Pumps, Glue and Now LEDs

EcoTech Marine is most famous for their vortech pumps. And when I heard they were coming out with an LED fixture, I hoped it would perform as well as the mp40’s in my tank.

Little did I know, I’d tear my tank apart over it.

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  • aron l says:

    First one to comment. Or am I!?! Love the led fixture. I will look forward to adding something like this.

  • CincinnatiReefer says:

    Your link does not work. Please correct, I’m vary interested in following your progress with this light!

  • christian ray says:

    Hi mark ,how things going !
    This is chris ,thank for the video about ecotech LED radion and im really Impress/ excited too !! cant wait to see the result and hope that it will grow great on your sps tank and let me know as soon as you 100% satisfied im planning to switch to one of this badboy…good luck buddy!!


  • Mark H. says:

    I’m one of those grumpy old men, still using VHO’s. I might have to check this out and hopefully the price is not to far out there…

  • Mark H. says:

    Holy s&!t, check out the pric eon marinedepot.com.
    You can preorder for ONLY $749.00, let’s see… house payment or new LED’s for the tank……

  • $749… And just to think.. I would need three… No matter what they are capable of, until they reach the price of a MH and not double… I think I will stick with the MH’s.

  • Ryan says:

    $749 holy crap! Ill stick to DIY could build a hell of a fixture for that.

  • Matt McDaniels says:

    Keep on replacing those MH bulbs every six months! Us LED junkies will keep buying more corals! Hahaha.

  • Chris says:

    If they were near $500, I’d be sold, I’d need 3 as well for my 6ft 180, but spending nearly 2,250 on lighting is a bit much, I’m lookng to get into LED’s for $1,500 or under. I’m hoping the apollo lighting units add the variable speed control over the next year, I like what I see from those. But as usual, these ecotech models are slick.

  • Matt says:

    Will a radion. Led be too powerful for a tank the size of fat jack cause I think I will get great coral growth from those led lights on my aquarium since I think it is larger than some other fixtures

  • Matt says:

    But it is expensive but looks like something I would use

  • Matt says:

    I mean something I would buy

  • MedRed says:

    @ aron I

    I posted a rebuttal to that article on captive aquatics (twice), but they didn’t ok it for the comment section. I guess they only want comments that agree with the article. Here was my response.

    “We already know that CREEs grow corals. The spectral graph shows good peaks in the spectral ranges necessary for growth. The extra spectrum is for our optical pleasure.

    We already know that LED’s are par monsters and can provide enough PAR to roast corals. Many a reefer has fried their corals with Aqua Illumination fixtures by cranking them up too high. This fixture should be able to best the Aqua Illumination in PAR output with it’s higher wattage and 2 more whites, 2 more blues, and 4 more royal blues than the AI fixture. That’s before you even get to the red and green LEDs.

    The biggest drawbacks for LEDs for me are the light spread and color rendition. The optics for the Radion will determine the spread. The color rendition is my personal biggest drawback. My LEDs feel like something is missing when compared to Metal Halide. The addition of green and red LEDs seem like a good choice to “fix” what’s missing.

    In regards to red light being detrimental… We’ve seen corals growing in shallow water. Guess what? They’re getting red light. Using Metal Halide or non actinic T5 bulbs? Guess what? your corals are getting red light. Green and yellow grows cyano bacteria? Guess what? MH and T5 emit those colors too.

    Your notes on upgrade ability… I don’t think anyone was expecting a Cree certified aquarium emitter. If a better configuration/combination of led colors is discovered, your leds can be changed. On top of that, the lights can add a sixth color since the fixture has a sixth channel. If that’s not upgradeable, what is?

    I can’t scientifically speak to your findings on dimming, but I do notice marked reactions to my corals especially for the simulated sunset (corals start retracting or extending). The moonlight cycle has definitely impacted my coral behavior. And what about the effects on fish and other invertebrates? I’ve witnessed my candy basslets spawn twice in relationship to the lunar cycle.

    With the money I’ve spent on my tank, I’m a pretty serious reefkeeper. This Radion fixture looks like it will be able to offer the PAR that corals need as well as make my corals look good to me. I’m all in.”

  • Mad Hatter Reef says:

    Great video, looking forward to the updates!

  • Thomas says:

    Well, but I would think your electric bill would go down quite a bit, no? That might offset the initial cost.

  • Greg P says:

    Great intro video, but…

    Where’s the shot of your tank showing the halide running at the same time as the LED’s? Given color correction of cameras, etc, it is difficult to understand the visual impact without a simultaneous side-by-side comparison.

    Additionally (I am sure you are aware of this) you want to be running new MH bulbs versus the new LED’s – just to get an apples to apples comparison.

  • Kevin says:

    Great video. And these are still expensive but compared to other high end fixtures out there (pasific sun for example) this is pretty cheap.

    I still got about 6 months to deside on my lighting for my new tank (i got two PS units now) for now these came on top of my list to add to the PS units.

  • Brian Davis says:

    Looks like your fish can get some serious fake-n-bake under that bad boy nicely done dude! Look forward following you along with this sexy light. It has a bling factor for sure. Mosquitos will probably be migrating your way (: See you around Mark! Look forward hearing about your trip.


    Brian aka Hardcore Enthusiast

  • pbnj says:

    …and the AI SOL response: the new AI Sol “Phoenix” LED fixture ($499).

  • The Phoenix does not have RGB functionality so the cheaper price makes sense. Less features = less benefits = less price.

    AI is sticking to their white/blue setup for the moment and of course leaving the door open by staying modular. Modularity is a must in my book and we will see how the RGB v. white/blue only setups play out in time.

  • Thomas…since replacing one of my MH’s with the Radion, the number of amps being pulled by might lighting has been cut in half. So I expect to see a nice drop in my power bill once I switch to all LEDs

  • MedRed…very good counter argument and it goes along with what I was thinking.

    I’d like to add in too that the Radion’s spectrum looks very similar to 10K bulb spectrums. 10K bulbs are known to grow corals like crazy so I don’t buy the “wasted light” or that the spectrum will be bad for the corals.

  • Matt…I think the Radion is a perfect match for Fat Jack as the spread on it for a 2×2 area is awesome..very little spot lighting. You’ll need to acclimate your corals to the new lights, no matter what fixture you go with.

  • Kyle says:

    Love this video. I am anxious to see your tank progress. This will be the Defining answer to me going LED and Using that fixture. Thanks Mark! Always awesome!

  • Frankie Torres says:

    I know whats going over my 60G Cube in 2012- $749 is not bad I would only need 1unit for my Tank- I am surprised I really was expecting $1300 for this fixture….

  • Wes says:

    I really like the coloring options as well as the size and energy savings, but the $$ is way out of my budget. One thing I noticed that REALLY surprised me were your PAR readings. I get 500 PAR top middle with my T5 set up. I’m running 4 T5’s with indi reflectors using Hagen-Glo ballasts. I’m getting numbers between both of yours at much cheaper cost.

    As always thanks for the great vid with great info Mark. Now give us a report on MACNA you lucky dog!

  • YUKI says:

    As Greg P stated. Did you use brand new MH Bulbs for your PAR test?

  • Daniel says:

    Will these LEDS be able to be controlled though your Apex controller and have the same control and functionality as though the USB provided from Ecotech.

    If not do you know in Neptune is working on a firmware update for there Wireless Expansion Module (WXM) to be able to control these lights??

    I would love to be able to have the whole tank being controlled through my apex. The Aqua-notes App on my Iphone is a nice added bonus. I would love to scare the wife and be able to turn on that storm function when I’m away 🙂

  • chris says:

    Well we all know that LED will be the future. the question is is the future here yet. reading the posts and waiting for marks results. i think the link to all the controllers instead of just to their own controllers will be teh spring point for me. I do look forward to lower electric bills but mostly the heat put off. In florida i dont need anymore heat! Thinks of possible savings from the chiller as well.

    Do you think the light spread would work to use just two on a six foot tank instead of three?

  • wesleyforbes says:

    Well, I took the plunge! I have been waiting for a LED fixture that was not $3000+ and had all the bells and whistles. This one does and the other thing that sold me was future proofing. When there is an advancement, you will be able to update your units hardware and software.

    Mark I have have been following you and your advice for a while now I even have the same skimmer based on your video. I am anxious to see what your settings are on your Radion. From what I have read, you have the ability to share settings via their website? If so I would love to see what settings you are using especially when it comes to the intensity for acclimation purposes. I don’t wish to burn any of my corals. Looking forward to hearing back from you when you get back from MACNA!

  • Mr Cob says:

    Mark, great review, thanks for documenting.

  • Will says:

    im looking to get a 120 (48x24x24)in tank how many radions would you advise for the tank.

  • Greg…I updated the page with the tank lit up by both the Radion and the MH. The MH bulbs are 2 months old in the picture and my PAR #’s are from when I put the new bulbs in.

  • pat says:

    great vid was wondering if 1 of these would be enough on a 40 gallon breeder or would there be not enough spread of light across the tank

  • dave says:

    ok mr saltwater . i am impressed with the new eco tech light but for the average reefer who can afford 750.00 for one of those light’s?

  • Jameshong says:

    Hi Mark,

    Really applause for your great video clip produced.

    I’m in now…

    Looking forward to your update and progress!

  • Kevin says:

    Mark, any updates?

  • Everything is rolling along just fine. No apparent slowing in growth. No bleaching, No change in color.

    Makes me want to put a second Radion on my christmas list!

  • Ray says:

    any updates on the coral growth?

  • Everything seems to be growing just like when the corals were under the halide bulb.

  • Kevin says:

    Are you running it at 100% intensity?

  • Ray says:

    Hi, Mark

    can you please post your artificial mode setup screen shot?

  • sandip sarker says:

    Hi mark , I am really thankful for all your advise that you provide for us. I was thinking of changing my two 250 watt mg to 2 radion. Can you tell me how long can I use radion and what are the services will be provided .

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