Mr. Saltwater Tank

A Look At The Reef Junkie Life

One of the biggest defining characteristics of a reef junkie is that their saltwater tank is the focus on their life. Often these reef junkie’s houses are build around their tank and in the case of this aquarium, the walls of the house were no limit for part of the build.

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  • Stu says:

    Interesting build. Also interesting to see that he has only a mere scattering of sand on the bottom of the tank.

  • Mark H. says:

    Mark, thanks for knocking the dust of off a classic.
    We would love to see an updated video on this tank…
    I love my basement, I can setup my “toys” and not have worry about the “WAF” becasue of “clutter” around the tank in the living room upsatirs.

  • Jim says:

    Only in America

  • Matt says:

    Love this tank… Is a nice set up that isn’t out of reach of anyone with the right amount of dedication thrown in 🙂

    I agree… this one needs an update… Sure you can go visit some old friends 😉

  • Carl says:

    Time to upgrade your toothbrush. SonicCare has a model with wavemaker, tongue skimmer, tarter reactor, and auto rinse. AutoFloss accessory optional. These are reserved for documented reef junkies only.

  • Mann says:

    My tank is mostly outside just as this guys.. Its in the garage but its not “in” the house.. It is cooled with a chiller in the summer and heated in the winter, all the plumbing is outside. Nothing but tank in the wall of the living room can be seen anywhere in the house. You have to go to the tank room or ‘reef cave’ to see any part of the system.

  • Barbara says:

    Carl that was funny, I love my FOWLR tank but wish I was a reef junkie when looking at this set up, (or at least married to one)

  • Louis says:

    Mark, I agree that a follow-up is definitely needed. As well, I find it interesting on mainly a bare bottom tank. I do have be question. Was the salt mixing station a DIY, or can that be purchased. I am disabled, and the worst part is getting salt mixed and changed weekly for water changes.

    I love your show, and have enjoyed more shows like this week. Knowledge is power and the more we get the better we can take care if our little parts of the ocean.

  • Dave From Brooklyn says:

    Wow, your boy was so cute and tiny. Time flies. He’ll be carrying you soon

  • Hai says:

    C’mon Mark get us something new to watch will ya?

  • Kevin says:

    Very cool. I wish we could install all that stuff outside here in Minnesota 🙂 Crawl spaces work very well too! Was that a Zeovit reactor in the sump?

  • Kevin…that was a Zeovit reactor in the sump

  • Louis and others who asked…this tank is no longer set up. Owner tore it down and got out of the hobby to focus on other things

  • Brian Davis says:

    Moment of silence while TAPS plays commemorating Mike’s tank… Da Da Da…

  • Louis says:

    Wow, what a waste of time and effort. Such an awesome setup. Unfortunately I am not “brainiac” as him, so I would have no idea how to setup such a system. While I currently have a 46 gal now front and can handle water changes now, I am awaiting moving into a real house instead of a 5th wheel trailer to set up my 150 gal tank. I know when I set it up that water changes will go from 10 gals a week to 30-40 gals every other week at the most. I probably have all the equipment to do it, it’s the matter if what valve goes where, what can I use to set everything in motion and then shut it off. And yes, I know a controller can probably do this in a more simple way, again, once I get a controller, will I be smart enough to do that. All of this quandary is the result of two failed back surgeries, two shoulder surgeries and a neck surgery. While the wife calls me her “bionic man”, unfortunately I hslave been able to be like Majors!!!!

  • Harrison says:

    What is that species of wrasse in his tank?

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