The Most Important Piece of Any Backup Plan

I’ve talked about having a backup plan in case anything goes wrong with your tank and this week it was put to the test with a fellow reef keeping friend of mine.

While on vacation last weekend, my friend John was riding 4 wheelers when his 4 wheeler flipped over on him, breaking his hip and fracturing the other. While in the hospital recovering after surgery, John’s chiller died, throwing a breaker in his electrical box, and leaving his whole tank without power for most a day.

He had all the necessary backup plan pieces in place which helped, but the #1 thing he had on his side was the most important backup plan item – a tank buddy.

John called on our local reef club members to help him out since his wife really didn’t know what to do. Within minutes of putting out a call for help, members lined up and were ready to leave work if need be to help out. We’ve lined up members for tank sitting duties and have a water change crew while he recovers. He even got a sweet deal on a new chiller due to some connections club members have!

Without his tank buddies helping him out, the losses in his tank would have been devistating.

The best plan is only as good as its weakest link, so if you are a lone ranger reefkeeper, your backup plan is destined to fail. Get a tank buddy if you don’t have one.

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