The Hottest Saltwater Tank Trade Show That Your Spouse Will Love

If your spouse/significant other loves your saltwater tank, then you are a lucky person. If they don’t love your tank, no worries as this year’s Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (MACNA) will be an event she won’t want to miss. Did I mention there is over 188 vendors and 25 lectures for the reef junkie in you as well?

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  • Jim C. says:

    Registered before I left Dallas last year. So I’ll be looking forward to seeing you.

  • RGibson says:

    Need help with a large reef tank can i call you. Tell Anthony Calfo hi for me.Ralph

  • Kerry says:

    I went to register last month but their 2013 MACNA website has some problems and still needs some attention. If you just want to buy a “Full Access Pass” you are all set but if you select any of the other “3 Pass Options” or click on “Select Options” to find out more the page still goes to a blank screen.
    This will be my first MACNA visit (I have already booked the hotel) so trying to find out what the various passes are to the event just leads to a dead end on their website.
    You have a nice video though – who could say no?

  • Patrick Cox says:

    It worked for me! See you there! 🙂

  • Matt says:

    Wow! That’s erm … actually a lot more tempting than I thought … maybe if they’d thrown in day care for the kids I could really sell it…

    Kerry … I’d use it as an excuse to buy the full access pass 😀

  • BobbyT says:

    Lmao great video

  • Beth says:

    Do you think you could make it look any more appealing? By the way, it’s not just the guys that have the aquariums you know, of course at least some of that would work for my hubby 🙂

  • Chris says:

    Guess im one of the lucky ones as it was my partner that got me into saltwater tanks in the first place, but also unlucky at the same time living in the UK makes it just a bit of a trek, ho hum.

    Any plans to vist the UK anytime soon Mark?

  • Chris…I’m open to visiting the UK as long as the trip makes good business sense.

  • Beth…you are part of the few lady reefers out there. That being said, i’m sure hubby should use a massage and a long stroll on the beach!

  • Kerry..I’ll pass your note onto the MACNA crowd. And, the Full Access Pass is the way to go as you get access to all 3 days, all lectures and a plated dinner (think steak) on Saturday night. Very much worth the cost.

  • RGibson…you’re welcome to drop a note on my contact page to discuss consulting options for your large reef tank.

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