One Approach To Fighting Nuisance Algae

Here’s one way to battle nuisance algae.

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  • Jake says:

    lets be serious for a second. When he sold the last guide he was moving and setting up his new tank. Everyone paid for his move and probably all his equipment, that he didn’t already get for free or discounted. So ppl saying he has to make a living, I’m sure he has been making a living. He has clients, and sponsors. So explain to me how he hasn’t been making a living? He sells guides when something is coming up because if this was his living he would sell guides all the time. I probably wouldn’t be upset if on just one of this pages where EVERYONE is complaining, MARK responded and said something.

  • Nick says:

    Hey Mark,
    Like many other of the comments on this page, I felt that this was too obvious of a plug. Your fans look to you for guidance and information, not shameless plugs. I want you to make lots of money and get back what you have given to the community, just not at the cost of alienating your fans. Consider other ways of making money; I like many others buy the things you give honest reviews for. You should be getting a kickback or people should pay you to review their products. Organize your reviews and catalog them. Make your site the one stop place for all product information people are looking for. The guides are great but if you are looking for more revenue try other things.

    In short not the best way to advertise to your fans. Try something else …
    You haven’t lost me yet mark!! Keep up the good work.

  • Mad Hatter's Reef says:

    I got my hands on this product last night and I was up until 1am watching all the videos and I read about half of the the book and I gotta say it is a “Must Have” among saltwater hobbyist and it’s worth every Penny!

  • Lou says:

    Mark, there has to be a balance. The direction the website and videos are taking over the last few months is disappointing. I don’t mind sales pitches but cant handle “gotcha” techniques.

  • Wes says:

    Mark love the site however like everyone is stating the last couple months its been plug in for your books lets keep it real..every video has a gotcha at the end ….oooo by the way its on page 15

  • Nick says:

    Mark. Don’t listen to the haters. You do what you need to do to make your money. After all. You make all these video’s for free. I just wish the guides were available all the time. That way I could buy them all when I get my tax return or hit a slot machine. Keep it up Mark.

  • scary larry says:

    I guess that people dont understand that it takes money to play the saltwater game!! And thats what it is cause sometimes you win, and sometimes you loose!! If you have never bought a book to research the hobby, then stop!!! Knowledge is #1 in this game!! Keep uo the good work Mark!! Dont let these people get you down!!

  • Brandon says:

    for all the complainers, ultimately its your choice whether or not you give mark money, the video is still informative… If you dont like what he’s preaching then dont visit his page.keep up the good work mark.

  • JayHawkScott says:

    How much free information has Mark given all of the haters over the years? Yes I bought the guide because they are very informative but I also buy the guide because of all of the free info Mark gives me. If you don’t want to buy the guide that is your choice but don’t complain about it. Why is it that so many people think they are entitled to everything for free theses days? I think Mark is doing a GREAT job and I’m happy to help support him.

  • jimmy says:

    Mark keep up the good work and don’t worry about the haters

  • Brandon Reese says:

    I bought the algae book, and didn’t even know when I purchased it also came with videos. There is an incredible amount of information in the book, haven’t even had a chance to watch the videos. I can tell a lot of time and effort went in to writing the book. You guys are crazy to think it should be free. Just go down to your local book store, grab a book on algae authored by someone who created, corrected, and documented in real-time major algae problems (oh wait that doesn’t exist other than this book), and then walk out of the store without paying for it. Find out how that works for you.

  • Jeff says:

    Mark Sorry to see you taking such a lashing over this. I myself have a free Web sight for artists. I have put over$20,000. Into it and I see no residuals from it at all. I like you do it for the love of my hobby. I see no reason why people think it should all be free. I do enjoy your books and I agree with some that they are high for a on line book, it won’t stop me from buying them, but I bet if you where to drop the price to $9.95 you would sell more books and you may even make more money. And I agree please make them available all year. Thanks for all you do for us reefers.

  • John Hemenway says:

    I find I’m in agreement with most of the negative comments. I bought one of the guides. I found it light on information and heavy on price. I can contrast it with a published book, like “The Conscientious Marine Aquarist’ by Bob Fenner. The book lists for $69.95 and is available at Amazon for about $44. Four hundred pages of useful information from a marine scientist published in many aquarium publications. Bob is a pro.

    Mark, on the other hand is a hobbyist. Nothing wrong with that, so am I! What I have issues with is his ‘more that pro’ prices. He is also supported by and recommends products without explicitly saying he is receiving compensation. I had to hunt this site to find this out. This should be in the beginning of EVERY video.

    Some have said that ‘if you don’t like it, don’t buy it’ or ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything’. I write this as a warning to others. That’s a wonderful aspect to the internet. It’s hard to hide. I have made up my mind. I will not be a Mr. Saltwater purchaser again.

  • Ethan says:

    Mark, u are awesome!!! To everybody out being haters y’all are all just losers who can’t keep a saltwater tank looking good like him so y’all bitch about it. Who cares if he make a 2 1/2 minute video promoting his new product!? He spent money, time, and effort building his popularity and info library up, and that gives him the right to do whatever he wants! In conclusion all y’all haters out there are just jealous and need to stfu! Keep doing what u doing mark!!!!

  • Toby S says:

    Hay mark, in some ways I agree with what the other guys have been saying, I starting keeping salt water fish about a year ago now and came across your website by accident. I was amazed by the information you were giving us: ‘how to frag soft & hard corals’, ‘what products to use to dose your corals’ and the list goes on. But as many of the other have said the amount of ads have been increasing and the actual amount of information we get is less and less. Come back Mark. I’m still a big fan and will continue to watch and purchase.

  • jake n says:

    Dude grow up why should you get everything in life free….cause your lazy that’s why. Mark I love the show and am gonna purchase this guide I’m sick of people complaining be happy he helps all of us anyways

  • Toby S says:

    Why havnt you bought it yet? I wasn’t saying I want everything for free. The guide is sitting nicely on my workbench, just asking for some of the old mark vids. No offence ment by it.

  • Mike K. says:

    First let me say that I’ve read through the freebie chapter on phosphate and actually learned something. Thanks, Mark.

    Now, on this controversy of you trying to make a living at the expense of your grumbling fans, I see both sides of the coin. I’m not ‘anti-Mr. Saltwater Tank’, nor will I hang from your jock-strap and run to your defense against the lynch mob. 😉
    You put in all the work so you’re allowed to sell information/advice all you want and at whatever price-point you deem necessary, but just know that if you had priced this guide at under $15, I would have bought it already. Just something to think about.

    Thanks again, Mark and I look forward to your next show.

  • Drew says:

    I’m not sure where this sense of entitlement is coming from. If you think it’s too expensive, don’t buy it.

  • Brandt says:

    Ummm… these videos are free everyone! Mark does them as a free service. TV has commercials. Heck, even the movies I pay $13.50 for have commercials. Instead of whining about a plug for a guide in the middle of free great info, be thankful for the tip. That’s what it is – a weekly tip – not a weekly guide to everything there is to know about reef-keeping. If you’re so smart, why don’t you write your own guide to sell!

  • Jamie says:

    Hey Mark,

    Don’t listen to the haters. I think the guides are a great idea, and the next round they are available i will be making the purchase. If you have this knowledge and you spent the time compiling it and making videos, how can people expect you to give it away for free. The people who follow your blog should be supporting the effort, not bitching about it.

  • Mike says:

    I understand why you charge money for your videos and books, Mark.
    But I’m a bit too cheap to spend $37 on it.
    You know us reefers, we like to spend money on aquatic toys, not information.

  • Mike says:

    Gotta hand it to you though…
    After reading that free chapter I got pretty interested in buying the guide.
    It might be a good idea to make a free chapter for each guide, as a preview.
    I’m sure it would boost your sales.

  • JLane says:


    Keep doing what your doing. You are an amazing source for so much information and you clearly put a lot of time and effort into this website. If you have to pitch us the book and not give everything away for free, then so be it. You wouldn’t walk into a mechanics shop and ask him how to fix your car so you can do it yourself (not without getting a wrench to the face that is). So what we get for free is awesome and keep on keeping on!

  • DeeFromBrooklyn says:

    Everyone should remember that Mark like all of us has to support this past time in order to bring us the great resource that is He has also moved in the past few months and still managed to post video when even I nagged him for updates… Lol Where some state you can but other books and sources of information they fail to see that you have posted video which by far make even the experienced reefer compare results and method. I have been in this hobby for decades and definitely appreciate a person like Mark that shares his passion for the hobby by sharing his knowledge with others and introducing us to new products in a forum where we can see it and check results. I’m broke but I’ll be trying out your book…

  • Kevin says:

    Mark I owe you an apology myself. I didn’t mean in my last comment to sound as negative as I did. A hobby like ours is hard to grasp upfront and you really help a lot of people just getting in to it make sense of some of the things that would otherwise “trash” their tanks and leave out of frustration. Your videos got me started years ago and after viewing your free algae chapter, I wish I would have bought the guide when I started out. A++ content and love the use of terminology from a biology/chemistry guy like myself. My intent of my last comment that I didn’t make clear was to just to maybe switch up your videos from time to time and not leave us “reef junkies” hanging. Thanks mark and keep up the good work!

  • Jonny Fish says:

    This guy has been making helpful videos for beginners for FREE. I have noticed that he gets a little pluggy sometime, but if you don’t want what he’s recommending, DON”T BUY IT. I don’t know about you, but if Vertex or some other company that makes super quality gear offered one to me for free, i’d push it too. Also, it takes WORK to make a guide, so if he wants to sell it, he can sell it.You don’t want? DON”T BUY. Now go back to watching your free videos.

  • Jonny Fish says:

    Oh yeah…and who wants to buy some dope corals?

  • kellen says:

    Mark, my son and I have a 135 reef + 50 gl sumps. In the game for near 21 years and we really enjoy you and your site. Haters will always find a way to hate. Keep up the good work. We felt bad when you posted back. You just looked so tiered.

  • Ethan says:

    I am not understanding how people are upset over this. Mark helps out a TON of people new (and sometimes old) to the hobby. He does this with a crap ton of free info, and sells his more complete and comprehensive guides.

    This dude puts a lot of work into what he does, and has figured out a way to help people, spread the hobby, and make a few bucks all at the same time. This is the obvious thing for him to do.

    To the complainers: remember you are not entitled to anything. Consider ALL the free stuff here (and everywhere else) as Marks as a gift, because that is exactly what it is.

    Do you walk into you LFS demanding free fish because the store “already makes plenty of money on other people” etc? Of course not.
    That is absolutely ridiculous.

    This is not your website or business, it’s Marks. How you can fault someone for not giving away all their time effort and commitment away for free is beyond me.

    If its not worth buying for you, don’t buy it. It’s really rather simple.

    Keep doing what you do Mark.

  • Angel says:

    Mark, you just have to laugh. Seriously, you really do. There are no haters. I didn’t hear anyone say they hate you. Individuals love to gossip, and start gossip they did. I read about individuals that weren’t happy with some information…and then you have the flip side where others are sniffing good and hard. Applause to your commitments to stay afloat. I’m not going to tell you to “Yeah man….do what you gotta do Mark!!!” blah blah blah. You know in your heart. That’s all you need to follow. As long as you do the right thing.. all else will fall right into place. GOD bless.. No worries bra, no worries about nothing. Thank you kindly Mark

  • Nat Mouncey says:

    I’m kind of astonished that people are going after you for selling your book ON YOUR SITE THAT IS FREE. You do incredible work and pass fantastic info along at no charge to us. So when you go the extra mile and compile premium information all in one book and decide to sell it…you plug all you want!

    In fact plug it two or three times per video. The people that don’t appreciate what you do and that you are a talented person and SHOULD BE COMPENSATED FOR WHAT YOU DO…regardless of whether you are just scraping by or making a very comfortable living…they can go somewhere else and find their information.

    No one complains when they hear their favorite musician on the radio say “If you like what you are hearing, check out our new album on iTunes.”

    We expect content to be free but someone puts loads of hours into it. No one should expect you not to advertise after all the work you put in to create your book.

    Love everything you’re doing. Keep it up. Going to happily buy your book right now.


  • Rich says:

    Morning Mark

    I do believe that your show is very catchy also I feel there are plenty so called haters out there as was read in quite a phew email replies yes by droping the price of your book would make a lot of happy buying followers, just look at how many sales would be gained! Humm! ma – be this book is in that just over priced range $ for most of us hard working folks, appreciate all you do.

  • john says:

    You mean i still cant buy this book??? Thats crap!! you would make alot more money if you sold it all year! You dont see book stores pulling books after a month of release date! Get it together!! NY steelo doesnt charge anything for his help.

  • chris says:

    hey mark would a phosphate reactor help get rid of red slime Algae

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