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I’ll even show you what equipment to buy and what equipment to avoid, keeping hundreds of dollars in your pocket.


In my 100+ page “No-Nonsense Guide to Setting Up a Saltwater Tank Volume 2“, you’ll find:

How to quickly and easily decide if a reef tank is for you… the 3 questions to ask yourself that lead right to the answer.


Why tank parameter tables are a lie…and what to pay attention to instead.


Exclusive Mr. Saltwater Tank Bonus Tips…one of these tips alone can save you $500 on the spot.


Videos of step-by-step demonstation to...introduce more concepts and to re-enforce your learning, leaving you primed to make your tank drool-worthy.


Tank Dabblers, Reef Enthusiasts and Reef Junkies:


When you hear the word corals, do you instantly think “more gear” and loads of cash” (an empty wallet)? Do you wonder if you even want to go the coral route at all?


I’ll walk you through the minefield of reef tank mistakes so your tank turns heads!


Make Your Saltwater Tank A Thriving Reef Tank Without the Upset,
Headaches and DisastersThat Go Along With It

I know you want to make all the right decisions. I know you spend loads of time researching the most basic purchases (that your tank often doesn’t need). You get hit with terms like softie, LPS , tortuosa and T5 when asked about your tank. Confused and embarassed for not knowing the answers, you buy the first pretty coral you see.

Then you come home, plop the coral in the tank and hope for the best. Very often, the coral bleaches out and dies. (I know because people write me all the time asking for help with this very issue).

You are left to wonder: Why did it die?

    • Did you choose the wrong coral for your tank type?
    • Was it a water chemistry issue?
    • Was it due to improper lighting?

At this point you can either get another piece of coral and see if it lives (More money wasted) or dig around the maze of the internet looking for the answer for what to do different next time.

Since you are reading this page, I’ll let you in on a secret:

In my "No-Nonsense Guide to Setting Up a Saltwater Tank Volume II" I'll teach you the concepts you actually need to know and show you step-by-step how to setup a saltwater tank.

I'll even show you what equipment to buy and what equipment to avoid,
keeping hundreds of dollars in your pocket. Here’s the crazy thing. A guide and videos like this could easily cost hundreds of dollars. But I’m selling BOTH the guide and the videos for:

Here are the videos I’ve included with the guide so
you know exactly what you’ll be getting:

  • Getting the Most Out of The Guide – Exactly what to do so you learn everything there is know

  • Tank o’ Meter- Nail the FOWLR or reef tank decision

  • Your Tank’s Best Friend – This one tip will save you money and save the life of coral and fish

  • Watch Me, Ignore the Rest – Once again, you’ve been fed a lie

  • Not Super Sexy, But Super Important – This one piece of equipment won’t turn heads, but it will make your tank eye-catching

  • Fire it Up! – Skinny, long and fat, damn hot, cutting edge and which one is right for you

  • Put it in a box…or not? – Location, location, location is everything

  • Street Smarts – Theory is great, but until you see it applied to these tanks, it is just talk


This Guide will teach you the whole reef tank equation and make it easy to understand how to correctly set up a saltwater tank.

Note: Guide is delivered via instant .pdf download. If you want a printed copy, click here


I’ve made it simple so that you can take your tank to the next level without the frustration, wasted money and headaches that can go along with a reef tank.


“The No-Nonsense Guide Vol 2 It has given me the confidence to get my tank started and I’m more excited than ever!”               – Matthew A. Melissa, TX


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“After reading vol 2, not only was I impressed but upset to learn what a fool I have been over the years….your books are right on the money! The truth is if you had written these books years ago, you would have saved me not only money, aggravation and time but my lack of enjoyment.”                                                    -Stephen D. Philadelphia, PA



“Thank you for this wealth of ‘correct’ information. The web is littered with a lot of opinion advertised as fact.”            – Rick P. Ontario, Canada




Keeping a successful reef tank is about maintaining
a 70/30 balance of two crucial things


What’s the 70% of the equation?


A reef tank contains corals which need light. Without light, corals die. Plain and simple.

With all the lighting options now available (fluorescent, metal halide, LEDs) there is more potential to screw it up.

Of course, ask about lighting a reef tank on any forum and you’ll likely hear advice like:

  • It’s all based on how many gallons your tank is
  • Halides all the way
  • Forget halides, LEDs all the way
  • LEDs are too new to know if they actually work
  • More light can’t hurt

I won’t lie, I’ve been there.
I asked questions in lighting forums and got what I thought was a right answer for what I needed.

Armed with what I thought was good info, I went out and bought my first lighting fixture that almost caught on fire. What makes things worse was that the fixture was the WRONG one for my tank. I almost burned my whole house down over a mistake.

After my near disaster, I tried again and luckily , I got the lighting part down. Then I got a rude awakening as I forgot about the remaining 30% of the reef tank equation.

The other 30% of the reef tank equation is so important that even if
you get the 70% right, you might as well start all over.

Yes, I said it. Start over. Nailing the lighting part of the reef tank puzzle is great, but then you’d forget about the remaining BIG pieces:

  • Flow: corals need food and oxygen so if they aren’t getting enough flow, they won’t get enough of what they need.
  • Chemistry: chemistry 101 is ok for fish only tanks, but reef tanks require a solid understand of chemistry 201. Fail this exam and you’ll be lighting a either an algae infested pile of rock or get to stare a dead coral skeletons.
  • Coral selection: your tank can be the model of perfection but if you put the wrong inhabitants in it, they’ll never live.

70% off during my Holiday Sale

70% off during my Holiday Sale

70% off during my Holiday Sale

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