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Check This Piece When Cleaning Your Protein Skimmer, Or If You Have Overflow Issues

Protein skimmers usually overflow when either the water level around them rises, or if you dose chemicals like slime coat enhancers. If you are experiencing overflow issues, or you have to frequently close down the output valve on your skimmer, make sure you check this little piece for issues.

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  • John says:

    Thank you Mark. That was the problem. But I had also had to use a pipe cleaner in that hole for air as the hot water got the salt but the what ever the hard items did not come out without the pipe cleaner. thank you for your help.

  • Jamil Hasan says:

    I faced the same problem twice. a very useful tip.

  • John…i’ve also had to use tooth picks if the junk is really bad.

  • Mark H. says:

    I also use hot water and then a vinegar bath when needed.

  • Michael Horton says:

    I often straighten out a paperclip to get the tough stuff out. In fact, it looks like it’s time to do this with my Coralife skimmer today.

  • says:

    Dear Mark and Co:

    Another thing I have done in the past, depending on skimmer design, like with the older Tunze rotary skimmers, is to hook up the venturi intake to a small amount of ro/di water let the venturi intake draw in the water to keep salt deposits from forming inside the venturi. I would do this a few times a week and this often let me avoid a more vigorous soak/clean regimen. If it’s easy to do this with your skimmer design, only takes a minute or two.

  • kevin says:

    what i do when i don’t wanna clean it is use some carbonated water and pour it down the air intake. Some skimmers don’t recommend this at al. But it really gets the goo loose and clears the venturi (for a short period of time). A nice and easy way to delay the cleaning for a week or so. Ofcouse don’t do it every week. It’s not to keep delaying it. Just if the skimmer isn’t performing well and you are busy. Do it, and clean it the next weekend.

  • Bill Hurley says:

    Why waste RODI water it’s not a bio bed?

  • Tom says:

    I’m wondering if that’s wrong with my skimmer constantly adjusting it 🙁 but I don’t know if dosing nopox is anything todo with it???

  • Matt says:

    Although an older tip I remember watching this the first time thinking smugly to myself, that’ll never happen to me I’m far to diligent… … three time’s so far and the last time I’d not long had the skimmer out to clean the wheel!

    But I figured out what it was quickly on each occasion thanks to this vid so thanks Mark … 😉

  • Duke Sweden says:

    I hope this time I’m at least on the right topic. I’ve seen many videos and instructions on how to dial in a brand new skimmer, but how do you dial in a skimmer that has already broken in? Whenever I clean out the collection cup, I lower the level the bubbles rise to so it doesn’t pour out all over the outside of the skimmer, then when I put the cup back I turn it back up. Where should the level be when the cup is clean? The same as when the skimmer is brand new? RIght at the bottom of the collection cup?

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