Replay of The Question and Answer Session With Mr. Saltwater Tank on 5/5/2014

This week I talked about how to cool a saltwater tank. Hint: the answer isn’t always “get a chiller”


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  • Bill says:

    Excellent info you answered quite a bit of the questions I was looking for info on as to weather or not we should get a chiller as we are upgrading from a 29 Biocube to a DSA 110 and wasn’t sure if we would need one as this tank is going to be completely different from what we have been used to
    Thanks again for great info

  • Pierre Bouic says:

    I live in Australia, even though not all the county is in the tropical range the summer time temps will all be over 120Fa for at least 15 days per year – over 100Fa for 30 or more days, so unless the reef tank is situated in an air-conditioned room for this time then a Chiller is a must have in my opinion if its over 60gal for sure. I have always used Arctica by JBJ, but the top unit now here is called Tech (sizes 0,1,2) 2 for systems up to 240gal. The innovations of this brand being besides heating, & cooling is an inline ultra-violet lamp. I base my use of the Arctica for its price as I don’t believe in UV lamps. Chillers are cheaper than Air conditioner in constant use (electricity pricing) although I have it as a back-up & to supplement, on the hottest days. The unit has always been plumbed thru the main pump with a second main not plumbed with the chill unit, and have put it on its own stand with the rear accessing a window. I have used a fan in front of the unit to assist its internal fan to blow the heat away from the area. Metal Halides & T5 lighting were big contributors to the over all problem, since switching to LED’s the chiller turns on 50% less. I live in the sub-tropical zone of the east coast & could have done without the chiller at all.

  • Mark S says:

    When I replaced my lights I learned my heater was burned out. Thats how much heat the old ones put out.

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