Replay of the Live Q&A Session With Mr. Saltwater Tank

This week it was all Q&A

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  • Simon K. says:

    Hi Mark,

    This Q and A session was really educational. I always learn something new or interesting during these sessions. Great job and thanks for recording this session so quickly.


  • darren says:

    hi Mark, yes i was home for thanksgiving eh. funny enough it was the first time i was going to catch the show live, and i was looking forward to chatting with you. working afternoons i always have to catch the replay. maybe ill have to call in sick some monday.
    noticed a lot of questions about removing sand. i used to dread this, until one day i realized i could use my wer vac (shop vac). it clean up all the sand really well and literally in a matter of minutes. thought of using it for water changes, but i dont think the fish would enjoy being sucked up a vacuum hose, haha

  • boby says:

    hi mark, bobby here from London i currently have a 170 gallon display tank and 70 gallon sump tanks bin going for about 3 years now. currently have some lps and softys and nems and have neglected it for the past couple of months due to working a lot no water changes for about 6 months but no ill affect running three gen 3 radions and a apex controller going to start doing the water changes about 25% weekly but i am thinking about going to the Triton method have u ever had any experience with it.
    the reason i ask is they say u don’t need to do water changes maybe one a year to remove any heavy metal build up from ro water and u don’t need a calcium reactor witch would be handy no co2 tank and take up less space because my tanks build in to the wall and i want to keep sps

    thanks for your time

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