Mr. Saltwater Tank

Denver’s Finest Saltwater Tanks

The Mile High City is known for sports and great ski slopes – but saltwater tanks?


I got to tour some of the finest Denver, Colorado has to offer and I even saw one that didn’t have a single piece of coral in it.


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  • christian ray says:

    Hi mark,the HD video denver has problem and actually started the last two new video and it just keep pulsing for a few second and play again .all the way through out the video ,please try to ask if there anyone having the same situation, hope i can continue watching most of your up coming video


  • Joe cashwell says:

    When I grow up I want a tank like one of these… Amazing Amazing tanks…. My wife thanks you for making me want to go bigger… BTW, is a blond chick shows up at your door mentioning my name, DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR… just kidding, she loves the tanks as much as I do…

  • Alex says:

    That was amazing.

  • Chris says:

    Hi mark,the HD video denver is awesome. for some Reason the Hd videos my Anti-Spyware hate it. it block it and i have to force it to let me play the videos. this is what i get. This Web site has exhibited suspicious behavior or is similar to Web sites that are known sources of malware, viruses and spam. Visiting this site may put you at risk or compromise your identity or privacy. just thought you might want to know. i know it has nothing to do with your part but maybe video site it self
    keep the Great videos coming

  • Jon says:

    Love the show….always excited for new updates

  • Brad Mugleston says:

    Those are fantastic tanks – more physical details would be nice but great to watch. While you were in Denver did you get to see this tank? Here is the build — It will take you a while to go through the whole thing but it’s a beautiful tank.

  • Aaron says:

    I am also having a problem playing the last two videos you set up. The Friday Tips play but not these last two (Denver and How to choose fish). Please see if there is some way we can fix it.
    Thanks Mark and keep up the great work.

  • Alex "deltaboy38655" Lundy says:

    Peninsula tank? Is that kinda like a biotope deal? That tank was my favorite as well.

  • Alex says:

    Awesome video man…just amazing”

  • Marc M says:

    Thanks for covering that Mark. Awesome job! I live in Lakewood Colorado and fish stores around here are getting limited. Did you stop in any fish stores in Colorado at all?

  • Byron says:

    Thanks for sharing these tanks with is Mark. I don’t know what I like best, all the great tanks or your choice and placement of the music at each section of the video! Of course we all want our tanks to be like these : )

  • Mark says:


    How long do you recommend running your tank lights?



  • Mark…I leave my actinics on for 12 hrs and my halides on for 7.

  • Marc…no stores. I didn’t have time, but I would have liked to.

  • Peninsula as in viewable from 3 sides. Makes for a great reef tank experience.

  • Matt says:

    Thank you Mark for bringing those gorgeous tanks to our screens… I’m truly inspired to beg and plead my fiancée to let me spend more money! So it will be your fault that I’m in trouble again, just thought you should hang your head in shame for that one… ;0)

    For those struggling to view the video’s, try updating your browser and or flash plugin… Or install firefox and the latest version of flash… It should work fine then…

    Honestly Mark… you do need your own forum!

  • Dan says:

    I noticed a butterfly fish in the first tank you showed, the owner’s tank. How is he keeping that fish in there with all of those corals? I thought that butterfly fish were not very reef-safe. But his corals look awesome.

  • Zac says:

    thats a nice tank i used to have a midas blenny untill he killed my hippo tang so he had to go

  • joe j says:

    mark i love your stuff your website and tank rock i know its nothing compared to yours but i would love if you would check out my blog…

  • Mason says:

    Love the videos as always, I was thinking of building my cube tank with an overflow in the middle so the tank is viewed from all 4 sides idk if thats possible…. also anyway of giving us the length of time these tanks have been set up? I would love to know how long it took them to get to the points they are at? or if they just spent 100k on coral haha.

  • Robert says:

    Loved it!!!

  • Dennis says:

    Hey mark

    Do you know anything about the hardware of that first tank, such as protein skimming, lighting, powerheads, etc? It looks so clear and incredible, I would love to know about it.

  • Kevin says:

    Loved those tanks, esp the last one.

    Just wondering about the technique those guys where running.

    Don’t know if you did some kind of interview with them is so it could be great to know how they made their tanks as beautiful as they are.

  • Chris says:

    Hi Mark, awesome video – Can you tell us what size tanks those where?

  • Chris & everyone else…you can read the full stats on the tanks on the ReefBuilder’s thread for the video here.

  • Richard says:

    It still dosnt have very much information, I love to watch tanks like this but I also like to know what equipment is running it and what methods the tank owners are using.
    Dimensions might be nice also…

  • Kevin..I didn’t do any interviews with them as time didn’t allow it.

    All these tanks used refugiums. No vodka/carbon dosing was used.

  • Mason…you can get tanks with a center overflow. Some manufacturers make them that way.

    All of these tanks had been running for years. You can’t buy coral that big w/out breaking it! It wouldn’t survive transport/shipping.

  • David says:

    HI mark,
    Great video again. I too would have liked to see more of the filtration etc of the tanks.
    I especially liked the first tank, im sure ive seen it somewhere before. All very impressive. Im definitely a reef enthusiast/ proto-junkie though, you need those corals!

  • Dan…butterfly fish are fish on the fringe. They can be reef safe, but can switch and decide to eat your coral at any moment.

  • Jeff says:

    Hey, my buddy Cris Capp with Aquatic Art Inc. designed, built, and services that tall 1500 gallon tank. Here are some more vids of it. Beautiful tank…

  • Mark Salay says:

    I am looking for the following saltwater fish:
    10-18” Zebra Eel
    5”+ Tiera Batfish
    3-4” Harlequin Tuskfish
    4-5” Majestic Angel
    2-3” Juvenile Emperor Angel
    2-3” Powder Blue Tang
    2-4”” Blue Regal Tang (Hippo)

    If not in stock can there be ordered?
    Please let me know what sizes you have available and prices
    Thank you!

  • Mark…while i’m not familiar with your skill level or tank size, some of those fish are difficult to keep and should only be attempted by the most experienced of hobbyist.

    Also..I don’t sell fish on this site. You’d have to ask your local fish store to order the fish that are appropriate for your tank.

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