Write-Up Wednesday: The Moodiest Coral Around

Watching your corals closely is one way to tell what is going on inside your tank. For example, if your SPS corals are bleaching at their tips, that is usually a sign of alkalinity swings. If your pulsing Xenia dies, it’s a sign that you’ve really screwed things up because you can’t kill pulsing Xenia.

What if a coral could easily communicate with you to tell you exactly what is going on in your tank? I’m here to tell you that such a coral exists and it is available starting right now.

Introducing CS6 Corals’ “Dramatic Acro”. NOTE: The fact that CS6 is also the name of a version of the popular photo editing program “Photoshop” is purely coincidence. CS6 Corals says they do not photoshop their coral photos in any way.

CS6's Dramatic Acro

CS6’s Dramatic Acro

The Dramatic Acro is the best barometer of your tank’s health that has ever existed. Forget test kits, refractometers, or PAR meters. Those tools are prehistoric at best compared to the Dramatic Acro.

I saw that because the Dramatic Acro responds in realtime to changes in your tank. For example, if you change your tank’s parameters and the Dramatic Acro gets mad, it will turn red (see picture).

Mad Dramatic Acro

Mad Dramatic Acro

Having been in the saltwater tank hobby for seventy years (I look young for my age, more on that next April 1st), I’ve never seen a coral display such dramatic color changes in response to stress and live through it.

Even Ben Johnson of Captive Aquatic Ecosystems, a long time SPS expert has this to say about the Dramatic Acro, “DAYUM!”

Other industry experts such as Josh Davis of Murfreesboro Aquatics agree, “I can take amazing coral photos and photos of this coral don’t need any color balancing at all. It looks JUST like the photos even if you shoot the picture with your smartphone”.

I agree. This color is amazing. Here are two other photos showing the color changing ability of the coral. Remember, these photos are NOT manipulated in any way.

When the coral isn’t getting enough light, it gets sad and turns a gray color as shown here:

Sad Dramatic Acro

Sad Dramatic Acro

When the dramatic acro senses it is St. Patricks’ Day, it turns green:

St. Patrick's Day Dramatic Acro

St. Patrick’s Day Dramatic Acro

CS6 Corals tells me this coral is beyond limited edition or even “ultra” grade. It is “Ultra LE Rare No-one-has-it-but-us”. (I’ve never heard of “No-one-has-it-but-us” grade but CS6 Corals tells me it is a legit coral designation…)

An amazing SPS coral like this one will convert even die-hard softie fans to full on SPS-aholics. Right now people are leaving the lines formed outside of Apple Stores for the new Apple Watch and running to CS6’s Corals retail location. CS6 Corals is located at their parent’s house and operates out of their garage. CS6 Corals requests that people form an orderly line and NOT camp on their parent’s front lawn.

I’m lucky enough to have received a frag of the Dramatic Acro and I am growing it out right now. Once the coral is at least a 2″ frag and I can see it, (my frag was .0000000555 inches long) I’ll let you know if the claims of CS6 Corals are true.

Oh by the way, happy April 1st.

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Comments for this article (21)

  • Helen says:

    Love it! Good one, Mark.

  • E N Tabri says:

    On the 4th of July it turns red, white and blue, with stars all over.

  • Patrick says:

    I actually Googled “dramatic acro” lol
    Got me.

  • Michael Horton says:

    And around it Easter it’s a soft pastel color while at Christmas it grows long green polyps with frosty white highlights. . .

    Where can I get that yellow light diffuser grating? I think that would look awesome on top of my tank to keep my wrasses from jumping!

  • Tim says:

    I have this in a 7.5 gallon Mr. Aqua with the new genetically-engineered nano yellow tang.

  • Jeff padgett says:

    You owe me $1000.00 mark. I bought 3 frags of these for $333.00 each on eBay and the seller won’t return my call!!

  • Eric says:

    Dammit, you had me going there for a bit… shame on me for forgetting what day of the year it was. Well played, sir, well played.

  • Jay says:

    Hook. Line. Sinker.

  • Weatherman says:

    It looks like an ever-lasting gobstopper! And I’ve heard that it tastes like one, too.

  • Kina says:

    Mark, I am sorry to say that you are not the only one that has this coral, I as well have it, and today it’s color is blushing for April 1st. 🙂

  • Len says:

    If this is real I want one. If this is April Fools this is a good one!!!!

  • Matt says:

    Next week … the Damn sexy aphrodisiac coral which makes you sexier just looking at it …

  • Dr Steve says:

    Check Bulk Reef Supply. They have the Coral seeds on sale today. I’ll bet they have the seeds for this one, too. I think the sale ends at midnight, though.

  • John L says:

    My corals already do that.
    They go from vivid colors to bright white, but never go back…

  • tinzac says:

    OK, after much research here are the colors depending on the corals mood:

    Mixed emotions

    Hey, maybe it has a better more discernable color change than a lot of test kits? :/

  • Richard says:

    I got mine yesterday, I immediately threw out all my test kits and acclimated it. That’s when my wife came home and reminded me I’m color blind. Got any extra test kits laying around Marc? Obviously you got me too! GOOD WORK!!!! 🙂

  • Jeff…ebay sells have phone numbers? When did this happen?

  • Daniel says:

    Hey wait a minute…. I killed off some xenia last year. The last bit of my star polyps died last month as well.

  • Pierre Bouic says:

    You got me to fall for this gag today
    I was busy coping the pictures and looking for a link then i read a few comments on Facebook where I saw this at first, till i read happy 1st of April then it hit me, should have known at the water parameter tester coral.

    Happy Easter all.

  • adam wiener says:

    nice one mark I fell hard. Just for that the next time you come back to Long Island I’m going to make sure there is snow for you.

  • Adam…your words are punishable by flogging with pulsing Xenia.

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