Replay Information For The Midday Monday Q&A with Mr. Saltwater Tank 11/18/2013

This week’s live question and answer show included questions on combining multiple tanks into one big system, RO water vs DI water and lowering high alkalinity . I also demonstrate exactly how I do water changes in my 375 gallon tank.

Watch the replay here

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  • Mark says:

    Great Website!! I have a fish only 180 gal salt tank. I have two canister filters (Filstar XP-4s) and two #5 Hydro Sponge Filters in the tank itself on power heads with a bunch of dead rock (don’t see any critters on it yet). Currently there are the following fish: Snowflake morray 18″ , Zebra moray 24″, 1 yellow and 1 sailfin tangs, marine betta, 1 damsel. I plan to add a powder blue and 1 hippo surgeons, 1 juv Emperator angel, 1 Biclor angel, 1 Harl Tuskfish and a Tierra batfish. No live corals or invertebrates. The tank currently has been functioning with a bare bottom over the last 5 months. I have been doing a 25% water change every month. QW parametes have been good. I use tap water with Instant Ocean salt. My question should I add crushed coral to add in the buffering with the addition of the following fish? Is there any danger in keeping a bare bottom tank as I have heard stories where toxic build up can occur over time in sand/coral beds? Are there any cleaners that could be added with the morays? I do have a diatom problem I have been battling. Thanks a bunch!

  • Baloo says:

    My saltwater tank of 10 years is off whack!
    Nothing flourishes was told mag calcium and alkalinity could be problem. Tested alk and took 15 drops then tested reverse osmosis water it took 12 drops.

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