Replay of The Question and Answer Session With Mr. Saltwater Tank on 3/10/2014

This week’s topic was about the biggest mistakes I’ve made in my saltwater tank career.

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  • Bill Steinbuch says:

    You could also mention that for many parasites and for several stages of ICH (like the free swimming theronts) you’re not only quarantining the fish or corals but especially the water the fish is traveling in.

  • David Rifkin says:

    Regarding “doing it on the cheap”….. Take a look at the LifeReef website. Jeff Turcheck has been building high quality components for 3 decades (sumps, refugiums, protein skimmers, CA reactors and others).

    Most of his customers are those who tried cheaper, mass produced products that didn’t perform well or were maintenance problems.

    He’s currently booked for over 6 months for a system, but things like skimmers and reactors are available right away. You’ll see the current wait time on the website.

    I’m only a customer of his.


  • veeral says:

    Mark, where the update on that huge saltwater project build? In that villa?

  • Laurie says:

    How can I get your show and tips back in my email. They are not located in my spam. I just don’t get them anymore.

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