    Thanks for sharing this info Mark. I had been concerned that my Gen 1 Radion was overpowering my 18″ deep tank. I was worried that dropping it down to 25% would be too low but now I see that it shouldn’t be an issue.

  • Sunny says:

    Can someone please help me, now I’m in te middle of deciding either to go with the pro or Gen 2, I have a 92 corner, depth is only 18-20. Please please make some suggestions.

  • Sunny says:

    Can someone please help me, now I’m in te middle of deciding either to go with the pro or Gen 2, I have a 92 corner, depth is only 18-20. Please please make some suggestions. Budget is not really big

  • Jason says:

    Based off of Mark’s report the only difference between the two is the additional colors available with the Pro. As such it is all about personal preference and budgets.

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