Replay of the Starfish Question and Answer Session With Mr. Saltwater Tank

This week’s Q&A was all about starfish


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  • shaun, UK says:

    Thank you Mark for answering my question and yeah Scotland voted to stay which I’m happy about but it has divided the nation a bit. From your Q&A I think those starfish hitch-hikers are those small brittle/serpeant stars you mentioned that comes out of live rock and is completely reef safe but I’ll keep my eyes open just in case but they been over my corals and there is no damage. Those cautious stars you mentioned I think they are the miniature sand sifter looking ones which I don’t have. Thanks for letting me know that there are stars for nano tanks out there in the market, I always thought that all the stars get too big or don’t live long.

  • Victor says:

    his name is Patrick star

  • AndrewAbo says:

    Great presentation, Mark. Thanks for the tips, as always!

    Any thoughts on the Red General / Red Knob Star? Would they go in the same set as Chocolate Stars in your video, as being NOT reef safe?

    I have one in my mixed tank, and he’s been doing well, thus the question.

  • AndrewAbo…if you are talking about the Protoreaster linckii then it isn’t reef safe over the long term. With age their appetite expands to include corals.

  • john camping says:

    Patrick I think..

  • Joe Jamison says:

    A starfish that I located to keep the asterinastarfish population down is the Pacific Jewel (Norda) starfish. They are reef safe, and eat the asterina starfish . Have you tried one?

  • Damian Bertam says:

    Thanks Mark for the great advice.
    I have all your books and watch all your videos and think you are a treasure to the hobby.. I added a Fromias Star to my tank about a year ago, when purchased my star was rather large, and did not move, within a few days he had shrunk or closed up to his present size..this worried me and I searched online for answers..Unaware of how difficult a species it is to keep.
    I don’t know if I am allowed to offer advice to others but if I may..for times when you are not available and for others in need of answers to marine questions, I found advice from Bob Fenner and his associates on the website: wetwebmedia to be just as awesome as your vast experience.

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