The GHL Stand Alone Doser Reviewed

Maintaining your saltwater tank’s parameters can be done in a number of ways. And since I’m a fan of dosing pumps, I wanted to have a look at a stand alone doser that is rumored to have a great reputation.

Special thanks to Dr. Mike Meek of 38th Street Dental for his guest appearance.


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  • lewy says:

    since your putting one of those profilux computors on your new tank, can you do a review on them?

  • Lewy…I am now putting the Neptune Apex on my tank.

  • Allen says:

    What? No ProfiLux tank controller review? That’s disappointing… any specific reason for this?

  • Michael Hall says:

    we will be supplying Mark with the new GHL Mitras LED to review so he can review the GHL controller as a package, so you should see in the next few months this build.

    Dont get too attached to that old tool mark it wont be on for long 😉

  • Allen…not saying I’m not reviewing it, just not at this moment.

  • Allen says:

    Outstanding news 🙂 Thanks for the update and info!

    Mark as always we look forward to your in-depth and informative review.

  • Nikolas says:

    Hi the unit is great the problem it is not available in US web stores could not find it except some were in German base web site where everthynig in German and it is hard to tell what you buying Is there any chance you have some kind of a link where I can buy it ?

  • Michael Hall says:

    available across the USA email us at but for swift search just go to aqua cave web site

  • William Moser says:

    mark theres something about the doser i dnot understand.does a hose go from the bottle to your tank or straight to your sump witch is better. thanks mark

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