Tunze’s 6095 NanoStream Pump Reviewed (With Look At the 7096 Controller)

Tunze is known for its wave boxes, osmolators and stream pumps. And with the addition of the 6095 nano stream pump, Tunze is adding a variable speed pump with a small footprint, yet wide flow.

The 6095 is also controllable and in this review I put the 6095 on a 185 gallon (700L) LPS dominant tank as well as take look at the 7096 controller capabilities.

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  • Mark H. says:

    Pretty sweet… 🙂

  • Bobby Thom says:

    I love when u review products. Thanks mark

  • John M. says:

    Was that test at full 2500gph ?

  • Bobby Thom says:

    im sure it was john

  • Dave says:

    Hey Mark, great tips you give………..some have been very helpful. My question is, where do you find those cool t-shirts that you wear on the vids?. some are pretty funny. I live in the chicago area and can’t find any good ones around here……thanks Dave

  • Bobby & John…yes, the pumps in the videos were run at 100% power

  • Dave…you can get the shirts here

  • j ferguson says:

    very good information

  • Ken Lill says:

    thanks again mark i have 2 6105 on my sps 180b and love it just got the up grade for the wide flow for the 6105 that cost 34 dollars and your new tank looks great.

  • Chipp says:

    FYI, it’s around $90

  • adam says:

    Ok so I’m researching the best “water flow” device for my $. I have a 75 gallon with a radion on it. I know thats a tangent but let me get there… I believe you can couple the storm mode on the radion lights with the mp40s. But the thing is its 460$ bucks if not more. Would it be better to purchase this item and sync its storm time with a set time on the radion?

    Cool video bty.

  • Jonathan says:

    Now would the same tunz 6095 work on a 20 gallon fish tank

  • Jonathan says:

    Or there’s different ones that fit different kinds of tanks

  • Mishel says:

    in your opinion wich are the best pumps vortech or tunze ?

  • Jonathan…I’d go for a 6025 or 6045 on a 20g tank. The 6095 would blast the water out of the tank!

  • Jonathan says:

    Lol okay cool

  • macon says:

    Great review now I don’t know vortech or tunze. Help me for my 132 gallon (500 liters)

  • Matt says:

    Cracking stuff… Really informative and I’m in no doubt as to the value of this obviously well thought out Tunze offering…

    Thanks for putting all that together Mark… Made me re-think (again) my approach to my next tank!

  • Jeanette B says:

    Nice, thorough review Mark!! It looks like a strong, useful system!

    I especially enjoyed your homage to “auto tune” at 4:52… certain to keep all of your Facebook fans rolling in the aisles… (or should we say “Otter Tune”, MST-Pain?)

  • Jay B says:

    Thanks for the review, what is the small dark box in the upper corner of your tank?

  • newbietoreefs says:

    mark thank you for this review always informative and thorough.

  • dustin says:

    great review mark! what is the box in the top left corner of this tank?? looks like bio-balls or some other type of filtering media

  • dustin says:

    or is that a tunze wavemaker?? (sorry, dont have any tunze products). If so, is there any type of media in there?

  • Matman says:

    That’s a pretty good alternative to the Vortech pumps!

  • Edward says:

    I can tell summer is here with all those little white dog/cat? hairs. My white cat’s hairs love to turn up all over the place. perhaps a quick tip on getting our furry pets groomed is in order.

  • Edward…the owner of the tank has a pug who was very curious. He was into the boxes faster than I could push him away!

  • Mr. Wrasse says:

    Hey Mark, when are you going to do a your of your tank.

  • Mr. Wrasse says:


  • Mr. Wrasse…did you see my tank build video back in March? As well as the update I did a couple of weeks ago?

  • Chaz says:

    hey mark, i am from trinidad and im not sure if this pump in available down here, i have started a brand new 120 gal reef (still in progress of setting up) can you recommend something for me… thanks

  • Beetle Bailey says:

    Thanks for the review Mark ,I was not sure how the controllers worked (never had one or looked at one) but that was a great explanation of what they do ,I’ll be looking in to fitting some Tunze stuff asap !

    p.s. We had some violent storms here 2 days ago,I was with out power for over 24 hours & lost half my fish stock; quick tip, Buy yourself a small petrol genset to keep your power to your filters & heaters when the electricity goes out. I now own a small genset !
    all the best Bruce

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