Replay of the Anemone Question and Answer Session With Mr. Saltwater Tank

This week’s Q&A was all about sea anemones


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  • andrew says:

    hey mark, just a note: ritteri are mags, not sebae. sebae is the common slang for H. crispa and H. malu. H. magnifica is the ritteri. but either way, like you said, none of those are good for beginners

  • Mark F. says:

    No tank behind you… sad!

  • stuart says:

    Hi Mark, great Q&A again, just wanted to let you know that I had an 18″ carpet in my old tank that was being hosted by a breeding pair of domino damselfish, great fish and anemone combo, but had to rehome fish and anemone as dominos got really bad when they started laying and the carpet got to big for the tank.
    I now have 2 malu`s in my 400ltr tank hosted by the usual suspects, and I often just sit and watch the fish in the anemones.

  • Lisa Foster says:

    It should be added that rock flowers will not usually host clowns.

  • richard saunders says:

    please cant you rather upload this to youtube

  • Frank says:

    I know a guy that has a dedicated anemone tank and he mostly stopped their roaming by re-programing his leds to a square n curve. In other words, a constant light level for most of the day.

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