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Eight Great Beginner SPS Corals from World Wide Corals

Keeping Small Polyp Stony (SPS) corals doesn’t mean you have to kill a lot of them to get a couple that live. Starting with SPS that are good for reefers just getting into SPS is a great place to start. To help make your beginner SPS selection easier, I called on World Wide Corals for some help.

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  • James says:

    Can you hook me up with a ‘starter’ pack of these eight corals? mine is a 180 gallon established aquarium, all the correct equipment, three ecotech LEDS. currently stocked with zoids and mushrooms and a dozen fire fish, two mandarins and misc shrimps. JasPR

  • Jim28fl says:

    Great job Mark. I have all these and I totally agree there are very manageable once you understand how to keep your tank parameters stable. I.E. temp, light, flow, nutrients, and the big three. Once you have a good grasp on those these will do great for you. If your kalk bin dumps into the tank all at once your a goner or if you think random 50% water changes with some random salt mix you got on sale is a good idea your still not ready. Other wise pick any of these and give it a go. You will be rewarded.
    My top pick is the blue berry fields ACRO, its a tank and fast grower and very hardy even to significant water mistakes commonly made in the hobby. All these corals do good in 7.0-9.0 ALK levels from my experience.

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