Replay of The Question and Answer Session With Mr. Saltwater Tank on 6/10/2014

This week’s Q&A was all about schooling fish for saltwater aquariums


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  • Scott says:

    Tony is definitely a wrasse man!

  • Rod Kerr says:

    Hi Mark:

    Another great show.

    It would really be helpful if you could post the names and sample pictures of the different fish (or corals) your refer to in your talk. As a newcomer I don’t always catch the name or know the spelling to look it up.

    Thanks for now.


  • Mohamed says:

    Yes, I agree with Rod karr

  • Ed says:

    Mark- when I was snorkeling in Hawaii there were large schools of small slender reflective fish everywhere that appeared to have been the perfect size for even a smaller tank. Why aren’t these available in the hobby?

  • Jake says:

    Hey mark,
    I have had 4 green chromis that have lived together for 8 months in my 100 gallon. They have lived happily ever after!

  • veeral says:

    Hey mark, can we get to see ur current quarantine tank setup and ur main tank sump setup….?

  • Ed…could be lots of reasons why those fish aren’t available. They could not survive well in captivity, be hard to catch, etc, etc

  • Pierre Bouic says:

    Hi Mark Great Qanda show again, I have two species of schooling fish in my 200 gal set-up 4 larger green chromis viridis & 6 younger Anthias dispar , I have lost only one of each species bringing the numbers down to the amount quoted, however the loses were from a pistol shrimp and not from infighting for dominance, both species were purchased about 18 months ago after removing a larger blue speckled fox faced rabbit that died of an unknown reason at full size. I hope things continue as they are without any fighting to my knowledge. The dispar have become a harem in a cave & I suspect are spawning. I would like to have more of each species but done know if I should push my luck.
    I have one problem with the idea of using a RAZOR BLADE on GLASS, in my experience steel blades will scratch glass, but I would like to share my finding of Perspex or Lexan cut into a strip that suits the purpose. I’ve been using this method since discovering it when I had a small maintenance & installation business, not only does it not scratch but it will shift the most stubborn varieties of algal deposits and if the edges get dull then sand a new one (not by hand).

    Hope your next home has a Tank room as I have one now I wish it had a hole cut in the wall to display my tank. Oh well can’t have it all at once.
    I just want to convey my sheer thanks for your show as I’m somewhat disabled your segments & advise what I look forward to each week. I’ve been at this a while but everything new tip helps, sometimes just getting me back on track & motivated. cheers to ya mate (OZ talk).

  • Vasco says:

    Hi Mark, I recently bought a trio of Anthias (2 female and one male) for my 80g tank. The male was in a separate tank at the LFS while there were 3 females in a sepRate tank. I took the male and two of the three females home. Last week I went back to the store and kind of felt sorry for the third female that is now all alone in her tank… 🙂

    Do you think I can add it to my tank now (it has been two weeks) or the others will chase her off?

  • chris boyles says:

    hello mark I was wondering what type of Anthias would be good for a 55 gallon tank?

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