Replay of The Question and Answer Session With Mr. Saltwater Tank on 6/3/2014

This week’s Q&A was all about tank maintenance and what you need to do a weekly/3 month/6 month and annual basis

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  • Adam says:

    How do you like to feed your mandarin goby I have always let mine feed naturally but always look for new ways to supplement if he ever does start to look to skinny


  • Chad says:

    I know that some people glue to hold their corals on to the rocks and such, once that is done, is that where they stay? I know that you have said that they may need a dip from time time also I think. I have a urchin that loves to go around and pickup my corals, carry them around and them dump them after awhile.

    Looking for some suggestions.


  • Tom-André says:

    @Chad, in my opinion drilling your live rock and pegging your frags is the perfect solution. This way you can easily move the frags around the tank until you find the spot they like the most. As you mention, you can also easily take them out of the tank to dip them. It is also great for when you want to frag your colony. I think that Mark has an episode where he demonstrates this method. Good luck! 🙂

  • Ginny says:

    for some reason this video will not open? It is just a black box. I was looking forward to watching this one. :o(

  • Jeff Champion says:

    Mark, Thank you for the information!! This has got to be one of your better Q&As. You mentioned in this recording that you will be composing a list of suggested maintenance items with recommended time frames for our reference. Where would we go to get this list?

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