Plastic and Fantastic…In a Heater?

Heaters are a necessary for nearly all saltwater tank hobbyists. Without them, your tank will likely be too cold for the fish and coral in it.  Believing glass heaters are trouble in the making, I stumbled across a new heater from a company focused on quality.


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  • Beetle says:

    Great tip Mark , glad to see you letting us know about new stuff ,I’ve had plenty of bad experiences with glass heaters inc. getting a shock when I stuck my hand in the tank from a faulty heater that had fallen off its mount into the tank . plastic for me next time !!

  • Burelle says:

    Hello, haven’t heard of this heater yet. I live in Europe and plastic heaters have been around for quite some time. here are a few good ones: Newatt heater from Aquarium systems, aquael heaters, jbl heaters, hydor (made in italy) heaters….have a good day!

  • John M says:

    Very good Tip Mark. I been in the hobby long time and learned as they said if there is a will there is a way. I had all type of equipment from glass , plastic , and metal. If it had electric running in it and in the water well I always had the luck of having that lucky one. So what I am saying is that I always use for my tanks a GFI outlet and a Titanium ground probe in the water to be safe.

  • Adam B says:

    Thank you. I am looking for the equipment for my new tank. Need a bigger heater so I will wait for the 200 watt to come out.

  • Mark H. says:

    Good review Mark, nothing like a good quality heater and grounding probe. 🙂

  • Matt says:

    Not available in the UK yet… So I’ll stick with titanium for now… 🙂

    Promising looking bit of kit for the future mind… might make other companies rethink what they’re currently offering…

  • Crawford says:

    @Adam B

    Instead of waiting for the 200w heater, why not buy two 100w heaters instead? It’s much safer for your tank because if one heater fails, you still have a backup. This plus a Temp controller basically gives you a fail safe temperature system

  • Dave says:

    ugly heater, and they have to put that stupid sticker right on the front. also if your GFI is working properly and you have installed a ground probe…the outlet would trip as soon as there was a problem…. what’s the price? stickin with titanium……

  • Tom Hanson says:

    Great show Mark! I like this heater a lot and if I didn’t already have my Aqueon-pro I would defintaely get this one, but as you know the Aqueon-pro is also plastic and of great quality.

  • Mark says:

    Having 3, yes three, old glass heaters in my sump all run by my temp controller.. will this work ok in that apllication? It would be laying on it’s back so to speak, at the bottom of the sump.

  • Steve says:

    Hi Mark,
    Take that heater off and slap it on the side of the tank! Then all you will see is the actual thickness of the heater. Once you add rock, you wont cover up the front of it! Just a thought. Have a FISHTACULAR DAY!

  • Mark says:

    Sorry, my question wasn’t about how tough or strong the heaters I have now are. They are QUALITY heaters (still working fine after 20 years, I dropped two of them on the basement forr two weeks ago and didn’t break them). But they take up a lot of room in my “temp control” section of my sump. They lay on the bottom, next to the Ti coil of my chiller. No rock will cover them etc. I just want to know if it will work with a seperate controller, and laying flat…?

  • hernan chaves says:

    hi Mark thank you for the tip on the heater, Mark would you be posting in the future the graph of your radion lights to look at the intencity, the colors and settings just like at the website of vivid aquariums. it would help me alot.

    thank you very much,

  • terry says:

    I hate these heaters honestly in the uk they are under the name Aquael ive 3 this year the nano version the thermostat blew and just kept the heat up another didnt heat over 25.c The last one dropped and cracked. so please be careful getting these Dont want anyone having loses that i had.

  • Dave says:

    Will have to look for them at local store. They sound pretty good. One thing….is it an optical illusion or is the tank over your right shoulder a little out of level. Couldn’t tell if it was or the pump return was pushing the water to that corner.

  • Robert kimpton says:

    Hey marc,
    Great features with this heater
    what is the cost of one needed
    for a 125g.
    Also can you please tell me about
    Light you have over te pico tank
    to what depth will it travel i would
    love to have that look over my other
    125g nice sleek elegant and sexy.
    Thanks robert

  • Matt says:

    @ Mark – There’s a review on reefbuilders (I think that’s correct)… they need to be upright to work correctly… Hope that helps 😉

  • Dee says:

    Nice Mark, but the bulk and the fact that you have to keep this within finger reach makes it trouble. I still like the titantium 500 watt babies with control outside the tank…

  • Dee…there is a nice aspect to heaters that have controls located outside the sump. All my tanks are on controllers so I crank up the heater and let the controller turn the heater on/off. That way I only have to put my hand on the heater once

  • Vincent says:

    Mark – I just have a general question about your amazing tank. What are the light fixtures on your tank? They look like LEDs, but I can’t identify the brand. -Thanks

  • Jacob says:

    I still use a titanium heater and the one I use is a Viaaqua Titanium heater. It is digital and very easy to use so you don’t have to use that stupid knob. It also has a probe that you place in the tank so the temperature is accurate. Check them out.

  • Jacob…that’s the same heater I use on my big tank

  • Byron says:

    Nice, but my tank is in the Philippines so I don’t need a heater ;o)

  • Lucas says:

    Cobalt = Boss. It is a world of difference between my cobalt pump and my maxi jet. (Noise/performance)

    I’ve always wanted an ecopico. Please make a video about it.

  • Kerric Peyton says:

    Love the old skool thermometers. They are still how I verify that my heaters and Apex are doing the job correctly!

  • Trish says:


    I always come to your site for information before going anywhere else. I’ve always found your advice to be honest and accurate. I have a 65 gallon mixed reef tank, bunch of peaceful fish and a handful of simple coral. I’m needing a heater and I found this review. However, if is nearly 2 years old. Knowing how much equipment comes and goes over time, is this still the heater you would recommend?

    Thanks so much for your advice!

    And, PS- congrats on your daughter. Your kids are beautiful!!!


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