Sexy Is Back and It Brought A New Guide With It

After being on assignment for 6 months, the sexy tank has returned and brought a new guide with it

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  • Tim Jackson says:

    I just bought it Mark!!!! I have some hair algae but not much. I added a Phos reactor so I hope that helps. In two days my Phos went from a 0.04 to a 0.02.

  • Bobby Thom says:

    I LOVE YOU FOR THIS!!! purchased

  • Steve K says:

    Your kidding me right? You spent ten minutes of my time to sell me a book. Really ? Are we that stupid?

    Please remove me from all future emails. Really your not that smart and you have no degree and no common sense.

  • Doug says:


  • 12Volt says:

    News Flash Steve, your time is worthless anyway.
    I also don’t remember anyone forcing you to buy this great guide.

  • Rich says:

    Yea Mark! thanks for all the good info great help

  • Louis says:

    Wow, you just wasted another 2 minutes wasting your time posting your very unnecessary comments. Why don’t you do us all a favor and in -submit yourself!

  • Earl T says:

    Steve K settle down. You watch TV and you get very little of the show and mostly commercials, what are they doing, trying to sell crap and make money. It’s pure capitalism. Advertising is everywhere. Mark is showing us a problem that is common to all reefers and has called upon the experts to give us solutions. He put it in a book and is selling it for a nominal cost. Big Deal. Geez, cool your jets.

  • KMG says:

    Steve, before you go on a rant accusing other people of stupidity, you might want to memorize the difference between “your” and “you’re”. Maybe you can use the time you end up saving to take a refresher course in basic English grammar.

  • Derek S. says:

    Well I am brand spank’n new to this hobby and so far I am quite happy I have found Mark on the Internet. His advice is genuine and he’s smart enough to have turned his passion into I’m guessing a somewhat successful business, and in the process he shares his Knowlege freely with his webcast. So with that being said, Steve at the bottom of every email you recieve from Mr. Saltwatertank there is a link to unsubscribe. Take a little owner ship and unsubscribe if you don’t like the free advice. Just my two cents. And to Mark thanks for all your advice it is extremely helpful! 🙂

  • Linda says:

    Mark, thanks for the great video. I’m always learning something new, as I’m in the same boat as Derek – new to this hobby and want to give the best home that I can to our little duders.

  • ryan says:

    id like to see a video on what you did to cure it, not to sell another guide.

  • Jimbo (Aquatic Creations) says:

    I couldn,t agree more Mark puts out some great videos with very good ideas and tips and if one decides he or she doesn,t like the show – information its a no brainer on how to remove your name from the list. I haven,t bought any of the Giudes yet but i think i will buy this one on Algaes and how to control or even get rid of them. Jimbo

  • Mike says:

    He is way Nicer than Newyorksteelo i will tell you that and NOT AS DUMB AS HIM

  • Josh says:

    If Dr. Tim is involved I’m sold. Just used his bacteria to cycle a tank with dry rock and it was amazingly fast. If his knowledge can help people with a common problem and he charges for it You’d be wise to give credit where credit is due and support them. Does your doctor work for free? how about your plumber? Didn’t think so.

    Keep up the good work Mark and I commend you on pulling in a micro biologist to back up your findings.

  • Monique says:

    Thank you Mark for this video ,I just bought the book,and I am sorry that you have people like Steven K,what a sad man.Keep up with the great job.

  • stel1os72 says:

    Why am I always last to find out what’s goin’ on?…LOL! It’s 1:42am Monday morning in New York, and I’ve been out of the MrSaltWaterTank loop all weekend. I get back and all hell’s broken loose. Since last check, we’ve got a new guide, new hobbyists (hello Derek n Linda), old worn out rants, AND SEXY’S BACK!!!

  • paco B says:

    A must get !!! Also how did ur rbta get so big and it split!!!! Mine is hidig under a rock and its not getting any bigger …

  • Murat says:

    Anybody remember C64 game “International Karate” ?

  • Erin Patz says:

    I order the guide and have not got it what can i do about it

  • luis morales says:

    Thank you for that tip

  • kevin pluk says:

    Well i bought two guides(1 and 2) so don’t get me wrong. However i kinda agree with Steve. (altough not in the same words). I miss the free information videos. I get a person needs to make money, but it can’t hurt to give some free information. Some pointers for those on the right track and a guide for those who need it. I like the video’s but i don’t want to end up paying for every bit of advice which most of the time is already known (just curious on how you would do it).

  • Matt says:

    Erin… email Mark – … he’ll sort you out double quick time!

    I don’t care for those that post a negative comment without having actually taken the time to find out about the person or individuals they’re talking down to… If you don’t like it you really don’t have to hang around nor do I need to see your puerile and childish attitude where I enjoy my R&R time! So Go Away!

    Right… minor rant over and back to the matter at hand… The (shortened by me) Algae Guide…

    If you have ever wished to understand more about the horrible stuff we devote a sizeable portion of our time, money and effort fighting, crying, shouting about then buy this guide… The facts and information contained within are a complete eye opener… Some of which I’d never even heard mentioned before!

    Thanks Mr Saltwater Tank … yet again you’ve saved me a hell of a lot of wasted cash!

  • John says:

    I getting is guide. I do not know everything if I did I know the lottery numbers and be rich and have someone take care of my tank. Everyday we learn something new that is life. Everyone has one piece of the puzzle to share. Thanks Mark and Dr.Tim for helping all of us.

  • Matt says:

    Nice John… 🙂

    But if I won the lottery my tank would look after itself for most part… 😀

  • tim baker says:

    i am new to the group and i thank Mark for all the quick tip that he has made they have got me out of a lot jam with my 55gals tank and 29gals tank but i don’t have the money to buy the book but i do love the help that i see that all of you saltwater ,reef keeper give in help made it easy to get in the best hobby that i have had you guy ,girls keep up the hard work and mark i will get the book i just don’t know wind i will get them so keep up the quick tip and i love all of the saltwater and reef keeper out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WatermarkAq says:

    @Steve K: besides your grammar how did you waste 10 minutes on a 4min33sec video clip?
    Thank you Mark for ALL your welcomed tips, they are really great and very helpful.
    Sorry to all for harping on the Steve K remark but it makes me mad when people are negative in that manner.

  • Jake says:

    Mark is probably sitting at home thinking about everything he’s going to buy with the money he gets from his guides. I think this is why he gets so many dislikes. People are feeling like he’s not genuine about helping out follow reefers. if he was then he wouldn’t charge for information. Its plenty of free information for reliable, credible sources over the web. Vivid has shown they are making videos and doing experiments and also have an section on their website to help( free of charge i might add). newyorksteelo also doesn’t ask for money. Don’t get me wrong mark has helped me out a lot but just for some help, I’m not going to support his hobby.

  • Jason says:

    People Mark is not suporting his hobby this is his JOB! He gives plenty of free and reliable information all the time. If $37 is going to break you then you are in the wrong hobby! Most of us enjoy information that can help us with a current problem or most of all prevent them from happening even if it cost money. I almost feel obligated to buy a new guide for all the money and headache that he has saved me already. I am not new to this hobby and have been reefing for more that 15 years. The information that I have received in the last 6 months has made me completly rethink everything I have done before. Just dosing changes alone will save me hundreds. Mark is not new to the business and has pretty thick skin so I am sure he is not bothered by peoples rude comments, I am just bothered that someone might read those negative comments and not realize the opportunity they are missing. I am buying the guide as soon as I submit this post! Thanks Mark and keep on helping those that accept it and those that dont, well good luck!

  • Antonio says:

    Steve K,

    I don’t need a degree to tell you that you’re completely out of line. You are entitled to your own opinion. I guarantee you there are MILLIONS of people that will disagree with you and find Mark’s books and time very valuable. Go do something beneficial to society instead of making rude ass comments to people using the benefit of anonymity. Keep up the great work Mark. The saltwater tank community thanks you for it!!

  • mike k says:

    Just purchased the book. I know it will be helpful cause algae problems come and go. Mark thanks for the effort you put into this hobby for all of us. As for negative comments: what are you gonna do. You cannot please everybody all the time. Keep up the good work.

  • Matt K says:

    Hey… my tank looks like the ‘trashed’ sexy tank! Well, maybe not that bad… but my sand has always looked terrible and I have plenty of sifters.
    I also find that a 60ml syringe with boiling water destroys hair algae… but you still need to get those nutrient levels down.
    I look forward to reading the book!

  • Ian says:

    I strongly agree with Ryans remark, and it is of my opinion that this video should be marked as an infomercial. However overall he majority of marks videos are helpful and teach us something.

  • Sahin says:

    Wow, cant believe the negative remarks and thoughts. If you dont like, dont buy. I have been reefkeeping for more than 10 years and know my way around forums and such to not require having to buy Marks Guide. The guy is only trying to make a bit of money and help a few people along the way. Lots of reefkeepers have kids, mortgages to pay etc etc. Some people freak out at the site of algae and having the required info all in one place is very useful. My younger brother got into reefkeeping a year ago…his tank is worse than what the sexy tank looked before Mark brought the sexy tank back in order. I know my brother will find something like this useful. I can tell my brother what to do, but a part of reefkeeping is about seeking info, finding it and then applying it.

    Anyway, Mark keep up the good work. I enjoy your site. Look forward to seeing your new tank mature.

  • Simon says:

    Hi Mark!

    Just wanted you to know that all the true fans of Mr. Saltwater Tank love all the guides you have put out. Being a newbie to the hobby all your guides have been of great help in understanding how to set up and maintain a saltwater tank easily. Let the naysayers rant all they want. You actually take the time to show us real world everyday saltwater issues and tips and how to solve them. Nobody ever writes to you about how hard it is to actually sit down and write a how to guide of a topic that is so vast! How many times have I gone on an internet forum fish site only to leave more confused than before.
    Remember, with any forum comments you are bound to get naysayers. Ignore the junk and keep up with the awesome work you put out!


  • Chris O. says:

    I’m reading the negative comments, and I’m torn. People are correct in the fact that this site has become more commercial, and it does seem that Mark is out to make a buck. That said, it’s unfair for his fans (or visitors) to blame the guy. To be fare, he has always had something for sale or with some kind of catch- you have to sign up for the newsletter to download something, you’re providing hits for his advertising, he sold Neptune products, etc. He posts mostly FREE material on his own time. If anything, he has to pay for web hosting and other supplies to make the videos, not to mention the time it takes to film and edit. Sure, he has a few sponsors, but how can you hate on the guy for wanting to make a few bucks? How much is your time worth to you? It’s all good to expect him to provide WEEKLY videos until you’re asked to pay up?

    If you don’t want to buy the guide, don’t. There’s plenty of free information from good sources in other places. If you’re having trouble finding it, well Mark has done the leg work for you. I applaud him for bringing an expert in on this one, too. I haven’t bought Mark’s guides and I do sometimes question his motives and credentials, but it’s obvious that he knows what he’s doing because he’s one of the biggest names in our hobby. You really can’t blame him for making a product and asking for something in return. It’s capitalism at it’s finest.

    I do have a bone to pick with him in regards to a post he put on facebook. He was making fun of a stupid question about a protein skimmer and several of his fans chimed in to complain. I thought it was a stupid question too, but I was kind of disappointed to see mark publicly insulting the poor person who emailed someone they trusted for advice. Not everyone is an advanced hobbyist, and yes, some people ask some questions that are mind boggling. I just felt that publicly insulting the person like that showed poor character and disrespect for the fans that allow Mark to make a living off of a blog that offers commonly available knowledge.

    Sorry if I put Mark down; overall I think he’s a good source of information. I also feel that he has every right to post WHATEVER he wants, and he also has the right to ask whatever he wants for it in return. At the same time, the people who don’t want to pay for it have every right not to. I still think Mark has done a lot of good things for hobbyists and the hobby, and overall think he helps a lot of people out.

  • Ricky says:

    why trash Newyorksteelo he has just as much info if not more. i enjoy these videos and watch Newyorksteelo its pretty sad to see someone called dumb for trying to help people this planet would be a lot better off with out noobs with harsh comment on innocent people.
    karma is a nasty bitch Mike watch your back 🙂

  • David T says:

    What I would like to know is……how hard was it to trash the sexy tank? It would be hard to just see that tank getting worse and worse and not just wanting to correct it. To me that is dedication on how you want people to understand their tank and how to help it. So I want to say think you for all your troubles in trying to help out the saltwater trade.

  • Jim says:

    How many pages is the guide? $37 seems steep for a pdf.

  • Kevin says:

    First of all, steve your post is out of line. Mark and NYsteelo are cool guys and are only trying to help. On that note, I miss the free videos. Now it seems like once ever other month he has an educational video that actually teaches you something without referring to buy his guide. I mean that sexy tank doesn’t look “trashed”. Looks more like 2 weeks of over feeding and not doing any water changes/cleaning the glass. Show the us how you clear up a heavy dictoya/cyano/bryopsis infestation, thats where a lot of newbies have trouble with. That “trashed tank” just needs a water change, a turbo snail and a cleaning of the glass and its pretty much back on track. None the less, I guess people are willing to pay whatever if they see a little hair algae growing and think its the end of the world. I’m just saying if you want your loyal user-base to buy your guide keep the free/entertaining videos rolling and sell guides with information that doesn’t take a quick search in google to find the answer for.

  • Matt says:

    Kevin… the sexy tank took a lot more than what you’re suggesting to recover… A water change (and funny you should mention turbos as that’s in there to, but not as you might have hoped) The sexy tank before the ‘trashing’ was in A1 mint condition, just how Mark likes them… It took FOUR WEEKS to get it looking like that! It took a LOT longer to make a full recovery!

    Trust me when I say this… No quick google search (or even quite a long one for that matter… not to mention the many, many hours of researching the results) would cover the information in the guide… It’s all in one place… A tried and tested method available to anyone…

    Let’s be fair to Mark… He has pushed out a LOT of free vids… He still does… But we all have bills to pay and frags to buy… The poor bloke can’t do everything for free forever or his wife will probably kick him out the door! I know mine would… 😀

  • Simon says:

    Well said Matt!!

    Keep up the great work Mark!!!

  • Matt says:

    Cheers Simon…. 😉 just saying how I see things… 🙂

  • Tony says:

    I too have enjoyed the free episodes that have been put out in the past. But like a previous poster replied, I believe the price is out of line for what it is. To flame some one for posting their opinion is immature as well. I think his lack of tact just shows that he was angered and disappointed, as was I. I will continue to watch the videos, commercial or not, and will continue to learn. Thank you Mark for keeping this rolling!! Flamers, go ahead and flame, doesn’t bother me in the least. In the end, EVERYONE has a right to free speech!

  • Lecter says:

    If Mark wants to sell something at least he is upfront about it. You may buy it or not I do not think it will be any skin off his wrasse anyway. The dude is entertaining and above average knowledge with reefing. 3 things to a better reef IMO, Algae scrubbers, Sulfer denitrators, Ozone injection. One last comment.. Unless they are of a recirculating design, cavitating pump skimmers are virtually useless, they simply do not move enough water to be of a major benefit, unless extremely oversized.

  • Michael says:

    Why are people so pissed? You’re a bunch of idiots. Leave if you don’t like it. Period. Keep up the great work Mark.

  • Rich says:

    As I read all these comments I come to realize, that if most people would take a little time and do a little home work before getting started in the fish & invert keeping, just mabe all this info that Mark is giving them would take this hobby were it needs to be one step forward in the professional understanding of it all, if one dosen’t like the price $ don’t buy! dont watch the free videos! just do your own thing and let this info for others who need & appreciate what this felow doing for us

  • Bob says:

    Why not keep selling the guide? Why does the offer close? Do I need to learn a secret handshake or something?

  • Mohamed Alnuaimi says:

    Mark, thank you sooo much I really learn alot from you, it is really hard to find someone like you these days. You saved my time my money, I loved your vedios, every time I watch it I learn something, and i am going to read your book. I hope one day if i can visit you shak your hand and say thanks brother.

  • Joey says:

    Hey what is that green coral in the back?

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