[Newbie Video Series] Decision Making & Your Tank Personality

Once you are clear on your tank personality, here’s how to use it to make decisions about your saltwater tank

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  • William says:

    Great Video Mark! Just ordered a 240 and will be using all of your advice this time around. Thanks for doing what you do.

  • kevin says:

    Hi mark,

    Did you have a head fish in your tank (against the overflow). It looks like a flasher wrasse that is stuck there.

  • marco says:

    i cant see the video

  • Ted says:

    Maybe its a Linkia star thats on the overflow.

  • Sean says:

    So when are we gonna see some Mr. Saltwater frags for sale? You already have a name in the industry and selling a coral as Mr. Saltwaters Diamond Acro would be a great way to market and make money. When’s it happening?

  • Sean…no coral sales for me! Diamond Acro sure sounds pricey tho!

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