My 90g Reef Tank: The Live Stuff, The Dead Stuff and Where I Am Now

In part 2 of the tour of my 90G mixed reef tank, I take you into the display part of my system. You’ll see the colorful, the not so colorful, what I killed and where my tank sits today.

You’ll also get a chance to hear my approach to picking fish and corals, perfect for any tank personality.

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  • pat says:

    great lookin tank love gobies my yellow has has a pistol shrimp for a friend they are fun to watch keep up the great vids and info ive learned alot
    thanks pat

  • Kevin says:

    Great video and awesome tank man! Too bad you will have to get rid of the mandarins!

  • Well, I might keep the female as I can’t catch her. She’s eluded me all week! The male in “jail” in the sump with all the live food! Crazy girl…

  • pbnj says:

    Regarding your inability to keep LPS, don’t be so quick to point to your water quality. My Purple Tang ate a couple of Trachs and I even caught him picking at some Acans.

  • wow..maybe you should feed him more… 😀

    I never caught my tang eating any of my corals. The corals always just stopped puffing up, then they receded until I gave them away. Then they recovered in a matter of weeks.

    Every one I ever gave away went to “dirty” tanks which makes me point to my water quality.

  • Tony says:

    Mark, I am very interested in adding a Nano Wavebox to my 90 gal as well. Do you think it will work okay with my tank being tall (28″) and having a bowfront?

  • mariano says:

    mark wut is your light fixture?

  • Cuong says:

    Hi Mark

    In this video you said that you didn’t have success with SPS corals until you had Calc or Kelk? Is that calcium dosing that you were referring to or something else? If it’s something else, can you specify. Thanks.

  • Rick Tobey says:

    I know this is an old thread but… I read from Tunze that the overflow on a tank with a wavebox should go in the middle to keep a relatively stable water level and decrease noise from splashing water. Do you find the corner overflows to be noisy with wavebox?

  • I don’t find them to be noisy as I don’t try to make a huge wave like a lot of people do. My tunze nano wavebox made a nice 1″ wave and if I pulled off my canopy I could hear a water rushing sound through the overflow, but it was very slight. Once the canopy was on, no noise could be heard.

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