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Write-Up Wednesday: Keep This In Mind If Your Coral and Tank Don’t Get Along

Every tank I’ve ever run has at least one type of coral that it doesn’t like. No matter if the water parameters are perfect, the lighting and flow is right and no fish are picking on the coral, there are …

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Write-Up Wednesday: Meat Corals (Acanthophyllia deshayesiana)

Meat corals (Acanthophyllia deshayesiana) are a large polyp stony (LPS) coral that I love – even if they don’t sway in the current of your tank.

Sold as doughnut or button corals and often confused with Scollies (…

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Write-Up Wednesday: The True Test Of A Reef Keeper

One of the few things that saltwater tank keepers agree on is that small polyped stony (SPS) are hard to keep coral. Therefore, you can argue that a SPS dominant tank is the hardest type of saltwater tank to maintain. …

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The Livestock in My 450 Gallon Saltwater Tank

What’s a reef tank with some fish and coral? The answer…boring! Here’s a look at the current livestock in my new 450 gallon peninsula reef tank


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Write-Up Wednesday: Rock Flower Anemones (Epicystis crucifer)

Rock Flower anemones (Epicystis crucifer) are an under appreciated gem in the reef tank world. They tend to stay smaller in size, come in a variety of colors and mostly stay where you place them. Adding to their …

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Write-Up Wednesday: Fathead Dendro (Dendrophyllia fistula)

Fathead Dendros (Dendrophyllia fistula) are a non-photosynthentic (NPS) coral that stands in a class by itself as they are one of the rare NPS corals I’ll keep in my tank. Why the special treatment for Fatheads? There are …

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Write-Up Wednesday: Montipora Setosa

Montipora Setosa (Montipora Setosa) easily ranks within my top 5 favorite corals as it is a unique coral with bright colors that never ceases to catch my eye. A tank can be stuffed with all types of coral …

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Write-Up Wednesday: The Moodiest Coral Around

Watching your corals closely is one way to tell what is going on inside your tank. For example, if your SPS corals are bleaching at their tips, that is usually a sign of alkalinity swings. If your pulsing Xenia dies, …

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Write-Up Wednesday: Montipora Undata (Montipora undata)

Montipora Undata (Montipora undata) is easily one of my favorite corals. With it’s purple rim, green body and metallic blue-green polyps, this coral is an eye-catcher even when it is just a frag.

Undata grows quickly so it …

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Write-Up Wednesday: Halloween Leptoseris

Combining a striking orange body and yellow-green eyes, the Halloween Lepto delights anyone who looks upon this SPS coral. Besides the unique color combination, the halloween Lepto also grows in an ridged encrusting pattern that makes it even more of …

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