Set It And Forget It: Getting Your Saltwater Tank On Cruise Control

Most people think saltwater tanks require a lot of time to keep them looking great and therefore are hard to maintain.

I think that’s one of the biggest myths about saltwater tanks. The truth is once your tank is on cruise control, it largely cares for itself as long as you set it up in the right way.

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  • Alex says:

    Can u let me know when ur going to sell it again

  • wicz101 says:

    How do I go about getting a saltwater cruise control guide, I need one please!!!!

  • sailboat says:

    wow people need to lay off….anyone willing to take so much time out of their day to help this hobby is greatly appreciated and to bitch that he is selling this guide is dumb….how many books have you bought at the book store without really getting the info you need and getting it from someone who teaches in such a fun way…i wish i could find this and buy it…im sad i missed out…

  • cmaravilla says:

    I’ll buy…Please let me know when it’ll be available to buy again please.

  • cmaravilla…if you add your name and email to the form on this page, you’ll be amongst the first to know when I re-release the guide.

  • Shawn manson says:

    Please let me know when ur guide is available.. Thanx

  • Rigo says:

    Hey Mark
    Quick Question. I just purchased the Neptune Apx controller
    and it works great. however; I can’t seem to get it working on other pc’s.
    For example on my house it works great with my network and wifi on MY network. however; if i use my phone or computers at work or friends house its not letting me access the server. but at home it perfect. what did I do that not working correctly or did I miss something. kindly let me know.

  • rob shawgo says:

    mark i got and read no nonsense guide vol 2 verry good stuff can you tell me how i can look at the rest of your books .plus i started a quaratine tank 10 gallons what do you recomened on eq and biologic thanks

  • Paul Johnsson says:

    Hi Mark
    I’m keen to buy this guide when it’s available again.. I couldn’t see the form you mentioned to cmaravilla.

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