Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Review of the Apex Jr

“Bigger” is what most saltwater tank hobbyists aim for. Bigger corals, bigger fish and bigger tanks.

Then the Apex Jr comes out which is all about being small and compact yet still useful despite the fact that it has no display and no pH probe. How can you use a controller with no display? And is the lack of a pH probe a big deal? I answer all those questions and more in this episode of Mr. Saltwater Tank TV.

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  • Brice says:

    Ahaha your dog was out cold!

    Good review!

    If I was in the market for a new controller I’d definitely be picking up an Apex Jr. I’ll be sticking with my DA reefkeeper for now though.

  • Dan says:


    If I am fine with configuring my APEX Jr myself but would still like to buy it from you with the videos, do you have a deal for that as well?


  • Meek says:

    Hey Guys!
    This is a cool offer. The how-to videos make this a no brainer. The thing that has killed me with my Apex is programming and setup. Mark’s video’s will make it all make sense! No techie speak. Just plain english and good video to see what he is doing. I wish I had had them when I set my stuff up! I needed those videos!

  • Mark F says:

    Markie Mark,
    One thing that is keeping me from buying a controller is that my tank is located in the middle of my house and I’m fuzzy on how I would connect it to my computer??? Is there some way to broadcast wifi from the controller to the computer?

  • Newt says:

    I of course would want this but my router is in a different end of the house from my tank and cant be moved. Is there a wireless option for this?

  • Kevin says:

    What extra accesories need to be bought if I want to monitor PH?

  • Erik Guzman says:

    What happened to the LED Experiment?

  • Matt says:

    Dan… Mark is doing an offer than lasts till Weds… follow the link

    Mark and Newt… There are several companies that make ethernet to wifi boxes that will allow you to connect your apex to your wi-fi network… speak to your local computer supplier or go online

    Kevin… You’ll need the PH Probe that simply plugs into the Apex jnr controller

  • Dan says:


    The message is for Mark. I’m well aware of the offer. I’m asking if he is offering the Jr without the videos because I don’t need them. However, I would like to buy the Jr through Mark if possible anyway.

  • Matt says:

    Dan… Sorry fella… But you did state above that you wanted to buy the Apex Jnr WITH the video’s and I thought I’d lend a very busy Mark a hand and potentially save you missing a good offer whilst you awaited a reply…

    Typo’s are a devil sometimes aren’t they… ;0)

    I suggest you contact mark directly using his contact button top right… :o)

    All the best…

  • Dan says:

    Sorry Matt, I apologize for the misunderstanding. That’s what I get for trying to comment on here with my Blackberry! Thanks for taking the time to reply so kindly. I’ll go back in my hole now…

  • Matt says:

    Don’t mention it Dan… I know I’ve made far worse typo’s whilst using smart phones… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Mark’s offer is such a good one that whilst I’m forced to miss out due to location I’m not going to let any other genuine reef enthusiast/junkie miss out ๐Ÿ™‚

  • AlexL says:

    Kevin and Matt,

    As Mark states in the video, there is no pH port in the Apex Jr. You need the Probe Module 1 (PM1) to give pH port capability to the Jr:

  • Meek says:

    I use an Apple Airport Express router to put my Apex on my house network. It was basically plug and play.

  • Daniel says:

    Mark would love to have one unfortunately my girlfriend was diagnosed with stomach cancer so my funds are running low. Maybe some time in the future I’ll be able to get one. Are you going to give the videos if someone buys one from you after the date?

    Thanks Daniel Powell

  • Mad Hatter Reef says:

    Holy Apex jr!

  • Daniel..sorry to hear about your girlfriend. I hope she kicks the cancer quickly and has many birthdays to come.

    At the moment I’m not sure if/when I’ll be offering the videos + Apex Jr again. Keep an eye on my website as if I do run it again, I’ll post it here.

  • Dan…the apex Jr is only available with the videos. I promise you’ll benefit from the videos. Even I learned a couple of new things making them.

  • Newt…you need a simple gaming adapter like this one ( to get the apex on your home network. It is very simple to do and that’s how I hooked up the sexy tank.

  • steven says:

    dear Mark if you don,t have i phone . will Ap for the apex still work on a evog4 phone.. thanks steven

  • Daragh says:

    The apex jr is exactly what Im looking for to move my system along. The only problem is that the apex you’re offering is configured for the US and not Ireland. Can I get one thats compatible with Ireland / UK electrical output. If so sign me up brother.


  • Daragh…the Apex Jr isn’t available internationally yet mainly b/c there is not a 220V version. I’m sure there is a 220V model in the works and I’ll let you know when it comes out.

  • bebecr says:

    The link isn’t working!!!

  • Matt says:

    brbrcr…. I’m afraid that the offer that went with the link is now over… That’s why it’s not working ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • You are correct Matt, that Apex Jr offer is closed.

  • OceanAquaristic says:

    “Iโ€™m sure there is a 220V model in the works and Iโ€™ll let you know when it comes out.”

    Yes, please. Keep us posted about 220V models when they come out. Been monitoring this for quite a while. We want to change our “old” computer, and we really like the Apex features. Unfortunately, it’s just not gonna work for us – might end up frying the Apex (and the house) ๐Ÿ™

    Anyway, keep up the good work, Mark! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Bryan Sweezey says:

    Hey Mark,
    I understand that the video offer is over but I wanted to know if I could still order a Apex Jr thru you. I also was wondering what add-ons I would need to have the Apex Jr monitor pH. Thanks

  • Bryan…check your email..

  • Kevin Chan says:

    Hi Mark,

    My wife and I are big fan of your videos (at some point, she even wants me to start a band to submit blues & country tunes for your intro just to be part of it)

    Anyway, I have the same question as Bryan. Can I still get a Apex Jr thru you? Same as Bryan, would like to add the PH module (PM1 I believe). I understand your offer with Videos is over, but can I still buy the videos from you separately? (digital files is fine, no need for DVD or disc. Probably better for the environment without!!!)

    Thanks in advance,
    Kevin from seattle

  • Kevin…I’m open to the idea of new music! Send me some tracks.

    I believe I can still dig up some Jr’s on a case by case basis. Right now they are pretty much sold out but I’ve had some success finding them through my wholesalers.

    Adding a pH probe requires the PM1 module ($75) and a pH probe ($43)

    Finally, I’m happy to bundle the videos with your purchase…luckily those are always in stock!

    Let me know which setup you want (with or without display) and if you’d like the PM1 module

  • Kevin Chan says:

    Thanks Mark. I’d like to get a Jr+PM1+pHprobe. PM you with my contact info, we can discuss how to do the transaction from there.

    Music wise, we’ve just moved to a new house, once I dig out my recording studio from the pile, will send you some samples. =] . If you like it, my band can make you more.


  • nelson says:

    Hey Mark, you would happen to have one of those JRs still would you, I am in the market for one. But I would have to say I am little intimidated by having to program it. Any way you could help me out?

    Thanks, Nelson

  • Charlie says:

    Hi I desperately need one of these but I live in England. Could I use the correct power adaptors/converters and transformers to use my english plug marine gear???
    I have read a similar comment aboth but it dosnt mention use transformas and the such.

  • Charlie…you’d have to get a 220V to 120V transformer to make the Apex work.

  • Joyce says:

    Mark…..I am back into the hobby after many years of being out. I am setting up a new deep 150g cube. I purchased an APEX and was wondering if your APEX manual with videos would cover the set up and configuration for the original APEX…the set up guide is a little confusing:(, I am using a MAC computer.

  • Joyce…when did you purchase your APEX?

  • Joyce says:

    Mark, I just purchase it last month. I purchased it directly from Neptune. I have all your other manuals and they have really helped me get into all of your improved saltwater hobby practices. However, some of the new equipment manuals are a little confusing. I really enjoy all the videos that come with your manuals. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Joyce…which new manuals are confusing?

  • Scott Gardner says:

    What do you think about creating a No Nonsense Guide for Aquarium Controllers, for both Neptune and Digital Aquatics? If not, how can we access your Apex videos?

  • Scott…I’ve kicked around the idea for an Apex one. And, if you want access to the Apex videos, just send me an email

  • pfthomas4 says:

    Mark, I thinking about the APEX-Jr and I’m interested in the videos on the Apex. Are they available?

  • Peter…the Apex videos are available. You can purchase them here

  • Joyce says:

    Mark, I too am interested in the No Nonsense Guide for Aquarium Controllers for Neptune. Am I able to purchase the videos at this time.
    The manual I was talking about was not one that you put out but the one that came with the Apex controller. I enjoy all your guides and videos, I have purchased them all.

  • Joyce…I just sent you an email about the Apex videos.

  • jainc says:

    I have the apex lite and I was wondering if I can run more than one tank on the controller. By linking another 8 plug bus to it and if so where could you buy a longest bus cable to allow the tanks be in different rooms

  • jainc…you can run many tanks off one controller by the way you discussed. I believe the longest aquabus cord is 25 feet. Marine Depot and Premium Aquatics likely carries them

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