Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Ultimate Tank Overhaul Part 2

In part 2 of my Ultimate Tank Overhaul of Dave’s old 75 gallon tank, Dave comes home to what he thinks will be some simple tweaks on his tank. So much for that idea!

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  • Ross says:

    Awesome, will have a look at this tonight. I pickup my radions and roll back canopy next week – VERY excited. Thanks Jon!

  • Jon &’s no secret what I did. I used Bosch Rexroth 20. Great stuff.

  • Jon says:

    Ross, what did you pay for your roll top if you don’t mind me asking. I’ve been talking to the company all this week to get what I want 🙂 I’m getting unfinished so I can paint it white but they don’t sell to the public so they have to send it to aquarium world here in town and ill buy it from them I guess. How big is your tank? Pics?


  • Ross says:

    Jeremy (possibly who you have been speaking to at DFW) used to work at my LFS in Indianapolis and they order from DFW so he got me squared away. The canopy that I ordered is the same as the canopy that is featured in the tank make over but for a 65G tank instead and it was wasn’t cheap (included black finish) – almost $400. Search hawaiifavo on youtube and you can see my build progress on the 65G tank and my 150 FOWLR. You can PM me on there too.

    Thanks again Mark! The 375 is what I plan to do when we buy a house – want to make it into a room divider so seeing your video was awesome. Will be interested to see how the Seachem Matrix works out for you long term too.

  • Ed says:


    What was the name of the little light that was in the canopy that came on when it was open? I need something like that for my sump area.

  • Ed…I used a generic I found at home depot. and Ross’ solution will work too. I recommend the light be powered by plug so the apex can turn it on/off. Otherwise the fish or water sloshing in the tank might set off the motion sensor

  • robert moshier says:

    hey mark. great vid. wouldn’t mounting the radions directly to the canopy mess up the buttons on top?

  • robert mossier…you disable the buttons

  • James says:

    Does anyone have a link or telephone number for the manufacturer of the roll top and does anyone know if they will make one for a 180 gallon tank

  • Jon says:

    I contacted them to make me a canopy. To be honest they are not a good company. Once I finally got a reply to my email they said that they could make me a canopy. So I sent them the specs and asked for a quote. 4 weeks later, I got a reply saying that they could do it. Ok, so how much? 2 weeks later they told me to order one from my local pet store because they don’t deal directly with the public. WTF, why didn’t he just say that in his first email! Instead he waisted my time and delayed my build in my opinion. Just order from your LFS and save some time and drama. I hate writing bad reviews but man, I would hate to see how long it would actually take to get a canopy made, (unless your Mark).

  • Whatever says:

    Mark said right in the video to go through your lfs. You can’t buy directly through them. Do you buy from any manufacturer that mark mentions. No. So why would you think you can circumvent the system here. I have a 120 gallon rimless from them. We love it. External overflow box etc. I went through a local tank service company.

  • Whatever? says:

    If you don’t know what your talking about keep your mouth shut! I order directly from companies that mark mentions all the time! So keep your one buy comment to your self. I talked to my LFS first because of what mark said and the LFS said that they could not get them. So I contacted the company to find a retailer. That’s when they said they could make the canopy for me, asked for specs and finish. After four weeks. I got a reply saying they could do it and leave it unfinished for me. So I asked for a price. Several weeks later I got a reply to go threw. LFS, NO KIDDING!, I asked where was the closets distributer was “again”…. I never got a reply back.

    Keep up the good work Mark and I’m looking forward to your reviews of the new Radion G3 :-), another product you can buy right from the manufacturer, along with APEX. The great companies have great customer service.

  • Ross says:

    I ordered through the company – sent an email and got a call the next day. The guy who took my order used to work at my LFS so that may have made it easier. The canopy arrived 2 weeks Overall my experience with the was pretty good and the canopy is awesome – even the wife likes it : )

  • Jon says:

    Ross, do you remember who you talked to, contact info? I would still like to get one. To be honest I don’t think the guy I was dealing with knew what he was talking about lol.

  • Ross says:

    Jeremy was the guys name – he was very helpful. I emailed their generic email address and included what footprint, finish and style I wanted and I got the call the next day to make the final arrangements. I did pay my LFS for the canopy and I had to pick it up from there too.

  • Jeremy says:

    Jon, I’m not sure which person you were. Their has been a huge response to these. If I dropped the ball I’m very sorry. Could you please email me again and try to get this worked out. I don’t want to delay you any longer so lets get this fixed and get you what you need.

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