Mr. Saltwater Tank’s 90G Reef Tank FINAL Update

Insane coral growth…check

100% LED lighting….check

My tank in your house…could be!

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  • Mad Hatter Reef says:

    Looking forward to your next build!

  • Richard L says:

    Recently saw this tank and it’s even better in person! Good luck on your move and can’t wait to see what you build next.

  • Mark H. says:

    Mark, will you be documenting the setup of your new system?

    Better be big…. 🙂

  • Mark…you can bet I’ll be documenting it! I’m hoping to go bigger and it will depend on the place we move into.

  • stuart hyslop says:

    hope your move goes ok…and look forward to you seting up your new tank..
    keep the videos coming….

  • Mark H. says:

    Mark, good please keep us posted via videos and at least 500 gallons right?????

  • ermartin says:

    You should document the breakdown and move if possible

  • Kueon diedrick says:

    Hey how you doing Mr. Kelly I always liked to watch your episodes on youtube of mr. Saltwater tank tv it’s been a great inspiration for me And that is the reason why I have a beautiful 65 gallon saltwater fish tank I just wanna say thank you and looking forward to the new episodes. Here is the link to my 65 gallon saltwater tank Please take a look I would greatly appreciate it kueonn21 65 gallon. my next questin is I have a 300 Watt’s with 288 l.e.d inside how do I add a dimmer and once again thank you very much for the great episodes and looking forward to the new ones

  • Willie says:

    Hi Mark. Good Luck on the move. Hope to see many more videos. Mark is your dog a Pug?

  • Gary says:

    Will you be selling frags or colony’s…

  • Jeff says:

    I hear rumors of a 500gallon dt… right?

  • Ben O. says:

    Mark, Tennessee is glad to have you back. Good luck on the move and maybe I will see you around at some frag swaps or something.

  • Kovy says:

    Great news! Your new set up will be awesome. Try as hard as you can to implement a fish room for your tank.

  • Brandon says:

    Glad to hear you’re moving to Tennessee Mark 🙂 may I ask what part? I’m in the Lebanon area so I hope to get some in person peer to peer tips from you!!!!!! Hope the transition goes successful. Cheers!


  • Jeanette says:

    We’ll miss you in Texas, but Tennessee’s a great state, too! Hope your move goes smooth.

  • michael says:

    Why and what city in Tenn? I lived in Tupelo Ms. and went to Memfish in Memphis Tn. Moved to Lexington KY and moved the tank also, only lost the tank and a recovering kenya tree.

  • finger11yo says:

    i hate to see her go but i love to watch her leave 😉

  • Brandon (also) says:

    So sad 🙁 but nice your keeping your fish..I couldn’t part with mine

  • Monique says:

    Mark good luck, change are always good.I am very Happy for you and your beautiful family.I will look forward to see your new gigantic tank.Before I forget !GO PAT !!!!!.Hasta pronto.

  • Danny T. says:

    Are you still selling it? And how much?

  • Jason A. says:

    As others have posted, where about in TN? I live on the Northeast side. Hope your move goes well.

  • Epicurus says:

    Mark you should first buy the aquarium and then look for a home to fit it in.

    Good luck moving and selling your aquarium. I think it’ll be gone soon.

  • Mastertechrepair says:

    mark are you selling the whole tank as is or are you willing to frag and sell individual whole corals …. or even rocks i think ill be intresting in a whole rock with corals and every thing !!!! please let me know thank you

  • Jon says:

    what about the sexy tank? :-O

  • Jon…the sexy tank is coming with me

  • Jerry says:

    Mark , I enjoyed the videos and weekly tips. keep them coming after you get moved. i know its going to be tough taking the time to do new episodes while you are trying to get settled in. i love the PUG , we used to have one, great Dog. Have you ever thought about having a Fill in person for you while you are getting moved?? Might be the time to do it, Call him/her Mr or MS Saltwater Tank Fillin? Anyway , what kind of Long Tentacle Anemone is that ? with the clown hosting? Good Luck on the move.

  • Simon says:

    Mark, I can’t believe your sweet tank is being sold! You just placed LED lighting in it, LOL! Honestly, I can’t wait to see episodes of you setting up your new saltwater tank! I will (and everyone else) be very curious as to how you will set up your new tank. Gear, rock, lighting etc, etc. Especially, now that you have mature fish waiting for a new home, how on earth will you introduce them all at once? Cause you’re not suppose to. Will they get a temporary home? Can’t wait to see how this unfolds. It’s gonna be a special edition of No nonsense guide to Mr. Saltwater’s tank…LOL!

    Once again all the best with the move!

    PS. I can’t believe you are going to part with that gorgeos rose bubble tip anemone! You’re nuts!


  • David B. says:

    Where in TN are you moving to? Did you check and see if you have any LFS in the area??

  • David…Nashville, TN. There are 2 stores in the area. I’ve visited one and will check out the other once I get to town.

  • Simon…I check choked up when I think that I have to tear the whole tank down. When one door shuts though, another one opens so once I get into the new place I’ll be quickly putting together the tank.

    Thanks for the well wishes and the RBTA is coming with me.

  • Jerry…I’m working on making sure that I don’t miss an episode of Mr. SWT TV while I’m gone. Might take me a while to edit the video of me in front of my old tank tho as I’ll just sit and stare!

  • David B. says:

    It would be a hike but don’t forget about ATL, we have about 10 or so nice stores around the area. Plus a really active club ( when you get settled in come give us a visit!

  • kai says:

    it must suck to tear your tank down.are yougoing to keep any of the fish? also on your video on anemonies,you said to install a sponge filter so it doesn’t die. how do you install it. can you possibly do a video on it. THANKS:)

  • chris boehm says:

    hey mark love all your vids good luck on the move and the tank build look forward to seeing it. where at in tennessee are moving i live in knoxville

  • David…I have family in ATL so it would be easy to justify a trip down there!

  • Byron says:

    Have a safe move and transfer Mark. Hope none of your family’s things get broken during the move. I look forward to seeing the process of you starting up your tank. For sure you’ll miss this tank, but isn’t setting up a new reef tank fun and exciting too? Of course it is!

  • s jacobs says:

    nice tank …love the lights ..might have to check into those for my tank ..looking forward to the new tank build

  • Ray says:

    Dear Mark,
    We sure hope you have a good move to TN. I have really enjoyed all of your videos. Are you going to take the fish along? Also what size tank will your next one be? By the way,where do you get your dead rock and are phosphate reactors the only way to get rid of algae? thanks

  • zach says:

    you should do it like rickets and do updates like every twenty days

  • Brian says:

    Great website! I would love to have that tank in my home!!!

  • Simon says:

    Hi Mark,

    Just wondering what the dimensions of your sump are?

    Thank you

  • Gary says:

    So no frags mark…Figured it would be easy since I live in Conroe Texas…right next door to you…

  • David says:

    I know it is a pain to move but welcome to Tennessee. I live in Chattanooga TN . I really appreciate all your videos. Really helped me set up my tank the right way!!! Still trying to figure out which leds to go with for my 30 inch deep tank.

  • Alicia says:

    I would love to see a side by side photo of the tank with halides and with LED.

  • Alicia says:

    I am aware that you no longer have this tank, but if you have the photos, please share

  • Alicia…all that info including pictures and links to other videos is here

  • Honey Vaeth says:

    obviously like your website however you have to take a look at the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling problems and I in finding it very bothersome to inform the truth then again I’ll certainly come back again.

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