Something is Missing and Something Took Its Place: An Update on Mr. Saltwater Tank’s 235 Gallon Tank

The dog days of summer are over and after a summer of avoiding a chiller for my saltwater tank, it is time to bring you up to speed on my 235 gallon mixed reef tank. Grab some popcorn and see what’s gone on in terms of coral, fish, fish on the fringe and saltwater tank equipment.

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  • Justin neibert says:

    Do you have a refugiumon this tank. And what inverts do you have

  • Daivd says:

    Hi, Mark
    Kalkwasser Reactors is a good thing to have in 375 litre tank ?
    and what tip can you give me to set everything up nicely.


  • Daivd…I prefer dosing kalk in my top off water

  • Justin…no refugium, not needed.

  • Jack says:

    Great video. Can you please do an update on the sexy nano?

  • Brett says:

    I was wondering when we could expect a full review on the my reef creations sump. I’m looking into purchasing one but at the price I have some reservations. I think it would be beneficial for me and possibly others for a full review of it and why you chose that style of filtration of others.

  • Brett…likely November. I’ve got to get my new book out first and my MACNA coverage.

  • Jordan says:

    Mark… Great looking tank. But there has to be a better answer than the screen on the top. I have been having problems with jumping fish also (luckily, mostly clowns into my overflow, which are easily fished out and placed back into the tank). Are there any other options?

  • Rick says:

    Hey Mark, you say in the video that you are not carbon dosing, but you indicate above that you run both GFO and carbon. Can you clarify? Thanks much. Your site, videos and books are really helpful!

  • Matt says:

    Rick… I can clarify that one… Carbon dosing and Activated Carbon (such as Mark uses in his duel GFO/Carbon pods) are not the same thing … You can google till you go blind or you can buy into the wealth of information put forward by Mark in his guides… follow the link below and specifically head for the “The No-Nonsense Guide To Preventing and Curing Nuisance Algae Outbreaks” where you’ll find out A LOT more information on Carbon dosing and MANY more things… All wonderfully tried, tested and put into practice by Mark over many years and more recently, myself and many others…

    Oh and if your worried about the cost just remind yourself that a few coins for many years worth of hard earned knowledge and effort isn’t a lot to pay… Plus there’s a Money Back Guarantee if you don’t get what you expect… but I promise you will… that and a lot more besides 😉

  • Tom says:

    Hi Mark, why are you not using your doser for a 2 part and just mag? Thanks

  • Tom…I’m not dosing 2 part yet b/c I don’t need it yet.

  • Supreeth says:

    Mark, I personally feel a canopy for your tank is really a good idea. The heat issue could be dealt with using cooling fans, moreover, it enhances the beauty of the tank. What do you say?

  • Supreeth…I’d like to add a canopy and at the moment, i’m not wanting to add any more weight to the floor. Granted a canopy doesn’t have to weigh all that much if designed correctly, I still don’t want to risk it. Once we move, I’ll add a canopy.

  • Maurice Weiss says:

    Hey Mark, if I may ask. Where did you getting your netting?

  • travis krusell says:

    Hey Mark, on your mrc sump which filter socks do you recommend mesh or felt?

  • travis…i use both. Mesh are much easier to clean. The felt likely stops more junk tho

  • Tom says:

    Hi Mark, I already have a pair of black Ocellaris clowns in 100 gal tank can I add another orange pair of Ocellaris to the same tank. Thanks

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