The one who isn’t afraid to admit the mild obsession over reading up on the latest gear. This person tracks all the numbers like the kid who broke the curve in math class.

And this second kind of reefer could be YOU.


A quickie Idiot’s Guide to mastering water chemistry: From “no clue at all” to “this is easy”…and then on through to “I’ve got this!”

How to give your corals no other choice but to grow…and grow fast! (These are techniques that took me 7 years to perfect.)

Skip hours of frustration by learning exactly which tank parameters dictate healthy coral (one of which is the #1 cause of coral death)

Here’s what this is all about: Every year – and I mean every year – I am contacted by saltwater tank owners all over the world about gear. What to buy, when to buy it, which brand, when to add it…on and on. For lack of a better term…they’re “gear happy”. This is particularly true going into the holidays when everyone is spending money.

If you know me at all, you know I hang around some of the smartest people in the industry. True scientists and experts. You might get to read their advice in the industry magazines and see them speak at trade shows. And they all say the same thing: “If you want thriving coral, you’ve gotta get the basics right. All the gear in the world won’t solve a chemistry problem.”

The truth is, you can wing it and hope for the best…but if you don’t take a few simple steps to get the chemistry right…well, you’ll see the negative results in a matter of months. Sometimes weeks. It only takes one mindless move to send your chemistry in the wrong direction.

Do you ever find yourself asking questions like, “How obsessive do I need to be about this?” or “How much time do I really have to put into this?” It’s not that you’re lazy. You just have other important stuff to do besides tank maintenance.

So here’s what I’ve done. I’m leading a “crash course” to de-mystify and simplify the whole thing for you:

How to Guarantee You’re

Not The Guy With The

Ugly Saltwater Tank This Spring

Mr. Saltwater Tank Chronicles:

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This is top-level instruction with zero fluff.
It’s pure gold if what you want is step-by-step directions on ONLY what matters.
The program will cover:

    Tank Automation
    • The three levels of tank automation and how to know which level is best for you
    • Why and how your Tank Personality impacts how much (or little) you automate
    • Tank Automation vs. Tank Rituals
    • How to “back up” tank automation
    Mastering Water Chemistry
    • The three tank parameters that matter most
    • The 7/14/30 Plan for perfect water chemistry
    • Your unique water chemistry solution
    • Common water chemistry problems and solutions
    Here’s what you get:
    • Four 60-minute live sessions (recorded and distributed to you if you can’t make it)
    • Q&A at the end of each session

    BONUS – “The Official Chemistry and Automation Tour” of My Own Tank
    Instead of another general overview of my new tank build like I’ll put up on YouTube, I’m going to drill down to the small details of my build to show you how I’m applying what I taught you in the course. From the tank automation to why I’ve been watching my tank’s chemistry from day one, you’ll see it all and how it relates to what you learned in the program.

There are mainly two kinds of saltwater tank owners:

Q: What happens if I can’t make the live sessions?
A: Each session will be recorded and available for you to watch whenever you want.

Q: How long are the recordings available?
A: Forever. You’ll always have access to the recordings.

Q: When does the program start?
A: Wednesday,  Jan 11th, 2017



Not what you are looking for?

The one who’s chill about the whole tank thing. Doing the basic stuff and generally not stressing over the variables.


Why “tank hacking” is dead: the simple decision smart saltwater tank owners make that instantly resolves over 80% of saltwater tank “mysteries”

This second kind of reefer – the one who puts in a modest, yet focused effort to boost his tank during this season – will have some beautiful coral to admire this spring.

How To Leverage The Perfect One-Two Punch of Water Chemistry and

Tank Automation To Grow Stunningly Beautiful and Healthy Coral

The truth is that a healthy tank is dependent on the perfect marriage of these two things. Here’s what you’ll learn:

How to find your saltwater tank’s “sweet spot” (HINT: This is unique to your tank and it ultimately determines if your coral will flourish or fail)

See for Yourself How My Tank Went from OK to Incredible

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