[Newbie Video Series] The Context For Your Saltwater Tank And Why It Matters

In part one of my video series for saltwater tank newbies, I discuss the context for your tank and how I use tank personalities when I’m consulting on a tank build for clients.

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  • Brian echols says:

    Loved video I appreciate what you do for the refers everywhere keep informing us all thanks you’ve been a lot of help getting my tank on the right track

  • Hai says:

    I agree with you on those reefer names somewhat, but I just think everyone that is into this hobby is really a Reef Junkies person. Btw I keep see those 3 blue lights inside your tank behind your right shoulder what is that?

  • Michael Horton says:

    @Hai – I’d bet it’s a reflection of the lights on his computer or its peripherals on the tank.

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