Replay of The Question and Answer Session With Mr. Saltwater Tank on 4/29/2014

This week I talked about four fish that are underrated by saltwater tank hobbyists. And I brought along a tiny co-host!


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  • Jason says:

    Hey Mark. My daughter wanted me to tell you congratulations! Your daughter is adorable!

  • Maurice says:

    I to know why you never talk about fish only tanks.

  • John Grape says:

    Congratulations on your daughter!

  • anthony says:

    hey mark, congrats on your new born. any chance you can talk about the asm g2 protein skimmers. i seen your other review that you have on the skimmer, but how about the asm cause they are different. thanks, like the shows

  • Brian says:

    Congrats on your new little one there lots of fun but you can have the dipper duty lol.

  • Simon K. says:

    Once again congrats Mark, she is just adorable!
    Thanks for the shout-out at the beginning of this episode. Just wanted to let you know that I could do a great job of changing your daughter’s diaper as I am a Registered Nurse by trade, LOL! By the way, don’t loose hope just yet with the fish budget…just keep fraggin’

    Talk to you later

  • Travis says:

    Congratulations Mark!

  • Mohamed Alnuaimi says:

    Hey Mark. congratulations for your baybe girl 🙂

  • Bryan says:

    I tried the Zebra Barred Dartfish and even with a 1/4″ mesh cover and not even an opening, yet the fish jumped out and was found the next day on the floor. Loved the fish, but if they can get out of my top, then they are off limits for me.

  • Thanks everyone for the complements on Ms.Marcail.

  • Derek says:

    I do love my angels! My tank is Angeltopia/Tangcuary. 🙂

  • Mark charnick says:

    Hi from the UK and congrats on the new arrival hope your all doing well
    Question is ..
    Where do you get your great T-shirts from..?
    And any thoughts of selling them as mr saltwater TV merchandise ..?

  • Melody Miller says:

    i wondering if you have the ability to film and show us the fish or coarls that you discuss that are in your tank? thanks!

  • nicholas says:

    It’s not a girl, It’s a lady reefer. Well done, she looks like a reef junky!!!!.

  • Ray says:

    I have a few tangs in my tank and my Kole tang is by far meanest of the group which includes a Purple Tang. My Kole Tang harasses any new addition to my tank.

  • Donnie says:

    I think another under appreciated fish is the chalk bass. These are great fish with personality and awesome colors.

  • Randall Gray says:

    CONGRATS Mark!!!!!

  • Scott says:

    Congratulations for your beautiful baby girl!!

  • Mark says:

    Congrats on the new baby

  • Raymond says:

    I have a 65 gal reef tank I had it for 8 yrs now , now I have problem I was thinking about changing the mircle mud that I have in the sub would that be a good ideal it been 8 yrs now and all so I think that my seahair die too and it seem that I can’t find it

  • mark says:

    First and foremost congratulations to you both on the birth of your baby
    I know it’s a bit late. But as they say better late than never lol.I’m loving the videos learning loads great information on the fish.

    keep up the great work
    Thanks Mark and Julie

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