Replay of The Question and Answer Session With Mr. Saltwater Tank on 3/5/2014

This week’s topic was about activated carbon and phosphate removing media

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  • Dave Schwartz says:

    Can you help me with placement of Finger Leather coral on a rock (fragged) and Mushrooms. I got two mushrooms and the place said just put them on the sand bed. I am unsure of what is needed. Also, I am going to buy Trace Elements today and add it. I have a tank with 2 TR Mocha Clowns, 2 TR false percs, a Coral Beauty Angel, a Sailfin Tang and one Lawnmower Blenny.

    Thank you,

  • Christopher Immel says:

    Perfect Timing. My BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor is being delivered today. Thanks for everything, hope to see you at MAX.

  • Adam K says:

    I haven’t watched the replay yet, but I have 2 phosban reactors on the way to me to replace my BRS reactors. The BRS reactors worked great mounted on a wall. But my new setup has the reactors in the sump and I find that changing out the media is much simpler with the Phosbans (for in-sump applications).

  • Aaron says:

    Hi mark, the replay won’t play past, the question about painting the back of the tank, not sure where the problem is if here or there. Thanks also is it only Gfo that’s needs to be tumbled? What’s about brands like rowaphos?

  • Geraud says:

    About the article on the link between HLLE and activated carbon, as some have pointed out, the carbon used was of a very poor quality, with a lot of “dust”. It is believed that those were the culprit, as with a higher quality carbon, problems did not appear.

    You can see that in the study, high quality carbon might not cause “bad” cases of HLLE but they still noticed it.

  • Aaron says:

    Hi mark, is it only Gfo that’s needs to be tumbled? What’s about brands like rowaphos? Thanks

  • Aaron says:

    Hi mark got video to play just have to skip that small part thanks

  • William Gauthier says:

    Mark…thanks for the good info on gfo/carbon use.
    Also, your son is cute as hell.

  • says:

    Subject manner to many times give same answers. Over and over and over.

  • Lee says:

    Why are you talking about testing for phosphate? The phosphates that are measurable are not the same as the phosphates that cause algae.

    A little algae is actually good for your tank. Obviously too much is bad. but if your keeping your tank clean, you should only have a small amount.

    Reef tanks do better with clear glass on all four sides. The glass reflects the light better increasing your PAR values.

    Regarding dosing, most of the parameters in our tanks are self regulating and sustain a particular balance. If one parameter is out of whack then that means there is a problem and dosing is just a bandage.

  • Steve says:

    Hi Mark, I can’t watch live (work), but I really like watching the replays. I especially like to sit on front of my tank and watch on my smartphone. That way, I can listen to all your good info, see your tank and watch mine all at the same time. Who says one can’t effectively multi-task? Or is what I’m doing multi-media.

  • Steve says:

    Mark, what are your thoughts on Lignite or the extruded carbons (compared to bituminous carbon)?

  • Katrin says:

    I tried to watch the live showing earlier this week but the broadcast skipped so horribly it was pretty futile to watch; but, I just watched the entire replay with no problems at all.

  • Lee..algae cannot use organic phosphates which also cannot be measured by test kits. Algae can only use soluble reactive phosphates (SRPs) aka orthophosphates. SRPs are the only phosphates that can be measured by test kits.

  • lee says:

    OK reread article I linked… For some reason I had wrong information in my head. Will have to look into it further though as the non measurable kind can kill inhabitants? Or am I remembering incorrectly again… Lol nice tank btw

  • Sandra Jackson says:

    I’m interested in learning what is your comments/opinions on using an algae scrubber w/LED lights on a reef tank??? I have been reading up on information and it has been mixed. Do you use one on your systems and if not why???

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