Time To Say Goodbye…To My Tank

The 375’s days are numbered. Here’s why.

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  • Doug says:

    Hey Mark,
    Now that the virtual tank build will include your plans for your new build I gotta find it in my budget to sign up. Any chance for a college student discount? haha.
    Great videos, keep them coming 🙂

  • Matt says:

    About time 😉

    Peninsular time baby YEAH!

  • jon says:

    Sorry to see it go but it does give me hope lol. When I move I plan on upgrading to a bigger tank and didn’t know if I should sell my 120g tank and gear as parts or sell it all outright. Now I’m thinking about selling it outright and starting fresh with new gear. I’m a geek so if it’s out there I’ve got it on my tank lol now the question, where did you post your tank to sell Mark or was it a private buyer? Can’t wait to see your new build.

  • Jeff says:

    Moving back to Texas?

  • nicholas says:

    Mark, don’t forget to glue the bulk heads in place on your new tank!!!.

  • I’m going to smack you nicholas!

  • Mark H. says:

    I vote for 750+ gallons, separate “Man Cave” to house filtration equipment.
    Come on Mark, make us proud… 🙂

  • Mark H…pico mantis shrimp tank FTW!!

  • kevin says:

    I”d love to see that, however i’m not paying for that much fun, since my tank is running smootly.

    Good luck with moving.

    PS ( 500 gallon tank??).

    And remember Mark, you can only keep sps corals when you have coraline algea ;).

  • Burt Rutanheiser says:

    Offtopic: Do you have a Callahan Auto Parts tshirt(from Tommy Boy movie)?
    My brother was wearing one and I thought about this site after I saw it.

  • Frankie says:

    Moving to Sandusky, OH Mark???… Lol

  • Frankie..only if Bo Derek is going to be waiting for me there!

  • Jennifer says:

    I have 75 gal tank and plan to put some angels in it , it’s going to be a
    Freshwater tank. The bottom feeder I want is Cory catfish male , just want
    To know if these fish need air stones , and if the uv sterilizer works for someone with asthma issues .

  • Mark:
    Staying in Nashville?

  • Kevin Raney says:

    Can I help you build the new one?! BTW, lets go diving! Give me a shout

  • Daniel says:

    Mark! Go big or don’t go at all….hehehe
    Try not. Do, or do not! Their is no try.
    Maybe take a page out of those multi-thousand gallon ponds you show us?
    I’m sure it will be spectacular.

  • John Wangerston says:

    Man…. I hate to hear that you are breaking down that tank. It is pretty decent looking. Mr. Saltwater tank without a tank would be like a douche with no bag… Or like a cocky jerk without the cocky. You are not that awesome. That’s fact. I wasted a few bucks by buying your moving a tank guide…. It was useless. Others should wise up and not buy your crap. Get a real job, have 20 years or more in the hobby, then start giving advice.

  • Wayne C says:

    Ummm Bo Derek was born in 1956… just sayin

  • Doug says:

    Douche, cocky, jerk……describing yourself @John Wangerston. “Get a real job”, You’re not the one who travels all over the United States being paid to set up and maintain large scale aquariums…oh that’s Mark Callahan. Stop being a douche to others because it makes you feel better.

  • Dave Moulton says:

    I am unable to access this video, either from here or on Vimeo. Has it been taken down?

  • John Wangerston says:

    @Doug. Ouch. The hurt that brought to me is smaller than your testicles and you wife’s weee boobies. I guess you are right. Making 200K a year in my profession is definitely something to be sad about. Keep the hobby as a hobby and not a money making pyramid scheme.

  • Kevin Raney says:

    @John Wangerston way to go little fella, you just single handedly announced to the world what an idiot you are lol. Get your facts straight because he has more experience in the hobby than you been alive. I am sure of this because of your 2nd grade attitude. … Stupid people should be permanently banned from society, just saying.

  • Ben Stribley says:

    Hey Mark. Sad to see that tank go. But happy for you that you’ve been able to get a new house. I presume you’ve bought one, feels much more secure with young children. Any clues of the planned gallons or dimensions of your new tank. We all want a little teaser!

    Ben Stribley, England

  • John Wangerston says:

    @Kevin. Yes.. I am only 10 years old. You is soooo smartz. You are my new hero… Are you my daddy?

  • Kevin Raney says:

    @John Wangerston BUAHAHAHAHAH!! There is no way you make $200 a year as a complete idiot. Go feed your crap to your gold fish little fella.

  • Ben Stribley says:

    @ John Wangerston. No-one likes to see arguments through comments, but I feel I have to defend mark here. If you had watched any of marks ‘quick tips’ you will see that Mark is, what I would consider an expert, in this hobby. He has been in the hobby for over 20 years and is in the perfect position to give advise. Thanks for all your hard work Mark.

  • John Wangerston says:

    @All. It was just a late April fools joke. Mark is awesome! I have all his guides. He is a rock star! Sorry to hear about the tank. I can’t wait to see the new build!

  • Doug says:

    @ John Wangerston …..You’re still a douche

  • Kevin Raney says:

    OOOOHHHHH so your a bi-polar idiot. I get it.

  • John Wangerston says:

    @Doug. Fact!!!

  • John Wangerston says:

    @Kevin. Yes!

  • Doug says:

    @ John Wangerston…..Its boring when you agree with us.

  • Dave says:

    Hey Mark. .
    How about adding another 30″ to the tank and eliminate filtration underneath. . Build a nice concealing cabinet and BAM! Quarantine and frag center underneath

  • Carmen Stafford says:

    Mark, you change tanks faster than I buy shoes…just kidding, but close. Excited, and envious to hear how big the next tank will be.

  • Peyton K. says:

    Do you plan on keeping any of the fish or corals?

  • Carmen…if you didn’t spend so much money on shoes…(I’ll let that one go…)

  • Peyton…I will keep some fish and corals

  • Hi Mark
    I recall you had to do to get that tank in your home and now it going to a new home. I see you too are going to a new good luck with the move my friend. i would like to know when and if you are going to update us on the big tank/pond build in FL.

  • Rob K-W says:

    I second Tom Garcia’s request Mark! Whatever happened to that massive saltwater pond project down in Florida?

  • Laurie Coleman says:

    Hi Mark,
    Sorry to see the tank go, but it will be good to see the results of your build on a week by week basis. I am so envious of you moving house and looking for the ultimate 8 foot wall to accommodate the tank, lol.
    Good luck with the move and I hope that the problems that presented themselves regarding the delivery of your last tank do not reoccur.
    Laurie (from England)

  • Beetle Bailey says:

    NOT AGAIN ! just move some where that doesn’t have snow ,personally I cant stand that cold white crap , you could always move down under Mark , not much snow down here !

  • Rob & Tom…the house in Miami isn’t finished yet which means the pond isn’t finished yet.

  • Mari says:

    @John Wangerston I usually don’t respond to these threads but seriously we are here bc we enjoy this hobby and I, for one, am not interested in reading negative sophomoric crap. Take your anger or humor or whatever your deal is on down the road. No one wants to read that.

  • Matt says:

    Wow… I’m always impressed when folk out themselves as a complete pillock online, willingly. Seriously, most of us will manage it by accident yet some ‘interesting’ types feel the need to jump in ahead of the game and get it over and done with!

    All I’m saying is that if you feel you have to do this then please get your jollies off somewhere that people can support your obvious need for attention. No really, speak to a (hopefully not pushing the boat out here) friend or (again with that boat) family member who still talks to you. 🙂

    All the best…

    Anyway… back on thread… Tell them to get a move on with the Miami House! And what’s the time limit on the Virtual Tank Build as I’ve got expensive Reef Meets heading my way! 😀

  • Simon K. says:

    Congrats on your new house purchase! I’m sure you’re one happy reef junkie with the discovery of that extra room! I’m really happy for you bud, I’m sure you have been waiting a very long time to have a dedicated fish room! Everyone is going to be waiting to see how your build turns out with bated breath…me included, lol!

    Looking forward to more updates!

    Simon K.

  • James H says:

    I planned to sign up for the tank build series tonight but got held up. By the time I got online it was closed! Please open it back up just for tomorrow…

  • darren (ska d) says:

    i vaguely remember when you moved in there and got that tank. to bad that tank was just getting off the ground. maybe you could do a segment on the process of selling a tank. somewhat similar to a move but with some differences.

  • darren (ska d)…buy low, sell high! 😀

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