The Single Best Reef Tank Purchase I’ve Ever Made

Of all the pieces of equipment to buy for your saltwater tank, the one that I think is most worth the money (and really cool as well), is a tank controller.

In this episode of Mr. Saltwater Tank TV, I walk you through why I think controllers are important, why I say every tank personality needs one and I’ll take you up close and personal with Neptune System’s Apex Controller.

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  • Mike says:

    What if I need more than 8 sockets for my equipment? Is there a web interface available for Blackberry or Droid devices?

  • Chris Bovia says:

    I have an Neptune AquaController II for over six or seven years. I’ve got everything on X10 with no DC8 or other dedicated outlets and have and nearly 99.5% accuracy over that time. I look forward to upgrading to the Apex when I’m able. With X10 I can already control my tank over the internet. But with Apex I can get details of what’s actually going on.

  • Chris…the apex is a big step up from the AC II. It’s even a big step up from the ACIII which I had. The level of detail that you can get with the apex is insane!

  • Mike…if you need more than 8 sockets, you can add another Energy Bar 8.

    There is a web interface for the Blackberry and the Droid

  • speedbird says:

    I’m livin’ in europe. I’m just wondering where I could purchase the apex controller? Any idea ?

  • The Apex isn’t available in Europe yet, but it is on the way. I’ll make sure and post about it when it is available.

  • Alex says:

    how can I know if I’m getting the most recent model of the neptune system if I buy it?

  • Dan says:

    Is there a difference between the lite version and the base unit? The omly difference that I have seen is the base unit comes with one probe while the lite does not. Is this correct?

  • Chris says:

    Can the apex controller handle float switches as it comes from the shop or will i need to buy some additional module. If so, does it need a special kind of float switch (made by neptune?)

  • chris 1 says:

    hey i need help with the wxm module

    so i got 1 mp40w es and i got it connected to the wxm module, i can turn it on or off but how do i set it to reefcrest mode or tidal swell mode from my apex display


  • steve cross says:

    hi mark just an idea for the quick tip miracle mud, to use it or not, when and if to renew it , and how much to use , happy Christmas keep up the good work mate .

  • lewis ogels says:

    what are your thoughts on the reef keeper plus, are they better or worse than the apex.

  • santiago munera says:

    Hey Mark, does the apex need an additional add-on to connect to the internet wirelessly

  • santiago…yes…the apex does not have a built in wireless connection

  • Joshua Zakery says:

    Does the Apex have dimming features for your LED lighting if the lights themselves do not have dimming switches?

  • Joshua…depends on the LED. Some LEDs aren’t dimmable w/out special power supplies.

  • Joshua Zakery says:

    Thanks I am interested in purchasing one of these, but I am worried that that function may not work with my Taotronics 141w leds.

  • David Beltran says:

    do you sell the Neptune System’s Apex Controller? I’m trying to find a better way to controll the lighting on my nano marine and reef tank. Specifically I am repurposing my Fluval Edge Aquarium (6.5 gallons) for my nano marine and reef. It’s a beautiful set up however, I want more control on when the day-time and moon-lighting come on. I am using the Fluval Nano Marine and Reef LED Lighting unit. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.


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