Replay of The Question and Answer Session With Mr. Saltwater Tank on 4/15/2014

This week’s topic was clean up crews

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  • Jon gammon says:

    Love the show. What type of hermit crab is brutus. Nice to see such a large variety in a reef system. Was always under the assumption that the larger hermit crabs were not reef safe. Hmm.

  • Dave Schwartz says:

    Mark, I have the tank with out a CUC. I have a Clown Trigger in the tank and he would make a meal of just about all of them. I think that I will get a Sand sifting starfish. He will burrow in my sand.

  • Lori says:

    New to your site. I found this to be very informative. The only thing I didn’t have for my cuc was a sea cucumber. After listening to you I’ll feel safe to put one in my reef tank.

  • Chad says:

    Urchins are my favorite member of the CUC, specifically blue tuxedos. Efficient algae eaters and can right themselves. I will look closer at the aastra snails.

  • Amber says:

    I have a crab like Brutus! His name is Harry( from Harry and The Hendersons, haha) and he is a Thin Stripe Hermit. Love the show!!

  • Josh Bailey says:

    Hey mark I’ve been watching a lot of your videos for a long time and I always see you taking a small sip of water. If this is because of dry mouth try drinking apple juice instead; specifically the non high fructose version.

  • William Gauthier says:

    (VTB Session participant)

    Because I have had so much trouble with my tank in my first year in the hobby(dinos, cyano outbreaks, brown jelly disease and brown hair algae)I don’t want to purchase anything local, and that includes cuc’s.
    Are you able and/or willing to recommend a place to purchase coral, fish and cuc’s. I need to find a good reputable place that is clean. I think a lot of my problems are coming from my LFS’s.

  • Pierre Bouic says:

    Hey Mark,
    the hermit crabs are able to keep on growing & growing FYI the ones a local fisherman here on the NSW north coast of Aust. says he’s been collecting for a restaurant chef are double the size of a mans fist. This fisherman gets them on the edge of the continental shelf which is 24 miles off the coast where I live at Port Stevens at a depth of 155 FA or 930 feet. When this guy told me this I thought he was pulling my leg, but he explained that the flesh was tender according to the chef who discovered the small niche market for these deep sea hermit’s when speaking to some customers. The crabs were considered as by-catch & were being tossed over the side, don’t think I’d be putting hermits this big in my tank. Would look cool but. Great Q and A session this week love your work.

  • Jessica says:

    I had a crab like Brutus once. I named him Big Red and he quadrupled in size within a couple of months. He ended up attacking healthy snails (one I was able to save by isolating him and nursing him back to health) and rehomed Big Red. I believe Brutus may be the same type (just a nice crab I guess!), I don’t know for sure what kind but possibly a Giant Hermit (I know, loose term) or Red Hermit Crab (Clibanarius vittatus). He got even bigger than that! I need to go check on him at some point, last I heard he was probably about the size of Brutus there.

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